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List of Star Trek planets (R–S)

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Title: List of Star Trek planets (R–S)  
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List of Star Trek planets (R–S)


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Rachelis - Enterprise-D transports plasma plague samples to the Rachelis system.[1]

Rahm-Izad - Planet Captain Picard says holds the last missing DNA fragment to throw off the Cardassians in their hunt for the genetic secret of the origin of humanoids species.[2]

Rakal - Planet in Cardassian space with a secret underground base located on its fourth moon.[3]

Rakella Prime - Homeworld of the Vok'sha species.[4]

Rakhar - Planet where Odo transports a Rakhari prisoner.[5]

Rakosa V - Delta Quadrant planet, home of the Rakosian species. The planet was mistaken by the Cardassian Dreadnought missile as the planet Aschelan V. The missile was destroyed by the USS Voyager before it could impact the planet where it would have killed over 2 million inhabitants.[6]

Ramatis III - Home of the deaf-mute negotiator Rivas.[7]

Ram Izad homeworld - Planet in the Delta Quadrant located near Krenim space. In an alternate timeline, the entire Ram-Izad species was erased from history by a Krenim temporal superweapon.[8]

Ramura - Homeworld of the Ramurian species.[9]

Rana IV - Also called Delta Rana, Rana IV is planet with three moons whose Federation colony was wiped out by the Husnock species.[10]

Ranza V - Planet mentioned for its frozen drink called Darmok.[11]

Regula - A once lifeless planetoid until Federation scientists used it as a testing ground for the Genesis experiments.[12]

Regulak IV - Cardassian planet destroyed by Dominion forces.[13]

Regulus - Star system with three inhabited planets, Regulus III, IV and V. Regulus III has Starfleet Academy facilities.[14] Regulus V is the home of giant Eel Birds that return after 11 years to the cavern where they hatched to mate.[15]

Reina VI[16]

Rekag-Seronia - The Enterprise-D takes a mediator to this planet that is home world to both the Rekag and Seronian people.[17]

Relva VII - a Mars-like planet (possibly Class K) with a Federation base on the surface. Starfleet Academy also has a campus here which Wesley Crusher tried to gain acceptance into.[18]

Remmil VI - Planet whose natives spin a crystalline webbing and use it as a building material. In 2371, Odo's criminal report speaks of a group of Nausicaan thieves break into a museum there.[19]

Remus - The tide-locked companion of Romulus and home of the Reman species who have been enslaved by the Romulans.[20] It, alongside Romulus, was destroyed by the Hobus Supernova.[21]

Rha'darus - Former Klingon controlled planet, annexed by neighboring alien culture who later abandons it.[22]

Rhaandaran - Homeworld of the Rhaandarite species.[23]

Rhymus Major - Planet of which various locales were simulated by Quark's first holosuite programs.[24]

Rigel II[25]

Rigel III[26]

Rigel IV - Homeworld of Mr. Hengist, the Chief City Administrator at Argelius II, and also of the mass murderer of women known as Boratis.[27] Lwaxana Troi mentions that an astronomer from Rigel IV once named a star after her.[28] Mentioned as the site of a Trill-operated refinery.[29]

Rigel V[30]

Rigel VII - Located in the Beta Orionis A system. The planet was visited by the USS Enterprise before the events in "The Cage". A conflict between the landing party, under Capt. Christopher Pike's command, and the Kaylar killed three crewmembers, including the captain's yeoman, and severely injured seven others.[31] The matte painting of the Rigel VII fortress seen in Pike's Talosian illusion was later re-used as Flint's home in "Requiem for Methuselah". Note: The true "Rigel" star is not in this system.

Rigel X[32]

Rigel XII - The location of a dilithium mining colony where the conman Harcourt Fenton Mudd strikes a deal with the lonely miners to trade his women for dilithium.[33]

Rinax - formerly populated moon of Talax and home of Neelix. All life was destroyed by the Haakonian Metreon Cascade invented by Dr. Jetrel.[34]

Risa - Also called Epsilon Ceti B II, located about 88.2 light-years from Earth, known for its beauty and relaxing tropical atmosphere. It is a world commonly sought by interstellar vacationers and starship crews on shore leave.[35][36][37] The planet orbits several stars and its climate is controlled by a weather modification network, with the natural climate being extremely violent. Risians are extremely open and will freely share their planet, and even themselves, with vacationers; a practice known as "Jamaharon".[38] Perhaps uncoincidentally, the name given to the fun-loving planet is also the Spanish word for "laughter", and phonetically remotely similar to the German word Reise, which translates as "travel" or "trip".

Rivos V - Delta Quadrant planet known for its "Zoth-Nut" soup.[39]

Rochanie III - Planet visited by Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko and Curzon Dax who were cornered by hostile aliens on the surface.[40]

Romulus - The home planet of the Romulan people and the capital world of the Romulan Star Empire. Romulus shares its orbit with a binary companion Remus.[20] It, alongside Remus, was destroyed by the Hobus Supernova.[21]

Ronara Prime - Planet in the Cardassian DMZ. Ensign Ro Laren was sent on a covert mission to infiltrate Maquis rebel cell hiding there.[41]

Rondac III - Planet within Cardassian space used by the Dominion as a cloning facility.[42][43]

Rousseau V - Planet with an unusual asteroid ring that sparkles with colored energy bursts which likewise creates music-like tones in the planet's atmosphere. Wesley Crusher shows a holodeck simulation of the rings to Salia.[44]

Ruah IV - One of the planets visited by Dr. Galen in his search for DNA clues to the origin of humanoid races.[2]

Rubicun III - A utopian planet visited by the USS Enterprise-D whose inhabitants, the Edo, are watched over by powerful dimensional entities they worship as their god.[45]

Runara IV - Planet with a Kazon colony. A member of a rival Kazon set planned to attack the colony by hijacking the USS Voyager.[46]

Rura Penthe - A frozen Klingon controlled planet which contained a penal colony, known for its harsh conditions and dilithium mines. Captain Jonathan Archer (along with his attorney Kolos) were sentenced by a Klingon tribunal to work in the planet's dilithium mines for the rest of Archer's life and for one year, respectively, until Archer was rescued by his crew.[22] Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy were imprisoned there after their sentencing for the murder of Klingon Chancellor Gorkon.[47] The planet is named after a Siberian penal colony in War and Peace.[48] It is also the name of the penal colony that Captain Nemo and his crew escaped from and avenged in the 1954 double Oscar winning film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954 film).

Rutia IV - Non-affiliated homeworld of the Rutian and Ansata species located in Federation space. In 2366 the Enterprise-D drops off medical supplies there.[49]


Sakari homeworld - Delta quadrant planet, fourth from its unnamed sun, visited by Voyager. It is inhabited by the secretive Sakari people who went underground to avoid detection by the Borg.[50]

Sakura Prime - Planet under the control of the dictator Sural, known for beheading his rivals as well as his own parents.[6]

Saltok IV - Former Federation colony world annexed into the Cardassian DMZ where colonists battled with Cardassian forces.[51]

Salva II - Federation colony annexed to the Cardassian DMZ.[52]

Samrin's Planet - Planet where Lt. Worf and his former love interest K'Ehleyr first met each other in 2359.[53]

Sarona VIII - Recreational planet.[54]

Sarpeidon - Also known as Beta Niobe I, this class M planet was visited by the USS Enterprise in 2269 hours before its star, Beta Niobe, went supernova. The Enterprise crew discovered that the natives of the world had escaped their fate by time traveling to their world's past, using a time-travel device called an atavachron.[55]

Sarpeidon V - Heavily fortified headquarters planet of the Cardassian "Twelfth Order" military division. (It is not in the same system as Sarpeidon as that system was destroyed in 2269).[56]

Sarthong V - Homeworld of the Sarthongians, and rich in archeological ruins that Vash considered exploring after parting ways with Picard.[38] Vash returns from the world with Q.[57]

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Surata IV - Uninhabited planet where Commander Riker was poked by a poison thorn and later falls comatose from the infection.[111]

Sumiko IV - Site of the Cliffs of Heaven in a holodeck program.[90]

Sulvin IV - Planet where Captain Picard was invited to by his associate Dr. Langford to assist in an archeological dig.[110]

Suliban homeworld - a planet in sector 3641, home of the Suliban people. The name of the planet is not mentioned.[32]

Styris IV - a Federation colony needing a rare vaccine from Ligon II.[109]

Straleb - Planet whose inhabitants, along with the people of Altec, makes up the Coalition of Madena. A political leader of Altec had issues with the rogue freighter captain Okona.[108]

Star Station India - Destination of the Enterprise-D after it left the Darwin Genetic Research Station on Gagarin IV.[107]

Starbase Montgomery - Planetside Federation Starbase. The Enterprise-D went there for an inspection of the warp core after a series of system failures.[106]

Starbase Earhart - Federation Starbase. Location of the Bonestell Recreation Facility where young Ensign Picard picked a fight with a group of Nausicaans, one of which stabbed him through the heart.[105] Recalling the incident, Picard refers to the station as "Farspace Starbase Earhart".[104]

Starbase 515 - Planetside Starbase with extensive medical facilities. In 2365, Capt. Picard went there to undergo a cardiac replacement. The name of the planet Starbase 515 was located on was never mentioned.[104]

Starbase 234 - Planetside Starbase facility located near Romulan space. It has orbital drydock stations. The name of the planet Starbase 234 was located on was never mentioned.[102] Capt. Picard goes there to investigate the disappearance of Ambassador Spock.[103]

Starbase 153 - The Enterprise transports an emissary (K'Ehleyr, Worf's former mate) from Starbase 153 to the Boradis system.[53]

Starbase 152 - Enterprise '​s destination at end of the episode "Tin Man".[101]

Starbase 133 - Destination of the Enterprise after it leaves the Rana system at the end of TNG episode "The Survivors". Also the location of the static warp bubble trapping Dr. Beverly Crusher in the TNG episode "Remember Me".

Starbase 123 - Two Romulan cruisers are detected by Starbase 123 on the way to the Beta Stromgren system to secure Tin Man.[101]

Starbase 73 - Planetside Starbase facility. In 2365, the Enterprise-D stops at the base along route to the Endicor system. Riker bought some Owon eggs here.[99] In 2366, the Enterprise goes there again to investigate a distress call from the Ficus Sector.[100] The name of the planet Starbase 73 was located on was never mentioned.

Starbase 12 - Planetside Starbase facility in the Haven (Gamma 400) system. The USS Dauntless and USS Sovereign use it as a base of operations in their investigation of the Vesuvi event.[98]

Starbase 11 - Planetside Starbase facility. The primary purpose of the station seems to be the handling of litigation matters. The name of the planet Starbase 11 was located on was never mentioned.[96][97]

Starbase 6 - Planetside Starbase facility. In 2268, the Enterprise-D drops off Kareen Brianon there for transport back to Earth. The name of the planet Starbase 6 was located on was not mentioned.[94] On stardate 4307.1, Starbase 6 lost contact with the USS Intrepid and sent rescue coordinates to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701[95]

Stameris - A planet that in 2151 had active slave trade. The Ferengi pirates who hijacked the Enterprise NX-01 were planning to sell captured crew there.[93]

Spica - Star system also known as Alpha Virginis. There is a Federation colony there which is known for its valuable Spican flame gems.[75]

Soukara - A Cardassian planet with thick jungles and the site of a Dominion base. In 2347, Worf and Jadzia Dax undergo a covert mission there to rescue a Cardassian defector who knew the fake identities of Founders hiding in the Alpha Quadrant.[91][92]

Sothis III - Planet mentioned by Prof. Galen whose inhabitants, the Satarran species, disdain mysteries.[2] The Satarrans waged a decades long war with a neighboring race, the Lysians.[90]

Son'a Prime - Homeworld of the Son'a species and capital world of the Son'a Solidarity.[89]

Solosos III - Maquis colony in the Cardassian DMZ where Cmdr. Sisko forced the surrender of agents and their weapons.[52]

Solarion IV - Site of a Bajoran terrorist raid.[88]

Solais V - Home planet of the Solari, where two factions have been at war for fifteen centuries. In 2265, the Enterprise-D takes the deaf-mute mediator named Rivas there to lead a delicate peace negotiation.[7] When Sisko is promoted to Captain and wants to tell Kasidy Yates about it, he learns that she is hauling a load of duranium to Solais V.[87]

Sobras - Kazon planet where rival Kazon sects congregate for talks.[85][86]

Skagaran colony - Planet in the Delphic Expanse settled by the humanoid Skagaran species. In the 19th Century, the aliens abducted a group of Human settlers from the north-western United States to use them as slave labor. Eventually the slaves had an uprising and overthrew their captors to become the dominant species of the planet.[84]

Sirrie IV - Kivas Fajo was in possession of a one-of-a-kind vase by artist Mark Off-Zel of Sirrie IV.[80]

Simperia - Cardassian planet where the Cardassian Liberation Front was headquartered, and also one of eighteen worlds destroyed by Breen and Dominion forces in 2375.[83]

Sikaris - Delta Quadrant homeworld of the Sikarian species. The planet has a thick quartz mantle used as an amplification device in the Sikarian's advanced Spacial Trajector Transporter which the USS Voyager crew hoped could send them 40,000 light years closer to Federation space.[82]

Sigma Iota II - The Iotians established a 1920's gangster society, the result of cultural contamination of a missing book from the USS Horizon.[81]

Sigma Erani - Star system, according to the trader Kivas Fajo, it is the only known source of hytritium.[80]

Sigma Draconis - A star system with three inhabited worlds, those being the 3rd, 4th, and 6th planets respectively. Each is populated by different technologically primitive culture, however Sigma Draconis VI was visited by the USS Enterprise where Captain Kirk chases down aliens who have stolen Spock's brain.[79]

Shiralea VI - A beautiful world inhabited by the "Parallax Colony", a group of free-spirits concerned only with love and pleasure. Lwaxana Troi introduced Worf's son Alexander to a holodeck simulation of a Parallax mudbath and to experience their "Laughing Hour".[78]

Sheva II - Location of a Jem'Hadar breeding facility.[77]

Sherman's Planet - An agricultural world near the Neutral Zone (in the era of ST:TOS) that is contested between the Klingons and the Federation.[75][76]

Shelia - The Shelia star system is the home of the Sheliak, a classification R-3 non-humanoid species that claims Tau Cygna V, where a group of humans has established a colony. It is not clear which planet (or planets) the Sheliak occupy in the Shelia system.[67]

Shantil III - Planet used in a Tamarian mythological tale about the characters Darmok and Jalad who faced off against a common enemy on an island called Tanagra.[11]

Sha Ka Ree - The Vulcan name for a mythological planet that was the alleged source of all creation. It is also known as "Qui'Tu" by the Klingons, "Vorta Vor" by the Romulans, or "Eden" by people of Earth. Sha Ka Ree was believed by Spock's older half-brother Sybok to be located at the center of the galaxy, hidden behind the Great Barrier energy field. According to legend, the planet was where God resided. Instead, it was discovered that the world, which had a barren, unviable surface ecology, was actually a prison for a dangerous entity.[74]

Setlik III - Federation colony near Cardassian space that was attacked around 2347 by the Cardassians in an event that became known as "The Setlik Massacre". Miles O'Brien was part of the Federation task force who battled the Cardassian invaders.[70][71][72][73]

Seros - Delta Quadrant homeworld of the advanced Serosian species who use pseudo-solid holographic generated servants called "isomorphs" and treat them as slave labor. One is driven insane and murders the crew of a Serosian ship.[69]

Septimus III - Planet that was headquarters of the Cardassian "Eleventh Order" military division. During the Dominion War, it was attacked and conquered by the Klingons. The five-hundred thousand Cardassians of the Eleventh Order were all wiped out.[68]

Septimis Minor - Destination of the colony ship SS Artemis which disappeared, eventually landing on Tau Cygna V.[67]

Sentinel Minor IV - Destination of the USS Lalo which was destroyed en route by a Borg cube headed for Sector 001.[58]

Selenia Prime - Delta Quadrant planet mentioned to have a militaristic humanoid race that waged a brutal war with neighboring species.[65] Tom Paris and Neelix meet con artists posing as clerics from the planet.[66]

Selek IV - Delta Quadrant planet, site of a gambling tournament.[64]

Selay - One of two inhabited planets in the Beta Renner system. It is home of the cobra-headed Selay species who were at war with their sister planet Antica. Both worlds wished to join the Federation. The Enterprise-D transported delegates to difficult peace negotiations on Parliament.[63]

Sefalla Prime - Planet near Draylon II.[62]

Secarus IV - Planet where the infamous criminal known only as "The Albino", responsible for attacks against the Klingons, resides in a private fortress.[61]

Scalos - A strange planet outside Federation territory that was visited by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. The Scalosian inhabitants have a "hyper-accelerated" physical existence and move at a faster rate of time.[60]

Sauria - Homeworld of the Saurian species.[23] They are known for their popular Saurian brandy served in a characteristic curved bottle. Capt. Picard says that he once traded a bottle of old Saurian brandy for a rare Gorlan prayer stick.[59]


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