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List of bisexual people including famous people who identify as bisexual and deceased people who have been identified as bisexual.

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Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Lady Gaga born 1986 American Musician. Her single Poker Face is about dealing with the experiences of being bisexual. [1]
Vicky Galindo born 1983 American Softball player [2]
Greta Garbo 1905–1990 Swedish Actress [3]
Mary Garden 1874–1967 Scottish Opera singer [4]
Mary Garman 1898–1979 British Socialite, wife of Roy Campbell, lover of Vita Sackville-West [5][6]
Erica Gavin born 1947 American Actress in Russ Meyer's Vixen! [7]
Prince George, Duke of Kent 1902–1942 British Royalty [8]
Georgiana Cavendish 1757–1806 British Duchess of Devonshire [9]
Leo Giamani born 1978 American Former pornographic actor [10]
Thea Gill born 1970 Canadian Actress in Queer as Folk. When asked, "Would you say you are bisexual?", she said, "I guess, well I've thought about that a lot. And I guess perhaps I am." [11]
Jamie Gillis 1943-2010 American Pornographic actor and director [12]
John Glassco 1909–1981 Canadian Poet, memoirist and novelist [13]
Gloria, Princess von Thurn und Taxis born 1960 German Aristocrat and socialite [14]
Edmund Goulding 1891–1959 English Film director [15]
Julie Goodyear born 1942 British Actress [16]
Jessica Graham - American Actress [17]
Armand de Gramont, comte de Guiche 1637–1673 French Nobleman, adventurer and playboy [18]
Elisabeth de Gramont 1875–1954 French Writer, lover of Natalie Barney [19]
Farley Granger 1925–2011 American Actor, lover of Leonard Bernstein and Patricia Neal [20]
Cary Grant 1904–1986 British Actor [21]
Duncan Grant 1885–1978 British Painter and member of the Bloomsbury Group [22]
Eileen Gray 1878–1976 Irish Architect and furniture designer [23]
Devin K. Grayson born c. 1970 American Comic book writer [24]
Graham Greene 1904–1991 British Writer [25]
Kenny Greene 1969–2001 American Musician with the R&B group Intro [26]
Liza Greer born 1963 American Model and actress. [27]
Sasha Grey born 1988 American Former pornographic actress, now a mainstream actress. Also a model and a musician. [28]
Larkin Grimm born 1981 American Singer-songwriter and musician [29]
Daniel Guérin 1904–1988 French Anarchist and author [30]
Peggy Guggenheim 1898–1979 American Art collector [31]
Alec Guinness 1914–2000 British Actor [32]
Gustaf V 1907–1950 Swedish Royalty


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Marilyn Hacker born 1942 American Poet, married to Samuel R. Delany [33][34]
Richard Halliburton 1900–1939 American Writer [35][36]
Emma, Lady Hamilton 1761–1815 British Mistress of Lord Nelson [37]
Sarah Jane Hamilton born 1971 English Pornographic actress and comics writer [38]
Kathleen Hanna born 1968 American Musician [39]
Carmen Hart born 1984 American Former pornographic actress and erotic dancer [40]
Veronica Hart born 1956 American Former pornographic actress and adult model. Now a director and producer, and occasionally a mainstream actress. [41]
Nina Hartley born 1959 American Pornographic actress, pornographic film director, sex educator, author, and feminist [42]
Patrick Harvie born 1973 British Scottish Green Party leader 2008– [43][44]
Beatrice Hastings 1879–1943 British Writer, poet and literary critic. Lover of Katherine Mansfield and Wyndham Lewis [45]
Annette Haven born 1954 American Former pornographic actress and erotic dancer [46]
Sophie B. Hawkins born 1967 American Musician [47][48]
Nathaniel Hawthorne 1804–1864 American Writer [49]
Allie Haze born 1987 American Pornographic actress [50]
Jenna Haze born 1982 American Pornographic actress, director, and businesswoman [51][52][53]
H.D. 1886–1961 American Poet [54]
Anne Heche born 1969 American Actress [55]
Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte 1759–1818 Swedish Queen-Consort of Charles XIII of Sweden, also a famed diarist, memoir-writer and wit [56]
Nona Hendryx born 1944 American Singer, solo and with Labelle [57]
William A. Henry III 1950–1994 American Writer and critic [58]
Katharine Hepburn 1907–2003 American Actress, said by her biographer Darwin Porter to have had affairs with Greta Garbo, Judy Holliday and Judy Garland [59][60][61]
Josephine Herbst 1892–1969 American Novelist [62]
Billy Herrington born 1969 American Pornographic and mainstream film actor [63]
John Hervey, 2nd Baron Hervey 1696–1743 English/British Courtier and political writer [64]
Prince Philipp of Hesse 1896–1980 German Nazi governor of Hesse-Kassel and interior designer [65]
Missy Higgins born 1983 Australian Singer: "I fall most easily under the category 'Bisexual'" [66][67]
Christopher Hitchens 1949–2011 American British-born journalist and writer [68]
Hannah Höch 1889–1978 German Artist [69]
Frances Hodgkins 1869–1947 New Zealand Artist [70]
Judy Holliday 1921–1965 American Actress [71]
Laurel Holloman born 1971 American Actress: "I always consider myself bisexual."' [72][73]
Libby Holman 1904–1971 American Torch singer [74][75]
A.M. Homes born 1961 American Writer [76][77]
Cindy Hope born 1985 Hungarian Pornographic actress [78]
Sebastian Horsley 1962–2010 British Artist [79]
Craig Revel Horwood born 1965 Australian Choreographer, dancer. [80]
Brenda Howard 1946–2005 American Bisexual activist [81]
Magdalen Hsu-Li born 1970 Canadian Musician [82]
Simon Hughes born 1951 British Liberal Democrat politician [83]
Mia Hundvin born 1977 Norwegian Professional handball player [84][85]
Heather Hunter born 1969 American Former pornographic actress and adult model. Now a painter, novelist, and musician. [86]
Loraine Hutchins ? - American Writer and activist [87]
Josephine Hutchinson 1903–1998 American Actress [88]
Hung Huynh - American Vietnamese-born chef, won Top Chef series three. [89]
Phyllis Hyman 1949–1995 American Musician [90][91]
Trina Schart Hyman 1939–2004 American Artist [92]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Erica and Victoria Mongeon - American Models, stars of A Double Shot at Love [93]
Kylie Ireland born 1970 American Pornographic actress and blogger [94]
Patricia Ireland born 1945 American Feminist, former president of NOW [95]
Elina Ivanova - American (born in Ukraine) Contestant on "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 11 [96]
Maja Ivarsson born 1979 Swedish Musician, lead singer with The Sounds .[97][98]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Derek Jackson 1906–1982 British Physicist [99][100]
Duncan James born 1978 British Singer with boy band Blue [101]
Jesse Jane born 1980 American Pornographic actress and adult model [102]
Jayden Jaymes born 1986 American Pornographic actress, adult model, erotic dancer, and blogger [103]
Dani Jensen born 1987 American Pornographic actress [104]
Jessicka born 1975 American Artist, musician Jack Off Jill, Scarling. [105]
Jessie J born 1988 English Singer and songwriter. [106]
Johannes, Prince von Thurn and Taxis 1926–1990 German Aristocrat [107]
Gwen John 1876–1939 British Artist [108]
Justine Joli born 1980 American Pornographic actress and adult model [109]
Angelina Jolie born 1975 American Actress: When Barbara Walters asked her if she was bisexual, Jolie responded: 'Of course.' [110]
Chloe Jones 1975-2005 American Pornographic actress, adult model, erotic dancer, and escort [111]
G.B. Jones ? – Canadian Artist, filmmaker, musician (Fifth Column) [112]
Grace Jones born 1948 American Model and musician [113]
Janis Joplin 1943–1970 American Musician [114]
June Jordan 1936–2002 American Poet and author [115]
Orlando Jordan born 1971 American Professional Wrestler [116]
Shay Jordan born 1985 American Pornographic actress and adult model [117]
Miranda July born 1974 American Performance artist and filmmaker [118]
Patrick Juvet born 1950 Swiss Singer [119]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Lani Ka'ahumanu ? American Writer and activist [120]
Frida Kahlo 1907–1954 Mexican Painter [121]
Teanna Kai born 1978 American Pornographic actress and adult model [122]
Florina Kaja ? American Reality television participant, actress, singer, and activist [123]
Candye Kane born 1965 American Singer and former pornographic actress [124]
Pat Kavanagh 1940–2008 British Literary agent, wife of writer Julian Barnes, lover of Jeanette Winterson [125]
Danny Kaye 1913–1987 American Actor [126][127]
Micah Kellner  ? American Politician [128]
Jill Kelly born 1971 American Pornographic actress, director, and producer [129]
Kerry Louise born 1983 English Former pornographic actress and adult model [130]
Florence King born 1936 American Writer and misanthrope [131]
Alfred Kinsey 1894–1956 American Biologist and human sexuality research scientist [132]
James Kirkup 1918–2009 British Poet, translator and travel writer. "Blissfully bisexual." [133]
Calvin Klein born 1942 American Fashion designer [134]
Crystal Knight born 1973 American Pornographic actress and erotic dancer [135]
Oswalt Kolle 1928–2010 German/Dutch Sexologist [136][137]
Ronnie Kray 1933–2000 British Criminal [138]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Christian Lacroix born 1951 French Fashion designer."I've always been bisexual." [139]
Charlie Laine born 1984 American Pornographic actress and adult model [140]
Sheela Lambert born 1956 American Writer and activist [141]
Adrian Lamo born 1981 American Hacker, journalist, writer [142][143]
Burt Lancaster 1913–1994 American Actor [144]
Carole Landis 1919–1948 American Actress, had relationship with Jacqueline Susann [145]
Devinn Lane born 1972 American Former pornographic actress and adult model. Now a pornographic film director and producer [146]
Sunny Lane born 1980 American Pornographic actress and adult model [147]
Françoise de Langlade 1931–1983 French Editor of French Vogue, wife of Oscar de la Renta [148][149]
Storm Large born 1969 American Musician, Rock Star: Supernova contestant [150]
Nella Larsen 1891–1964 American Writer [151]
Charles Laughton 1899–1962 British Actor [152]
Dyanna Lauren born 1965 American Pornographic actress, erotic dancer, singer, businesswoman, and director [153]
Marie Laurencin 1883–1956 French Artist [154]
Héctor Lavoe 1946–1993 Puerto Rican Salsa singer [155]
D. H. Lawrence 1885–1930 British Writer [156]
Gertrude Lawrence 1898–1952 British Actress and singer [157]
Georgette Leblanc 1875–1941 French Singer [158]
Violette Leduc 1907–1972 French Writer [159]
James Lees-Milne 1908–1997 British Architectural historian, preservationist, diarist [160]
Carol Leigh American Artist, author, film maker, and sex worker's rights activist [161]
Julia Lemigova born 1973 Russian Former Miss USSR, partner of Martina Navratilova [162]
Tamara de Lempicka 1898–1980 Polish Polish-born artist [163][164]
Anne Lennard, Countess of Sussex 1661–1721 English Aristocrat [165]
Alan Lennox-Boyd 1904–1983 British Conservative politician. [166]
Sunny Leone born 1981 Canadian/American Pornographic and mainstream film actress, adult model, businesswoman [167]
Beatrice Lillie 1894–1989 Canadian Actress [74][168]
Iyari Limon born 1976 Mexican American actress [169]
Bai Ling born 1970 American Actress [170]
Roddy Llewellyn born 1947 British Gardener, author, former lover of Princess Margaret [171]
Lindsay Lohan born 1986 American Actress, dated Samantha Ronson [172]
Kristanna Loken born 1979 American/Norwegian Actress. "I'm confident with who I am and being openly bisexual." [173][174]
Joe Longthorne born 1955 British Singer, vocal impersonator [175]
Rebecca Loos born 1977 Dutch Media personality. Former PA of David Beckham [176]
Alexis Love born 1987 American Pornographic actress and adult model [177]
Mabel Dodge Luhan 1879–1963 American Arts patron [178]
Adrianna Luna American Pornographic actress, adult model, and mixed martial artist [179]
Leah Luv born 1984 American Former pornographic actress and director [180]
Carmen Luvana born 1981 American Former pornographic actress [181]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Colin MacInnes 1914–1976 British Writer and journalist [182][183]
Mary MacLane 1881–1929 Canadian Writer [184]
Donald Maclean 1913–1983 English Diplomat and spy [185]
Maria Maggenti born 1962 American Film director [186]
Anna Malle 1967-2006 American Pornographic actress and director [187]
Leslie Mancia born 1988 American Contestant on America's Next Top Model [188]
Hortense Mancini 1646–1699 French Mistress of Charles II of England [165]
Mike Manning born 1987 American Actor and activist [189][190][191][192]
Katherine Mansfield 1888–1923 New Zealand Writer [193]
Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough 1660–1774 English Courtier, rumored to be lover of Queen Anne [194]
Lebo Mathosa 1977–2006 South African Kwaito singer [195]
Drea de Matteo born 1972 American Actress (The Sopranos and Joey) [196]
Robert McAlmon 1896–1956 American Writer and publisher [197]
Carson McCullers 1917–1967 American Writer [198]
Blake McGrath born 1983 Canadian Dancer, pop singer and choreographer [199]
Les McKeown born 1955 Scottish Musician. Lead singer of the Bay City Rollers [200]
Carmen McRae 1920–1994 American Jazz singer [201]
Alison Mau born 1965 New Zealander Television journalist and presenter. "Yes, I'm bisexual" [202]
Gavin Maxwell 1914–1969 Scottish Naturalist and writer. Author of Ring of Bright Water [203]
Margaret Mead 1901–1978 American Anthropologist and writer [204][205]
Duchess of Medina Sidonia 1936–2008 Spanish Her Excellency Doña Luisa Isabel Álvarez de Toledo y Maura, 21st Duchess of Medina-Sidonia [206]
Melissa-Ashley born 1978 American Pornographic actress and adult model [207]
George Melly 1926–2007 English Jazz and blues singer [208]
Herman Melville 1819–1891 American Writer [209][210]
Freddie Mercury 1946–1991 English Singer and songwriter [211]
Jillian Michaels 1974 English Personal trainer, appeared on The Biggest Loser [212]
Mika born 1983 Lebanese-American-British Singer-songwriter
Edna St. Vincent Millay 1892–1950 American Poet, playwright [213]
June Miller 1902–1979 American Wife of Henry Miller, lover of Anaïs Nin [214]
Marilyn Miller 1898–1936 American Musical star [74]
Kate Millett born 1934 American Feminist and writer [215]
Sal Mineo 1939–1976 American Actor, portrayed Plato in Rebel Without a Cause [216]
Vincente Minnelli 1903–1986 American Film and stage director, father of Liza Minnelli [217][218]
Missy 1967-2008 American Pornographic actress [219]
Gabriela Mistral 1889–1957 Chilean Nobel prize winning Chilean poet [220]
Pamela Mitford 1907–1994 English One of the Mitford Sisters [221]
Thomas Mitford 1909–1945 English Brother of the Mitford Sisters [166]
Frédéric Mitterrand born 1947 French Minister of Culture and Communication (2009–) [222][223]
Mary Anne Mohanraj born 1971 American Writer, editor, and academic of Sri-Lankan descent. [224]
Brian Molko born 1972 Scottish-American Singer of rock band Placebo. [225]
Lord Montagu of Beaulieu born 1926 English Politician and motor museum owner [226]
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu 1689–1762 English Writer [227]
Austyn Moore born 1981 American Pornographic actress [228]
The Right Reverend Paul Moore, Jr. 1919–2003 American Clergyman. 13th Bishop of New York [229][230]
Lady Ottoline Morrell 1873–1938 English Aristocrat and society hostess [231][232]
Lord Louis Mountbatten 1900–1979 British Admiral; uncle of Prince Philip and last Viceroy of India [233]
Edwina Mountbatten 1901–1960 English Heiress, socialite, relief-worker, wife of Lord Louis. [233]
Megan Mullally born 1958 American Actress, Will & Grace [234]
Misty Mundae born 1979 American Actress [235][236]
Ona Munson 1903–1955 American Actress [237]
Doris Muramatsu ? – American Girlyman band member [238]
Iris Murdoch 1919–1999 Irish Writer, academic, and philosopher [239]
Dwina Murphy born 1949 Artist, wife of BeeGee Robin Gibb, a 'bisexual druid' [240][241][242]
Billie Myers born 1971 English Singer-songwriter. [243]
Tiffany Mynx born 1971 American Pornographic actress, director, and producer [244]


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