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List of airports in Burkina Faso

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Title: List of airports in Burkina Faso  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of airports in Mauritius, List of airports in Somaliland, List of airports in Burundi, List of airports in Equatorial Guinea, List of airports in Mayotte
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of airports in Burkina Faso

This is a list of airports in Burkina Faso, sorted by location.


City Province ICAO IATA Airport Name Coordinates Runway
Aribinda Soum DFOY XAR Aribinda Airport Grass
Arly Tapoa DFER ARL Arly Airport
Banfora Komoé DFOB BNR Banfora Airport 03/21: 3,750 x 59, Grass
Barsalogho Sanmatenga DFCB Barsalogho Airport 05/23: 1,920 x 69, Grass
Bobo Dioulasso Houet DFOO BOY Bobo Dioulasso Airport 06/24: 10,800 x 138, Asphalt
Bogandé Gnagna DFEB XBG Bogandé Airport 11/29: 2,610 x 72, Grass
Boromo Balé DFCO Boromo Airport closed 07/25: 1,250 x 62, Dirt
Boulsa Namentenga DFEA XBO Boulsa Airport 05/23: 1,530 x 66, Dirt
Dano Ioba DFOA Dano Airport 06/24: 1,800 x 69, Grass
Dédougou Mouhoun DFOD DGU Dédougou Airport 06/24: 8,480 x 105, Grass
Diapaga Tapoa DFED DIP Diapaga Airport 04/22: 3,900 x 98, Dirt
Didyr Sanguié DFCD Didyr Airport 13/31: 1,500 x 52, Grass
Diébougou Bougouriba DFOU XDE Diébougou Airport 07/25: 5,250 x 69, Dirt
Djibo Soum DFCJ XDJ Djibo Airport 04/22: 3,900 x 92, Dirt
Dori Séno DFEE DOR Dori Airport 05/23: 2,300 x 98, Dirt
Fada N'Gourma Gourma DFEF FNG Fada N'Gourma Airport 04/22: 3,250 x 59, Dirt
Gaoua Poni DFOG XGA Gaoua Airport 06/24: 4,900 x 102, Grass
Gorom Gorom Oudalan DFEG XGG Gorom Gorom Airport 05/23: 5,410 x 105, Grass
Houndé Tuy DFOH Houndé Airport 18/36: 1,920 x 89, Gravel
08/26: 2,560 x 79, Grass
Kantchari Tapoa DFEL XKA Kantchari Airport 06/24: 2,990 x 46, Dirt
Kaya Sanmatenga DFCA XKY Kaya Airport 08/26: 1,960 x 92, Grass
Kongoussi Bam DFCG Kongoussi Airport 07/25: 2,600 x 66, Grass
Koudougou Sanguié DFCK Koudougou Airport 06/24: 2,940 x 118, Grass
Leo Sissili DFCL XLU Leo Airport 08/26: 1,380 x 69, Grass
Nouna Kossi DFON XNU Nouna Airport 09/27: 4,250 x 141, Grass
Orodara Kénédougou DFOR Orodara Airport 04/22: 4,900 x 105, Grass
Ouagadougou Kadiogo DFFD OUA Ouagadougou Airport 04L/22R: 9,900 x 148, Asphalt
04R/22L: 6,200 x 89, Grass
Ouahigouya Yatenga DFCC OUG Ouahigouya Airport 09/27: 5,550 x 105, Grass
Pama Kompienga DFEP XPA Pama Airport 09/27: 2,480 x 89, Grass
Nahouri DFCP PUP Pô Airport 10/28: 3,460 x 79, Dirt
Poura Balé DFCR Poura Airport 09/27: 1,960 x 85, Grass
Sebba Yagha DFES XSE Sebba Airport Grass
Séguénéga Yatenga DFCS Séguénéga Airport 10/28: 1,450 x 92, Dirt
Tambao Oudalan DFEM TMQ Tambao Airport

Tenkodogo Boulgou DFET TEG Tenkodogo Airport 17/35: 3,950 x 125, Dirt
Tougan Sourou DFOT TUQ Tougan Airport 10/28: 1,950 x 95, Grass
Yako Passoré DFCY Yako Airport 07/25: 2,900 x 174, Grass
Zabré Boulgou DFEZ XZA Zabré Airport 18/36

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