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List of Portland Trail Blazers executives

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Title: List of Portland Trail Blazers executives  
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Subject: Steve Patterson (sports executive), Larry Weinberg, 2013–14 Portland Trail Blazers season, Herman Sarkowsky, Neil Olshey
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List of Portland Trail Blazers executives

Paul Allen owns the Trail Blazers since 1988.

This is a list of Portland Trail Blazers executives, since the team foundation in 1970.


Year Principal Owner Others Notes
1970–1975 Herman Sarkowsky[1][2] Robert Schmertz (1970–1972)[3]
Larry Weinberg[1]
Plus other minority owners
1975–1988 Larry Weinberg[1][4] Plus other minority owners
1988–present Paul Allen[4][4] Vice-chair Bert Kolde[5] through Vulcan Sports and Entertainment

Executive management

Year Team President Executive VP/COO Notes
1970–1975 Herman Sarkowsky
1975–1987 Larry Weinberg Harry Glickman
1987–1994 Harry Glickman[6]
1994–1995 Bob Whitsitt/Marshall Glickman[7][8]
1995–2000 Bob Whitsitt[9][10]
2000–2001 Bob Whitsitt Harry Hutt[11][12][13]
2001–2003 Bob Whitsitt Erin Hubert[13][14]
2003–2006 Steve Patterson[15][16][17]
2006–2007 Steve Patterson Mike Golub[18]
2007 Tod Leiweke (interim)[17] Mike Golub
2007–2008 Larry Miller[19] Mike Golub[20]
2008–2012 Larry Miller Sarah Mensah
2012–present Chris McGowan[21]

Basketball operations

Year General Manager VP of Basketball Ops Assistant GM Director of Player-Personnel Notes
1970–1981 Harry Glickman[6] Stu Inman[22][23]
1981–1986 Stu Inman[22]
1986–1989 Jon Spoelstra[24][25] Bucky Buckwalter[26]
1989–1990 Bucky Buckwalter[26] Brad Greenberg[27]
1990–1994 Geoff Petrie[28] Bucky Buckwalter Brad Greenberg Buckwalter won NBA Executive of the Year in 1991
1994–1995 Bob Whitsitt[9][10] Bucky Buckwalter Brad Greenberg
1995–1996 Bob Whitsitt Bucky Buckwalter Jim Paxson[29]
1996–1998 Bob Whitsitt Jim Paxson
1998–2003 Bob Whitsitt Mark Warkentien[30]
2003–2004 John Nash[16][31] Mark Warkentein[30]
2004–2006 John Nash Kevin Pritchard[32]
2006–2007 Steve Patterson[16] Kevin Pritchard
2007 Tod Leiweke (interim)[17] Kevin Pritchard
2007–2010 Kevin Pritchard[33] Tom Penn
2010–2011 Rich Cho[34]
2011–2012 Chad Buchanan (interim)[35]
2012–present Neil Olshey[36]


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