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List of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officers killed in the line of duty


List of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officers killed in the line of duty

The badge of the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

The following Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officers have all been killed in the line of duty. A total of ninety-four officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) are officially recognized as dying in the line of duty; it does not take into account fallen officers from the Lynwood sheriff's Department, Compton Police Department, and a number of other law enforcement agencies which were merged into the Sheriff's Department, but does recognize those who joined the Department from the existing agencies and subsequently died.

The term "line of duty" means any action which an officer is obligated or authorized to carry out, or for which the officer is compensated by the public agency he or she serves. The term "killed in the line of duty" means a law enforcement officer has died as a direct and proximate result of a personal injury sustained in the line of duty. This includes law enforcement officers who, while in an off-duty capacity, act in response to a law violation, or are driving to or from work.[1]

The fallen officers of the LASD are honored and remembered in a number of ways. Some sheriff stations have memorial walls to remember fallen officers assigned to that particular station, such as the one at Lakewood. There is also a memorial wall at the Memorial Park at the Sheriff's Training Academy and Regional Services Center in Whittier, California. The California Peace Officers’ Memorial is a wood and glass encased book containing the names of all fallen officers in California, and is attached to a wall outside of the Governor of California's office in the state capital Sacramento. In 1988, the California Peace Officers’ Memorial Monument was dedicacted to the memory of the state's fallen officers. The monument is a 13 feet tall, three-figured bronze monument in California's state capital, Sacramento, representing a county sheriff of the 1880s, a state trooper of the 1930s, and a city patrolman of the 1980s.[2] In the United States capital city Washington D.C., the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, which was established in 1970, honors law enforcement officials from across the nation who have died in the line of duty.[3]

The LASD Memorial wall at the Training Academy, Whittier, California


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— denotes information is not available.
      shaded rows with "L/D" in the Notes cell denotes the officer died at a later date than the day of the incident.
      shaded rows with "O/D" in the Notes cell denotes the officer was killed while off duty.
      shaded rows with "O/D-L/D" in the Notes cell denotes the officer was off duty when injured, and died at a later date than the day of the incident.
       shaded rows with a corresponding numerical figure in the Notes cell denotes when officers died as a result of the same incident.
       shaded rows with a corresponding numerical figure and L/D in the Notes cell denotes when officers died as a result of the same incident, but at a later date.

Name Rank Tenure Date of death Age Cause of death Notes
James R. Barton Sheriff 1857-01-23 Gunfire 1[4][5][6]
Charles T. Daly Deputy 1857-01-23 Gunfire 1
William H. Little Constable 1857-01-23 Gunfire 1
Charles C. Baker Constable 1857-01-23 Gunfire 1
William C. Getman Constable 1 week 1858-01-07 Gunfire [7]
George Lee Wilson Deputy 6 years 1897-01-08 Gunfire L/D
Michael V. Van Vliet Deputy 1918-11-20 Gunfire [A]
Harold D. Broadwell Deputy 1919-11-09 Motorcycle accident
Gordon H. Gliddon Deputy 1920-11-09 Motorcycle accident
Henry J. Ronsse Deputy 1922-01-02 35 Gunfire O/D
William E. Funkhouser Deputy 1922-05-14 Gunfire
Robery E. Magee Deputy 1923-11-20 34 Gunfire
Frank DeWar Chief Deputy 1932-01-29 Airplane accident
C.A. Vejar Deputy 1932-11-12 Gunfire
John Hedge Deputy 1933-09-12 Gunfire (accidental) O/D
David Stout Larimer Deputy 1941-12-24 65 Struck by vehicle
Fred P. Guiol Sergeant 20 years 1946-03-10 50 Gunfire O/D
Elbert Jay Hall Deputy 7 years 1949-11-14 Car accident
Edwin M. Falkowski Deputy 5 years, 6 months 1946-03-10 28 Heart attack
Vernon J. Corbell Sergeant 9 years 1957-04-15 40 Airplane accident
Harold Stephen Blevins Deputy 1957-10-12 Gunfire
David Alois Horr Deputy 3 years 1958-02-09 Gunfire L/D
Donald J. Gillis Lieutenant 20 years 1958-09-20 45 Gunfire
Harold A. Reis Jr. Deputy 2 years 1958-09-23 29 Car accident
Lee. E. Sawyer Reserve Deputy 9 years 1960-10-14 51 Struck by vehicle
Manuel A. Ayon Deputy 2 years 1961-01-18 31 Car accident
Timothy J. Harnett Deputy 1961-11-22 Heart attack
William A. White Deputy 5 years 1964-03-21 33 Vehicular assault
Willard R. Ballard Sergeant 26 years 1964-05-26 50 Heart attack
Lloyd G. Constantine Reserve Deputy 7 years 1964-06-24 42 Vehicular assault
John M. Slobojan Deputy 5 years 1964-11-07 30 Heart attack
Ronald E. Ludlow Deputy 1965-08-13 Gunfire
Michael V. Wigderson Reserve Deputy 1967-03-20 30 Gunfire (accidental)
James W. Waygood Deputy 1967-10-11 Car accident
Robert K. Schnur Deputy 14 years 1968-09-30 44 Helicopter accident 2
Gary E. McCullah Deputy 6 years 1968-09-30 29 Helicopter accident 2
Charles D. Rea Deputy 11 months 1969-01-26 35 Drowned
Lionel W. Dashley Reserve Deputy 6 years 1969-09-01 53 Motorcycle accident
Gordon D. Erickson Deputy 1970-04-30 25 Fall L/D
Louis Carl Wallace Deputy 1970-12-08 29 Gunfire
Gary David Saunders Deputy 1971-05-22 Gunfire
Barry J. Hoffman Deputy 2 years 1971-08-30 24 Gunfire L/D
Charles O. Ley Deputy 1972-05-24 31 Car accident
Joseph R. Herrera Deputy 1972-10-03 Struck by vehicle
Donald William Schneider Detective 1973-01-04 40 Gunfire 3
Carl Eugene Wilson Detective 1973-01-04 40 Gunfire 3
David E. Andrews Deputy 4 years 1973-12-12 23 Gunfire O/D
James Foote Deputy 6 years 1974-10-04 33 Car accident
Theodor A. Abreu Deputy 1974-10-23 Car accident
Darden Hollis Deputy 15 years 1975-01-01 42 Gunfire
Edward John Russell Sergeant 10 years 1977-01-15 33 Car accident
Lee Lewis Deputy 6 years 1977-01-15 35 Car accident
Didier M. Hurdle Deputy 1977-11-25 Gunfire
Gregory L. Low Deputy 8 years 1977-11-25 29 Car accident 4
Charles Plumleigh Reserve Deputy 1978-03-01 Car accident 4
Arthur E. Pelino Deputy 21 years 1978-03-19 50 Gunfire
Thomas H. Pohlman Deputy 1978-04-18 Gunfire
Walter W. Hannan Jr. Deputy 1978-05-03 Car accident
George R. Barthel Deputy 1979-04-19 32 Gunfire
Jack Don Williams Deputy 9 years 1978-05-03 36 Gunfire
Constance Ellen Worland Deputy 4 years 1981-05-02 39 Gunfire (accidental) [B]
Kenneth D. Ell Deputy 14 years 1982-01-19 36 Gunfire (accidental)
Lawrence Lavieri Deputy 16 years 1983-03-19 38 Gunfire
Larrell K. Smith Sergeant 1983-04-16 Gunfire
James P. Clark Deputy 3 years 1983-06-16 29 Car accident
Lloyd Beauford Brooks Reserve Captain 19 years 1984-09-01 43 Struck by vehicle
David Lance Holguin Deputy 1984-09-05 Gunfire O/D
George L. Arthur Sergeant 1985-06-01 Gunfire O/D
Raul Adauto Deputy 17 years 1986-04-05 39 Duty related injury L/D[C]
Charles Robert Anderson Deputy 11 years 1987-01-24 35 Gunfire O/D
Jack B. Miller Deputy 12 years 1988-01-09 33 Gunfire L/D
James D. McSweeney Deputy 12 years 1988-10-24 Helicopter accident 5[D]
Roy Allen Chester Deputy 12 years 1988-10-24 Helicopter accident 5[D]
Rosemary Iris May Deputy 21 years 1989-09-26 49 Car accident
Nelson Henry Yamamoto Deputy 3 years 1992-03-31 26 Gunfire
Richard B. Hammack Deputy 1992-05-11 31 Gunfire
Thomas D. Meinke Deputy 6 years 1995-01-02 28 Gunfire O/D
Stephen Wayne Blair Deputy 10 years 1995-05-12 31 Gunfire
Jimmie Richard Henry Deputy 18 years 1995-05-12 49 Duty related injury L/D[E]
Antranik Geuvjehizian Deputy 7 years 1995-07-19 32 Gunfire O/D
Gustavo Wong Deputy 6 years 1996-07-19 29 Vehicle Accident O/D
Shayne Daniel York Deputy 2 years 1997-08-16 26 Gunfire O/D-L/D[F][8]
Michael Lee Hoenig Deputy 10 years 1997-10-30 32 Gunfire [9]
Brandan Garrett Hinkle Deputy 11 years 2001-02-14 33 Motorcycle accident
Hagop Jake Kuredjian Deputy 17 years 2001-08-31 40 Gunfire [10]
David William March Deputy 7 years 2002-04-29 33 Gunfire [11][12]
David Alan Powell Deputy 18 years 2002-11-30 42 Gunfire [13]
Stephen Douglas Sorensen Deputy 12 years 2003-08-02 46 Gunfire [14][15]
Michael Richard Arruda Deputy 13 years 2004-06-15 35 Gunfire (accidental) L/D[16]
James Phillip Tutino Deputy 23 years 2005-01-26 47 Train crash O/D[G][17]
Jerry Ortiz Deputy 15 years 2005-06-24 35 Gunfire
Pierre Walter Bain Deputy 14 years 2006-03-21 45 Motorcycle accident
Maria Cecilia Rosa Deputy 6 years 2006-03-28 30 Gunfire O/D
David Stan Piquette Deputy 10 years 2006-07-07 34 Car accident
Raul V. Gama Deputy 20 years 2007-05-01 43 Struck by vehicle
Juan A. Escalante Deputy 2 years, 6 months 2008-08-02 27 Gunfire O/D
Randy Jay Hamson Deputy 5 years 2008-10-24 44 Struck by vehicle L/D[H]
Charlene M. Rottler Deputy 2010-01-03 Car accident L/D[I][18]
David L. Nelson Deputy 22 years 2011-08-11 55 Car accident O/D


  • A The suspects who shot and killed Deputy Van Vliet were wanted in connection with the murders of the Chief of Detectives John Rowan, of the Colorado Springs Police Department, and Policeman Luther McMahill, of the Denver Police Department.
  • B Deputy Worland was the first female officer from the LASD to be killed.
  • C Deputy Aduato died during surgery to a knee injury received while on duty many years prior.
  • D Deputies McSweeney and Chester were working a multi-agency narcotics task force. They were in a helicopter and spotted a car in a canyon, and attempted to land but the rotors struck some power lines which caused the helicopter to crash. The accident also took the lives of Sergeant Richard Grijalva Romero of the Imperial County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Mark Steven Tonkin of the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Investigator Michael David Davis of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, and three California National Guard crew members operating the flight.
  • E Deputy Henry developed pulmonary fibrosis, which causes scar tissue to develop in the lungs, after he attempted to rescue a pilot of a crashed military airplane in 1984. He died over ten years later, having recently received a lung transplant.
  • F Deputy York was off duty when the hair salon he was in with his fiance, also a sheriff's deputy, was robbed. The salon's customers were ordered to the floor, and one of the suspects collected their wallets and purses. When the robbers found York's badge, he was immediately shot in the back of the head. He died two days later.[8]
  • G Deputy Tutino was a passenger on one of the train involved in the Glendale train crash. He was off duty and heading into work.[17]
  • H Deputy Hamson fell into a coma and died two years after the accident.
  • I Deputy Rottler died on January 3, 2010 from injuries sustained after her police car was struck by a drunk driver in 1972.

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