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List of United States Navy aircraft wings


List of United States Navy aircraft wings

This is a list of United States Navy aircraft wings. It covers both Carrier air wings and land-based wings. Since air groups in the United States Navy were all redesignated as wings, it also covers groups.


  • Carrier Air Wings 1
  • Reserve Carrier Air Wings 2
  • Carrier Air Groups 3
  • Attack Carrier Air Groups 4
  • Light Carrier Air Groups 5
  • Battle Carrier Air Groups 6
  • Escort Carrier Air Groups 7
  • Night Carrier Air Groups 8
  • Night Light Carrier Air Groups 9
  • Night Escort Carrier Air Group 10
  • Ship-Named Air Groups 11
  • Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups 12
  • Reserve Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups 13
  • Patrol Wings 14
  • Fleet Air Wings 15
  • Patrol and Reconnaissance Wings 16
  • See also 17
  • Notes 18
  • References 19

Carrier Air Wings

The "A" Prefix denotes USN Atlantic Fleet affiliation, while "N" Denotes USN Pacific Fleet affiliation.

  • Carrier Air Wing One (CVW-1) "AB"
  • Carrier Air Wing Two (CVW-2) "NE"
  • Carrier Air Wing Three (CVW-3) "AC"
  • Readiness Attack Carrier Air Wing Four (RCVW-4) "AD" (Disestablished 1970)
  • Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW-5)"NF"
  • Carrier Air Wing Six (CVW-6) "AE" (Disestablished)
  • Carrier Air Wing Seven (CVW-7) "AG"
  • Carrier Air Wing 8 (CVW-8) "AJ"
  • Carrier Air Wing 9 (CVW-9) "NG"
  • Carrier Air Wing 10 (CVW-10) "NM" or "AK" (Disestablished 30 September 1988). Active in the Atlantic Fleet with the tail code "AK" from 1952 to 1969. Wing reestablished on 1 November 1986 in the Pacific Fleet, and the "NM" tail code of the old CVW-19 was given to CVW-10, despite the earlier "AK" code. The new CVW-10 should have been assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Independence (CV-62). However, it was never deployed and CVW-10 was disestablished again on 30 September 1988.
  • Carrier Air Wing 11 (CVW-11) "NH"
  • Readiness Attack Carrier Air Wing 12 (RCVW-12) "NJ" (Disestablished)
  • Carrier Air Wing 13 (CVW-13) "AK" (Disestablished) Established 1 Mar 1984; disestablished 1 Jan 1991. Previous establishment as CVG-13 disbanded 21 August 1962.[1] CVW-13 was assigned CVW-10's original "AK" fin flash during the 1980s.
  • Carrier Air Wing 14 (CVW-14) "NK" (Disestablished)
  • Carrier Air Wing 15 (CVW-15) "NL" (Disestablished)
  • Carrier Air Wing 16 (CVW-16) "AH" (Disestablished)
  • Carrier Air Wing 17 (CVW-17) "NA"
  • No Carrier Air Wing 18 was established, at least according to U.S. Navy official sources.[1] It should be noted that CVG-18 was established on 20 July 1943, and became CVAG-7 on 15 Nov 1946, the predecessor to Carrier Air Wing 7.
  • Carrier Air Wing 19 (CVW-19) "NM" (Disestablished)
  • Carrier Air Wing 21 (CVW-21) "NP" (Disestablished) - CVG-21 Established 1 Jul 1955; became CVW-21 20 Dec 1963; disestablished 12 Dec 1975.[1]

Reserve Carrier Air Wings

Carrier Air Groups

Attack Carrier Air Groups

Light Carrier Air Groups

Battle Carrier Air Groups

Escort Carrier Air Groups

Night Carrier Air Groups

Night Light Carrier Air Groups

Night Escort Carrier Air Group

Ship-Named Air Groups

Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups

Reserve Antisubmarine Carrier Air Groups

Patrol Wings

See PatWing

Fleet Air Wings

Patrol and Reconnaissance Wings

See also


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