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List of bisexual people including famous people who identify as bisexual and deceased people who have been identified as bisexual.

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Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Bif Naked born 1971 Canadian Musician [1]
Bernard Natan 1886-1942 French, Romanian Early pornographic film actor and director. Later worked in mainsteam cinema. Died in Auschwitz [2]
Alla Nazimova 1879–1945 Ukrainian Ukraine-born actress [3]
Me'Shell NdegéOcello born 1968 American German-born musician [4]
Nero 37 AD – 68 AD Roman Emperor
Louise Nevelson 1899–1988 Ukrainian Kiev-born American artist [5]
Natasha Nice born 1988 French Pornographic actress [6]
Harold Nicolson 1886–1968 English Diplomat, author, politician, husband of bisexual Vita Sackville-West [7]
Anaïs Nin 1903–1977 American Writer born in France [8][9]
Nica Noelle American Pornographic actress, adult film director, sex columnist, and businesswoman [10]
Rosaleen Norton 1917–1979 Australian Artist and occultist [11]
Laura Nyro 1947–1997 American Musician [12]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Frank Ocean born 1987 American Rapper [13]
Robyn Ochs born 1958 American Writer and activist [14]
Nuala O'Faolain 1942–2008 Irish Writer [15]
Bree Olson born 1986 American Pornographic actress and adult model [16]
April O'Neil born 1987 American Pornographic actress [17]
Sofi Oksanen born 1977 Finnish Writer [18][19]
Laurence Olivier 1907–1989 British Actor [20][21][22]
Alfred d'Orsay 1801–1852 French Amateur artist, dandy, and man of fashion. [23]
Joan Osborne born 1962 American Musician [24][25]
Rick Owens born 1962 American Fashion designer [26]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Lady Caroline Paget 1913–1973 British Socialite, actress, married to bisexual Sir Michael Duff [27]
Camille Paglia born 1947 American Writer and academic [28][29]
Anita Pallenberg born 1944 German Model, actress and fashion designer [30]
Amanda Palmer born 1976 American Lead singer and pianist of The Dresden Dolls [31]
Marco Pannella born 1930 Italian Politician [32]
Anna Paquin born 1982 New Zealand Actress [33][34]
Sergei Parajanov 1924–1990 Armenian Soviet Film-maker [35]
Elaine Parent 1942–2002 American "World's most wanted woman" [36]
Betty Parsons 1900–1982 American Artist and gallery owner [37]
Peaches born 1968 Canadian Musician [38]
Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio born 1959 Italian Politician [39]
Anthony Perkins 1932–1992 American Actor, star of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho [40]
Katharine Philips 1631–1664 English Poet [41]
Édith Piaf 1915–1963 French Singer, alleged lover of Marlene Dietrich [42]
Patrice Pike born 1970 American Singer [43][44]
Mimi Pollak 1903–1999 Swedish Actress and director. Love of Greta Garbo's life [45]
Cole Porter 1891–1964 American Composer and songwriter [46]
Dawn Porter born 1979 British Television presenter. "I have had sexual experiences with girls before, and am quite open about it." [47]
Liane de Pougy 1869–1950 French Dancer and courtesan [48]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Carol Queen born 1958 American Author, editor, sociologist, sexologist, feminist, and pornographic actress [49][50][51]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
James Rado born 1932 American Actor, composer of the musical Hair
Ma Rainey 1886–1939 American Blues singer [52]
Natacha Rambova 1897–1966 American Rudolph Valentino's wife [53]
Dee Dee Ramone 1951–2002 American Musician [54][55]
Anthony Rapp born 1971 American Actor, known for his role in the musical Rent [56]
Simon Raven 1927–2001 English Writer [57]
Johnnie Ray 1927–1990 American Singer, songwriter, and pianist. [58]
Pauline Réage 1907–1998 French Author of Story of O [59]
Michael Redgrave 1908–1985 English Actor [60]
Lou Reed 1942–2013 American Musician [61]
Mikhaela Reid born 1980 American Cartoonist [62]
Alicia Rhodes born 1978 English Pornographic actress [63]
Tony Richardson 1928–1991 English Film director [60]
Arthur Rimbaud 1854–1891 French Poet [64]
Ann Marie Rios born 1981 American Pornographic actress and businesswoman [17]
Jerome Robbins 1918–1998 American Choreographer of West Side Story [65]
Julie Robbins 1979-2005 American Pornographic actress and erotic dancer [66]
Elizabeth Robins 1862–1952 American Actress, playwright, novelist [67]
Tom Robinson born 1950 British Musician and broadcaster [68]
Vince Rockland born 1973 German Pornographic actor [69]
Martin Rossiter born 1970 Welsh Musician, formerly with band Gene [70][71]
Ida Rubinstein 1885–1960 Russian Dancer, and Belle Époque beauty [72]
Muriel Rukeyser 1913–1980 American Poet [73]
Renato Russo 1960–1996 Brazilian Singer/Songwriter [74]
Sara Ryan born 1971 American Writer [75]
Ken Ryker born 1972 American Pornographic actor [76]


Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Umberto Saba 1883–1957 Italian Poet [77]
Jaime Sáenz 1921–1986 Bolivian Poet, novelist, and short story writer [78]
Françoise Sagan 1935–2004 French Playwright, novelist (Bonjour Tristesse), screenwriter [79]
Rachael Sage  ? - American Songwriter [80]
Sinn Sage born 1983 American Pornographic actress, adult model, and assistant director [17]
Ali Saleem born 1981 Pakistani Television host, actor, scriptwriter and impressionist [81]
Ola Salo born 1977 Swedish Singer with The Ark [82]
Ève Salvail born 1973 Canadian Model [83][84]
George Sand 1804–1876 French Writer [85]
Sophia Santi  ? Canadian Pornographic actress [86]
Sapphire born 1950 American Writer [87]
Savannah 1970-1994 American Pornographic actress. Had affairs with men and women in her personal life. [88][89]
Kyle Schickner - American Film producer, writer, director, actor, bi rights activist
Maria Schneider 1952–2011 French Actress [90]
Annette Schwarz born 1984 German Pornographic actress, adult model, and businesswoman [91]
Ann Scott born 1965 French Writer, model [92]
Avy Scott born 1981 American Pornographic actress [17]
Hillary Scott born 1983 American Pornographic actress [93]
Paul Scott 1920–1978 English Writer (The Raj Quartet) [94]
Daniela Sea born 1977 American Musician, artist, juggler, The L Word actress [95]
Stephanie Sellars - American Columnist (New York Press), writer, actress, singer. [96][97]
Serena born 1951 American Pornographic actress and adult model [98]
Serenity born 1969 American Pornographic actress and erotic dancer [99]
Kevin Sharkey born 1962 Irish Painter and celebrity. [100][101]
Pete Shelley born 1955 British Singer, songwriter and guitarist with the Buzzcocks. [102]
Michelle Shocked born 1962 American Musician [103]
Kelly Shore born 1982 American Pornographic actress and LGBT rights activist [104]
Nerina Shute 1908–2004 English Writer. "Amazingly colourful, brilliant, bisexual film critic"[105] [106]
Kate Siegel born 1982 American Actress [107][108]
Judee Sill 1944–1979 American Musician [109]
Kyrsten Sinema born 1976 American Politician (Arizona House of Representatives - Dem) [110]
Ricky Sinz born 1980 American Pornographic actor [111]
Brooke Skye born 1986 American Pornographic actress and adult model [112]
Anna Nicole Smith 1967–2007 American Model
Liz Smith born 1923 American Gossip columnist [113]
Jill Sobule born 1961 American Musician [103]
Susan Sontag 1933–2004 American Writer, film maker, and activist [114]
Anna Span born 1971 English Porn director, politician [115][116]
Humphrey Spender 1910–2005 English Photographer, artist, architect, brother of Stephen [117][118]
Stephen Spender 1909–1995 English Poet, novelist and essayist, brother of Humphrey [119]
Dusty Springfield 1939–1999 English Singer [103]
Pam St. Clement born 1942 English Actress on EastEnders [120]
Lili St. Cyr 1918–1999 American Burlesque artist
Stacia born 1952 Irish "Happily bisexual" dancer for rock group Hawkwind. [121]
Barbara Stanwyck 1907–1990 American Actress [122]
Jade Starr American Pornographic actress, go-go dancer, and adult model [123]
Kinnie Starr born 1970 Canadian Musician [124]
Jan Steckel born 1962 American Writer [125]
Marc Stevens 1943-1989 American Pornographic actor, erotic dancer, and memoirist [126]
Breck Stewart born 1968 Canadian Pornographic and mainstream actor, singer, and director [127]
Michael Stipe born 1960 American Musician, singer with R.E.M. [128]
Steve Strange born 1959 Welsh Musician, singer with Visage [129]
India Summer born 1975 American Pornographic actress and adult model [130]
Ron Suresha born 1958 American Editor of Bi Men: Coming Out, a Lammy award finalist [131]
Jacqueline Susann 1918–1974 American Author of Valley of the Dolls [132]
Stephanie Swift born 1972 American Former pornographic actress. Now a producer, director, screenwriter, and businesswoman. [133][134]


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