List of world cups

This is a list of World Cup and World Championships sporting events.

Competitions that are defunct or have no future editions planned are shown with a gray background.


Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
American football IFAF World Cup[1] Nations 1999  United States (2011) 2015 Four years
Aquatics FINA Diving World Cup Individuals 1979 Most medals: China China 2014 Two years
FINA Swimming World Cup Individuals 1989 Katinka Hosszu (women) (2012) 2013 One year
FINA Water Polo World Cup Nations 1979  Serbia (2010) 2014 Four years
FINA Women's Water Polo World Cup Nations 1979  United States (2010) 2014 Four years
Association football (Soccer) FIFA World Cup Nations 1930  Spain (2010) 2014 Four years
FIFA Women's World Cup Nations 1991  Japan (2011) 2015 Four years
VIVA World Cup Nations 2006  Iraqi Kurdistan (2012) 2014 Two years since 2010
FIFA Club World Cup Clubs 2000 Brazil Corinthians (2012) 2013 One year
Athletics (track and field) IAAF World Cup in Athletics Nations and
1977 Europe
(both 2010)
2014 Originally two years, later four years
Australian rules football Australian Football International Cup Nations 2002  Ireland (2011) 2014 Three years
Badminton BWF World Championships Individuals 1977 Winners in 5 events (2011) 2013 One year since 2006
Thomas Cup[2] Nations 1949  China (2012) 2014 Two years since 1982
Uber Cup[3] Nations 1957  China (2012) 2014 Two years since 1984
Sudirman Cup[4] Nations 1989  China (2011) 2013 Two years
Baseball World Baseball Classic[5] Nations 1938(as IBAF Baseball World Cup)
2006(MLB and sanctioned by IBAF)
 Dominican Republic (2013) 2017 Four years since 2009
Women's Baseball World Cup Nations 2004  Japan (2012) 2014 Two years
Basketball FIBA Basketball World Cup Nations 1950  United States (2010) 2014 Four years[6]
FIBA World Championship for Women Nations 1953  United States (2010) 2014 Four years
Beach soccer FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Nations 1995 (as Beach Soccer World Championships)
2005 (under FIFA control)
 Russia (2011) 2013 Originally one year, now two years
Billiards (Pool) World Cup of Pool Nations 2006  Finland (2012) 2013 One year
Boxing Boxing World Cup Nations 2005 (Winners in 11 weight classes) (2012) 2014 Two years
Canoeing ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup Individuals 1988 Winners in 5 categories (2013) 2014 One year
ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup Individuals and teams  ??? Winners in 4 categories (2013) 2014 One year
Cricket ICC Cricket World Cup (One Day International) Nations 1975  India (2011) 2015 Four years
ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup Nations 1988 (2012) 2014 Two Years
Indoor Cricket World Cup Nations 1995  Australia (2011) 2013 Two years
Women's Cricket World Cup (one-day international) Nations 1973  Australia (2013) 2017 Four years
ICC World Twenty20 (Twenty20 format, men) Nations 2007  West Indies (2012) 2014 Two years[7]
ICC Women's World Twenty20 (Twenty20 format, women) Nations 2010  Australia (2012) 2014 Two years[7]
Cycling UCI World Cup Individuals  ????  ????  ???? Various
Equestrian Dressage World Cup Individuals 1986 Netherlands Adelinde Cornelissen (2012) 2013 One year
Eventing World Cup (:de) Individuals 2003 Germany Michael Jung (2010) since 2010 no final, Final ranking leader is World Cup Champion One year
Four-in-hand Driving World Cup Individuals  ????  ????  ???? One year
Show Jumping World Cup Individuals 1979 United States Rich Fellers (2012) 2013 One year
Vaulting World Cup Individuals  ????  ????  ???? One year
Field hockey Hockey World Cup Nations 1971  Australia (2010) 2014 Four years
Women's Hockey World Cup Nations 1974  Argentina (2010) 2014 Four years
Fistball Fistball World Cup Nations 1968  Germany (2011) 2015 Four years
Futsal FIFA Futsal World Cup Nations 1989  Brazil (2012) 2016 Four years
Golf Mission Hills World Cup Nations 1953  United States (2011) 2013 Two years after 2009
Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Individuals 1975 14 winners (one for each apparatus) 2013 Every year
Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Individuals and teams  ??? 8 winners 2013 Every year
Trampolining World Cup Individuals  ???  ??? winners 2013 Every year
Handball World Men's Handball Championship Nations 1938  Spain (2013) 2015 Two Years
Handball World Women's Handball Championship Nations 1957  Norway (2011) 2013 Two Years
Lacrosse Women's Lacrosse World Cup Nations 1982  United States (2009) 2013 Four years
Orienteering Orienteering World Cup Individual and nations Unofficial cups in 1983 and 1984. First Official cup in 1986   Switzerland (2012) 2013 Every two years until 2004, now annually
Paragliding Paragliding World Cup Individual 1992 Overall 2011: Peter Nauenschwander (F)  ???? Every year
Pétanque Pétanque World Championships Nations 1959 (2012) 2014 in Dakar Two years
Pitch and putt Pitch and Putt World Cup Nations 2012  Ireland (2012) 2014 Two years
Polo Polo World Cup Nations 1987  Argentina (2011) 2014 Three years
Professional wrestling World X Cup Individual and Teams 2003 as Super X Cup(Individual)
2004 as World X Cup (Team TNA/Nations)
Team Mexico  ???
Roller hockey Rink Hockey World Championship Nations 1958 Spain Spain (2011) 2013 Two years
Ladies Rink Hockey World Championship Nations 1992  France (2012) 2014 Two years
Rowing Rowing World Cup Nations 1997 Winners in 14 events (2012) 2013 One year
Rugby league football Rugby League World Cup Nations 1954  New Zealand (2008) 2013 Four years after 2013
Rugby league football Women's Rugby League World Cup Nations 2000 New Zealand New Zealand (2008) 2013 Four years after 2013
Rugby union Rugby World Cup Nations 1987  New Zealand (2011) 2015 Four years
Women's Rugby World Cup Nations 1991  New Zealand (2010) 2014 Four years
Rugby union sevens Rugby World Cup Sevens (men) Nations 1993  New Zealand (2013) 2018[8] Four years
Rugby World Cup Sevens (women) Nations 2009[9]  New Zealand (2013) 2018[8] Four years
Sailing ISAF Sailing World Cup Individuals 2008 Winners in 10 olympic disciplines Ongoing Annual
Shooting ISSF World Cup Individuals 1988 Winners in 15 events (2012) 2013 One year
Softball World Cup of Softball Nations 2005  United States (2012) 2013 One year
Tennis Davis Cup[10] Nations 1900  Czech Republic (2012) 2013 One year
Fed Cup[11] Nations 1963  Czech Republic (2012) 2013 One year
World Team Cup Nations 1978  Serbia (2012) 2013 One year
Hopman Cup Nations 1989 (2013) 2014 One year
Touch Football Touch Football World Cup Nations 1988  Australia (both men and women)
2015 Four years
Triathlon ITU Triathlon World Cup Individuals 1991 United Kingdom Alistair Brownlee (men)
Sweden Lisa Norden (women)
2013 One year
Volleyball Men's FIVB World Championship Nations 1949  Brazil (2010) 2014 Four years
Women's FIVB World Championship Nations 1952  Russia (2010) 2014 Four years
Wrestling FILA Wrestling World Cup Nations 1973  Iran (Freestyle (men))
 Russia (Greco-Roman)
 China (Freestyle (women))
2014 One year


Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Alpine skiing FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Individuals 1967 Austria Marcel Hirscher (men)
Slovenia Tina Maze (women) (2012–13)
2013–14 One year
Nations  Austria (men and women) (2012–13)
Bandy Bandy World Cup Clubs 1974 Russia Dynamo Moscow (2013) 2014 One year
Bandy World Cup for women Clubs 2003 Russia Rekord Irkutsk (2012) 2013 One year
Bandy World Championships Nations 1957  Russia (2013) 2014 One year
Bandy World Championships for women Nations 2004 (2012) 2014 Two years
Biathlon Biathlon World Cup Individuals 1977–78 Norway Tarjei Bø (men)
Finland Kaisa Mäkäräinen (women)
2011–12 One year
Nations 1996–97  Norway (men)
 Germany (women)
Bobsleigh Bobsleigh World Cup Teams 1984-85 Three teams (2009-10) 2010-11 One year
Cross-Country Skiing FIS Cross-Country World Cup Individuals 1973–74 Switzerland Dario Cologna (men)
Poland Justyna Kowalczyk (women) (2010–11)
2011–12 One year
Ice hockey Ice Hockey World Championships Nations 1930  Sweden (2013) 2014 One year
Luge Luge World Cup Individual 1977-78 Three champions (2009-10) 2010-11 One year
Nordic Combined FIS Nordic Combined World Cup Individuals 1983–84 France Jason Lamy-Chappuis (2010–11) 2011–12 One year
Short track speed skating Short Track Speed Skating World Cup Individuals and Nations 1999/2000 Winners in 6 events (2009/10) 2010/11 One year
Skeleton Skeleton World Cup Individuals 1986-87 (men), 1996-97 (women) Two champions (2009-10) 2010-11 One year
Ski Jumping FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Individuals 1979–80 Austria Thomas Morgenstern (2010–11) 2011–12 One year
National Team  ?  Austria (2010–11) 2011–12 One year
Ski orienteering World Cup in Ski Orienteering Individual and nations  ???  ???  ???  ???
Speed skating Speed Skating World Cup Individuals and Nations 1985–86 Winners in 12 events (2009–10) 2010–11 One year

Mixed seasons

Sport Competition name Competing
Current holder Next Held every
Bull riding PBR World Cup Nations 2007 USA (2009) 2010 One year
Paralympics Paralympic World Cup Individual and nations  ???  ???  ???  ???
Motorcycle racing Speedway World Cup Individual and nations  ???  ???  ???  ???
Ten-Pin Bowling QubicaAMF World Cup Individuals 1965 Derek Eoff (men)
Jasmine Young-Nathan (women)
2009 One year


    R.  ^R - One or more relay events, in which three or four competitors compete for their nation, are included for each sex.
    D.  ^D - Includes three Doubles events, one for men, one for women, and one for mixed doubles.

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