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List of Hungarian by-elections

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Title: List of Hungarian by-elections  
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Subject: Elections in Hungary, Hungarian local elections, 2014, Hungarian parliamentary election, 1945, Hungarian parliamentary election, 1910, Hungarian presidential election, 2000
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List of Hungarian by-elections

By-elections in Hungary occur to fill vacant constituency seats in the National Assembly of Hungary. Vacant list seats are filled by the next member of the list of the respective MP. If there are no more members on the list, the seat is left vacant.[1]


  • By-elections 1
    • 2014–2018 Parliament 1.1
    • 2010–2014 Parliament 1.2
    • 2006–2010 Parliament 1.3
    • 2002–2006 Parliament 1.4
    • 1998–2002 Parliament 1.5
    • 1994–98 Parliament 1.6
    • 1990–94 Parliament 1.7
  • See also 2
  • Notes 3
  • References 4


2014–2018 Parliament

Constituency Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Source
Veszprém 03 2015-04-12 Jenő Lasztovicza   Fidesz Lajos Rig   Jobbik Death[1] [2][3]
Veszprém 01 2015-02-02 Tibor Navracsics   Fidesz Zoltán Kész   Ind.[2] Resignation[3] [4]
Budapest 11 2014-11-23 Péter Kiss   MSZP Imre Horváth   MSZP Death[4] [5][6]

2010–2014 Parliament

2006–2010 Parliament

2002–2006 Parliament

1998–2002 Parliament

1994–98 Parliament

1990–94 Parliament

See also

Elections in Hungary


  1. ^ Jenő Lasztovicza died on 8 January 2015.
  2. ^ Supported by MSZP and other left-wing opposition parties.
  3. ^ Tibor Navracsics was appointed to European Comissioner, as a result he resigned on 30 October 2014.
  4. ^ Péter Kiss died on 29 July 2014.


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