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List of Lords Commissioners of the Treasury

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Title: List of Lords Commissioners of the Treasury  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of Lord High Treasurers of England and Great Britain, Lord of the Treasury, William Sutherland (Scottish politician), List of United Kingdom by-elections (1868–85)
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List of Lords Commissioners of the Treasury

This is a list of Lords Commissioners of the Treasury of Great Britain.


Commissioners of the Treasury of Great Britain (1714–1800)

Townshend ministry (1714–1717)

First Stanhope/Sunderland ministry (1717–1718)

Second Stanhope/Sunderland ministry (1718–1721)

Walpole/Townshend ministry (1721–1730)

Walpole ministry (1730–1742)

Carteret ministry (1742–1744)

First Pelham ministry (1744–1746)

Second Pelham ministry (1746–1754)

First Newcastle ministry (1754–1756)

Pitt the Elder ministry (1756–1757)

Newcastle/Pitt ministry (1757–1762)

Bute ministry (1762–1763)

Grenville ministry (1763–1765)

First Rockingham ministry (1765–1766)

Chatham ministry (1766–1768)

Grafton ministry (1768–1770)

North ministry (1770–1782)

Second Rockingham ministry (1782)

Shelburne ministry (1782–1783)

Fox-North coalition (1783)

First Pitt the Younger ministry (1783–1801)

Commissioners of the Treasury of the United Kingdom (since 1801)

Addington ministry (1801–1804)

Second Pitt ministry (1804–1806)

Grenville ministry (1806–1807)

Second Portland ministry (1807–1809)

Perceval ministry (1809–1812)

Liverpool ministry (1812–1827)

Canning ministry (1827)

Goderich ministry (1827–1828)

Wellington ministry (1828–1830)

Grey ministry (1830–1834)

First Melbourne ministry (1834)

Wellington caretaker ministry (1834)

First Peel ministry (1834–1835)

Second Melbourne ministry (1835–1839)

Second Peel ministry (1841–1846)

First Russell ministry (1846–1852)

First Derby ministry (1852)

Aberdeen ministry (1852–1855)

First Palmerston ministry (1855–1858)

Second Derby ministry (1858–1859)

Second Palmerston ministry (1859–1865)

Second Russell ministry (1865–1866)

Third Derby ministry (1866–1868)

First Disraeli ministry (1868)

First Gladstone ministry (1868–1874)

Second Disraeli ministry (1874–1880)

Second Gladstone ministry (1880–1885)

First Salisbury ministry (1885–1886)

Third Gladstone ministry (1886)

Second Salisbury ministry (1886–1892)

Fourth Gladstone ministry (1892–1894)

Rosebery ministry (1894–1895)

Third Salisbury ministry (1895–1902)

Balfour ministry (1902–1905)

Campbell-Bannerman ministry (1905–1908)

Asquith ministry (1908–1916)

Lloyd George ministry (1916–1922)

Bonar Law ministry (1922–1923)

First Baldwin ministry (1923–1924)

First MacDonald ministry (1924)

Second Baldwin ministry (1924–1929)

Second MacDonald ministry (1929–1931)

Third MacDonald ministry (1931–1935)

Third Baldwin ministry (1935–1937)

Chamberlain ministry (1937–1940)

First Churchill ministry (1940–1945)

Attlee ministry (1945–1951)

Second Churchill ministry (1951–1955)

Eden ministry (1955–1957)

Macmillan ministry (1957–1963)

Home ministry (1963–1964)

First Wilson ministry (1964–1970)

Heath ministry (1970–1974)

Second Wilson ministry (1974–1976)

Callaghan ministry (1976–1979)

Thatcher ministry (1979–1990)

Major ministry (1990–1997)

Blair ministry (1997–2007)

Brown ministry (2007–2009)

Cameron Ministry (Since 2010)

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