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List of centenarians (jurists and practitioners of law)

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Title: List of centenarians (jurists and practitioners of law)  
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Subject: Longevity, ERIBA, List of Jamaican supercentenarians, List of Irish supercentenarians, List of Norwegian supercentenarians
Collection: Centenarians, Lists of Centenarians, Lists of People by Age
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List of centenarians (jurists and practitioners of law)

The following is a list of centenarians – specifically, people who became famous as jurists and practitioners of law – known for reasons other than their longevity. For more lists, see lists of centenarians.

Name Lifespan Age Notability
BlowersSampson Salter Blowers 1742–1842 100 Canadian defence attorney representing the soldiers accused after the Boston Massacre
BootleWilliam Augustus Bootle 1902–2005 102 American attorney and jurist
BrownWesley E. Brown 1907–2012 104 American district court judge[1]
BurkeJoseph Burke 1888–1990 101 American judge[2]
CaneMelville Henry Cane 1879–1980 100 American lawyer and poet
CowenArnold Wilson Cowen 1905–2007 101 American lawyer and judge
CrawfordThomas Simpson Crawford 1875–1976 100 Australian lawyer and politician
DenningAlfred Denning, Baron Denning 1899–1999 100 English Master of the Rolls
FayEdgar Fay 1908–2009 101 British judge[3]
GabbertJohn Gabbert 1909–2013 104 American judge[4]
GillespieSamuel Hazard Gillespie, Jr. 1910–2011 100 American counsel[5]
GunzburgNico Gunzburg 1882–1984 101 Belgian lawyer and criminologist
HenryTrevor Henry 1902–2007 105 New Zealand justice on the Supreme Court of New Zealand
HillOliver Hill 1907–2007 100 American lawyer and civil rights activist
KingAlan King-Hamilton 1904–2010 105 British judge[6]
LeightonGeorge N. Leighton 1912– 102 American judge[7]
LimbaughRush Limbaugh, Sr. 1891–1996 104 American jurist, grandfather of Rush Limbaugh
MartinLudwig Martin 1909–2010 100 German lawyer and Attorney General[8]
MedinaHarold Medina 1888–1990 102 American lawyer, teacher and judge
PogueL. Welch Pogue 1899–2003 103 American aviation attorney
PopeJack Pope 1913– 101 American jurist, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas[9]
ScovilCarlos P. Scovil 1804–1904 100 New York assemblyman, state senator, county judge[10]
SeawellDonald Seawell 1912– 102 American lawyer[11]
ShawcrossHartley Shawcross 1902–2003 101 Lead British prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes tribunal
ThrowerRandolph W. Thrower 1913–2014 100 American attorney[12]
WalshLawrence Walsh 1912–2014 102 American lawyer, 4th United States Deputy Attorney General[13]
WartenburgMarion Yorck von Wartenburg 1904–2007 102 German jurist, judge and World War II resistance fighter
WillistonSamuel Williston 1861–1963 101 American lawyer and law professor
WoodroughJoseph William Woodrough 1873–1977 104 American judge[14]


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