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List of bisexual people including famous people who identify as bisexual and deceased people who have been identified as bisexual.

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Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Kathy Acker 1949–1997 American Writer and feminist [1]
Nick Adams 1931–1968 American Actor. Starred TV series The Rebel [2]
Aubrey Addams born 1987 American Pornographic actress [3]
Patience Agbabi born 1965 British Poet [4][5]
Henry Ainley 1879–1945 British Actor [6][7]
Zoë Akins 1886–1958 American Playwright [8]
Monique Alexander born 1982 American Pornographic actress, adult model, and erotic dancer [9]
Raven Alexis born 1987 American Pornographic actress and adult model [10]
Summer Altice born 1979 American Model and actress [11]
Hans Christian Andersen 1805–1875 Danish Writer. Avoided actual sexual relations [12]
Brett Anderson born 1967 British Singer-songwriter, and former lead vocalist of Suede [13]
Prince Andrew of Greece 1882–1944 Greek Prince, father of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Nadine Angerer born 1978 German Footballer [14]
Chagmion Antoine born 1982 American Broadcast journalist [15]
Louis Aragon 1897–1982 French Poet and novelist [16]
Penny Arcade born 1950 American Performance artist, playwright. Aka Susana Ventura [17]
Billie Joe Armstrong born 1972 American Singer, songwriter, guitarist for Green Day [18]
Jake Arnott born 1961 British Novelist, came out as bisexual in his twenties [19]
Aiden Ashley born 1990 American Pornographic actress and stunt performer [20]
Julie d'Aubigny 1670–1707 French Swordswoman and opera singer (aka La Maupin) [21]
Veronica Avluv born 1973 American Pornographic actress [22]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Joan Baez born 1941 American Singer [23]
Alice Bag born 1958 American Singer with punk rock band The Bags [24]
Josephine Baker 1906–1975 American Entertainer and actress (French citizen from 1937) [25]
Marina Baker born 1967 British Writer and politician [26]
Canaan Banana 1936–2003 Zimbabwean Politician. First president of Zimbabwe [27]
Tallulah Bankhead 1902–1968 American Actress [28]
Azealia Banks born 1991 American Rapper and singer [29]
Alexander Bard born 1961 Swedish Musician [30]
Jean-Pierre Barda born 1967 Swedish Musician and actor [31][32]
Lia Bardeen born 1979 American Contestant on Top Chef [33][34]
Djuna Barnes 1892–1982 American Writer [35]
Amanda Barrie born 1935 British Actress on Coronation Street, Cleo in Carry on Cleo [36]
Drew Barrymore born 1975 American Actress [37]
Jean-Michel Basquiat 1960–1988 American Artist [38]
Jennifer Baumgardner born 1970 American Writer, journalist [39]
Jaime Bayly born 1965 Peruvian Writer and journalist [40]
Bianca Beauchamp born 1977 Canadian Adult model [41]
Simone de Beauvoir 1908–1986 French Philosopher [42]
Julian Beck 1925–1985 American Actor, director, poet, and painter [43]
Sybille Bedford 1911–2006 British Writer [44]
Aphra Behn 1640–1689 British Writer and spy [45]
Lexi Belle born 1987 American Pornographic actress [46]
Dario Bellezza 1944–1996 Italian Poet [47]
Ruth Benedict 1887–1948 American Anthropologist [48]
Brenda Benet 1945–1982 American Actress. Wife of Bill Bixby, lover of Tammy Bruce [49][50]
Brea Bennett born 1987 American Pornographic actress and reality television participant [51]
Michael Bennett 1943–1987 American Director, choreographer, and dancer [52]
Anita Berber 1899–1928 German Dancer, actress, writer, and prostitute [53]
Helmut Berger born 1944 Austrian Actor [54]
Ruth Bernhard 1905–2006 German Photographer [55]
Sandra Bernhard born 1955 American Comedian, singer, actress and author [56][57]
Sarah Bernhardt 1844–1923 French Actress [58]
Leonard Bernstein 1918–1990 American Composer and conductor [59]
John Betjeman 1906–1984 British Poet laureate [60][61]
Magnus Betnér born 1974 Swedish Comedian [62]
Tobias Billström born 1973 Swedish Politician [63]
Tori Black born 1988 American Pornographic actress and adult model [64]
Amy Bloom born 1953 American Writer [65]
Anthony Blond 1928–2008 British Publisher and author [66]
Violet Blue American Writer, podcaster, sex educator, and sex columnist [67]
Julio Bocca born 1967 Argentinian Ballet dancer [68]
Bernard Boursicot born 1944 French Diplomat, his story inspired M. Butterfly [69]
Yvette Bova American Bodybuilder, pornographic actress, and U.S. Air Force member [70]
Crystal Bowersox born 1987 American Country singer, Folk singer, Broadway actress, American Idol runner-up [71]
Angela Bowie born 1950 American Model, writer, musician, ex-wife of David Bowie [72]
David Bowie born 1947 British Musician [73]
Jane Bowles 1917–1973 American Writer. Wife of Paul Bowles [74]
Paul Bowles 1910–1999 American Composer and Author. Husband of Jane Bowles [75]
Erica Boyer 1956–2009 American Pornographic actress [76]
Adolf Brand 1874–1945 German Writer and LGBT activist [77]
Marlon Brando 1924–2004 American Actor [78]
Cait Brennan born 1969 American Singer-songwriter and screenwriter [79]
Jeremy Brett 1933–1995 British Actor, famous as Sherlock Holmes [80]
Susie Bright born 1958 American Writer and broadcaster [81]
Joy Brook born 1969 British Actress. DC Kerry Holmes on The Bill [82]
Ashlynn Brooke born 1985 American Former pornographic film actress, erotic dancer, and adult model [83]
Rupert Brooke 1887–1915 British Poet [84]
Louise Brooks 1906–1985 American Actress [85]
Romaine Brooks 1874–1970 American Painter [86]
Brigid Brophy 1929–1995 British Writer [87]
Kate Brown born 1960 American Politician, elected Oregon Secretary of State in 2008 [88]
Coral Browne 1913–1991 Australian Actress, wife of Vincent Price [89]
Carrie Brownstein born 1974 American Musician [90]
Gioia Bruno born 1963 American Musician [91]
Louise Bryant 1885–1936 American Radical journalist, played by Diane Keaton in Reds [92]
Kathleen Bryson born 1968 American Writer, filmmaker [93]
Tylene Buck born 1972 American Pornographic actress and adult model. Former professional wrestler and valet. [94]
Ryan Buell born 1982 American Paranormal investigator, television personality [95]
Concha Buika born 1972 Spanish Singer [96][97]
Julie Burchill born 1959 British Writer [98]
William S. Burroughs 1914–1997 American Writer [99]
Saffron Burrows born 1973 British Actress [100]
Dorothy Bussy 1865–1960 British Writer [101]
Robin Byrd born 1957 American Former pornographic actress, now a cable TV host [102]
Jasmine Byrne born 1985 American Pornographic actress, adult model, and dominatrix [103]
Lord Byron 1788–1824 British Nobleman, Poet [104]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Caligula 12 – 41CE Roman Emperor [105]
Colin Campbell 1942–2001 Canadian Artist [106]
Roy Campbell 1901–1957 South African Poet [107]
Jesse Capelli born 1979 Canadian Pornographic actress and adult model [108]
Daniele Capezzone born 1972 Italian Politician [109]
Gia Carangi 1960–1986 American Model, played by Angelina Jolie in Gia [110][111]
Vanessa Carlton born 1980 American Musician-songwriter. "I am a proud bisexual woman." [112]
George Carman 1929–2001 British Lawyer, leading barrister of the 1980s and 1990s [113]
Ana Carolina born 1974 Brazilian Musician. "I am Bi. So what?" [114]
Cameron Carpenter born 1981 American Organist [115]
Robert Carr, 1st Earl of Somerset 1587–1645 Scottish Politician, and lover of King James I of England [116]
Dora Carrington 1893–1932 English Artist [117]
Jim Carroll 1950–2009 American Writer (The Basketball Diaries) and musician. [118]
Lily Carter born 1990 American Pornographic actress and webcam model [119]
Nell Carter 1948–2003 American Singer and actress [120]
Giacomo Casanova 1725–1798 Venetian Traveller and writer [121]
Neal Cassady 1926–1968 American Beatnik and writer [122]
Jack Cassidy 1927–1976 American Actor, father of David Cassidy [123]
Cazuza 1958–1990 Brazilian Composer and singer [124]
Benvenuto Cellini 1500–1571 Italian Goldsmith, painter, soldier, autobiographer [125][126]
Constantine P. Cavafy 1863–1933 Greek Poet [127]
Alvilde Chaplin 1909–1994 British Gardening and landscape expert, married to bisexual James Lees-Milne [128]
Crystal Chappell born 1965 American Actress. "I am equally attracted to men and women." [129]
Bruce Chatwin 1940–1989 English Novelist and travel writer [130]
Neneh Cherry born 1964 Swedish Musician [131]
Leslie Cheung 1956–2003 Hong Kong Actor and musician [132]
John Cheever 1912–1982 American Writer [133]
Margaret Cho born 1968 American Comedian [134]
Hélène Cixous born 1937 French Writer and philosopher [135]
Montgomery Clift 1920–1966 American Actor [136]
Cyril Collard 1957–1993 French Author, filmmaker, composer, and actor [137]
Simon Collins born 1976 English-Canadian Musician, son of Phil Collins [138]
Caroline Coon born 1945 English Artist, journalist and political activist [139]
Colleen Coover born 1969 American Artist [140][141]
Kate Copstick Scottish Television presenter, actress, writer and director [142]
Jana Cova born 1980 Czech Pornographic actress and adult model [143]
Monique Covét born 1976 Hungarian Pornographic actress, adult model, and businesswoman [144]
Baron Gottfried von Cramm 1909–1976 German Tennis player, twice French Open champion [145]
Darla Crane born 1966 American Pornographic actress, adult model, and pornographer [146][147]
Darby Crash 1958–1980 American Musician [148]
Joan Crawford 1905–1977 American Actress [149]
Aleister Crowley 1875–1947 English Occultist and hedonist [150]
Annie Cruz born 1984 American Pornographic actress and adult model [151]
Countee Cullen 1903–1946 American Poet of the Harlem Renaissance [152]
Alan Cumming born 1965 Scottish Actor [153]
Courtney Cummz born 1981 American Pornographic actress and director [154]
Cytherea born 1981 American Pornographic film actress, adult model, and businesswoman [155]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Stephen Daldry born 1961 British Theatre and film director [156]
Joe Dallesandro born 1948 American Actor [157]
Jacques Damala 1855–1889 Greek Actor [158]
Dani Daniels born 1989 American Pornographic actress and adult model [159]
Dave Davies born 1947 British Musician with The Kinks [160]
Ron Davies born 1946 British Politician [161]
Brad Davis 1949–1991 American Actor in Midnight Express [162]
Frank Marshall Davis 1905–1987 American Journalist, poet, political, labor activist [163]
Sammy Davis, Jr. 1925–1990 American Entertainer [164]
Frances Day 1908–1984 American Actress
Ruby Day American Businesswoman, pornographic actress, adult model, erotic dancer, film producer, film director, musician, and photographer [165]
James Dean 1931–1955 American Actor [166][167]
Michelle Deighton born 1986 American Contestant on America's Next Top Model [168]
Oscar de la Renta born 1932 Dominican Fashion designer [169][170]
Olga de Meyer 1871–1930 British Socialite, rumored to be daughter of King Edward VII [171]
Sophie Dee born 1984 Welsh Pornographic actress [172]
Jacques Demy 1931–1990 French Film director [173]
Elsie de Wolfe 1865–1950 American Interior designer [174]
Andy Dick born 1965 American Actor and comedian [175]
Marlene Dietrich 1901–1992 American German-born actress, singer [176]
Ani DiFranco born 1970 American Musician [177]
Diane di Prima born 1934 American Poet [178]
Morgan Doctor American Musician [179]
Amanda Donohoe born 1962 British Actress [180]
Jessica Drake born 1974 American Pornographic actress, adult model, and erotic dancer [181]
Sir Michael Duff 1907–1980 British Society figure, married to bisexual Lady Caroline Paget [182]
Carol Ann Duffy born 1955 British Poet [183]
Daphne du Maurier 1907–1989 British Author [184]
Dominick Dunne 1925–2009 American Writer [185]
Isadora Duncan 1887–1927 American Dancer [186]
Don Dunstan 1926–1999 Australian Politician. Premier of South Australia [187][188]
Eleonora Duse 1859–1924 Italian Actress [189]
Deborah Dyer born 1967 British Singer, aka Pea Narni aka Skin (of Skunk Anansie) [190]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Laurie Toby Edison born 1942 American Photographer [191]
Bret Easton Ellis born 1964 American Novelist. Author of American Psycho and Lunar Park. [192][193]
Edith Ellis 1861–1916 British Writer, wife of sexologist Havelock Ellis [194]
William Empson 1904–1986 British Literary critic (Seven Types of Ambiguity) and poet [195]
Eve Ensler born 1953 American Writer, author of The Vagina Monologues [196]
Raúl Esparza born 1970 Cuban American Singer, actor [197]
Kenny Everett 1944–1995 British DJ and comedian [198]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Tyler Faith born 1975 American Pornographic actress, adult model, erotic dancer, and radio host [199]
György Faludy 1910–2006 Hungarian Poet, writer and translator [200]
Brenda Fassie 1964–2004 South African Singer [201]
Frances Faye 1912–1991 American Singer [202]
Peggy Fears 1903–1994 American Actress. Married A.C. Blumenthal three times, finally settled down with Tedi Thurman [203]
Fergie born 1975 American Singer with The Black Eyed Peas [204]
Annie Adams Fields 1834–1915 American Writer [205]
Leonor Fini 1907–1996 Argentinian Painter [206]
M. F. K. Fisher 1908–1992 American Writer [207]
April Flores born 1976 American Pornographic actress and plus-size model [208]
April Flowers born 1978 American Pornographic and mainstream film actress. Also an erotic dancer. [209]
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn 1890–1964 American Activist [210]
Althea Flynt 1953–1987 American Wife of Larry Flynt [211]
Charles Henri Ford 1913–2002 American Novelist, poet, filmmaker, photographer, and artist [212]
Megan Fox born 1986 American Actress and model [213][214]
Danielle Foxxx born 1979 American Pornographic film actress [215]
Kay Francis 1905–1968 American Actress [216][217]
Anne Frank 1929–1945 Dutch-German Diarist [218][219]
Pamela Frankau 1908–1967 British Novelist [220][221]
Alan Freeman 1927–2006 Australian Radio DJ [222]
Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven 1874–1927 German Dada artist and poet [223][224]
Sia Furler born 1975 Australian Musician [225][226]


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