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List of cities and towns in the Russian Far East

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Title: List of cities and towns in the Russian Far East  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Russian Far East, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Magadan, Far Eastern Military District, Slavyanka, Primorsky Krai
Collection: Lists of Cities in Asia, Lists of Cities in Russia, Populated Places in the Russian Far East, Russian Far East
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of cities and towns in the Russian Far East

This is a list of cities and towns in the Russian Far East, grouped by federal subject and sorted by population. Administrative centers of federal subjects are listed in bold text. All population figures are official results of the Russian Census (2002).


Rank City/town Federal subject Population (2002 census)
1 Vladivostok Primorsky Krai 594,701
2 Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Krai 583,072
3 Komsomolsk-on-Amur Khabarovsk Krai 271,600
4 Blagoveshchensk Amur Oblast 219,221
5 Yakutsk Sakha Republic 210,642
6 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Kamchatka Krai 198,028
7 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Sakhalin Oblast 173,600
8 Ussuriysk Primorsky Krai 157,759
9 Nakhodka Primorsky Krai 148,826
10 Magadan Magadan Oblast 99,399
11 Birobidzhan Jewish Autonomous Oblast 77,250
12 Belogorsk Amur Oblast 67,422
13 Neryungri Sakha Republic 66,269
14 Artyom Primorsky Krai 64,145
15 Svobodny Amur Oblast 63,889
16 Arsenyev Primorsky Krai 62,896
17 Spassk-Dalny Primorsky Krai 51,691
18 Amursk Khabarovsk Krai 47,759
19 Partizansk Primorsky Krai 43,670
20 Lesozavodsk Primorsky Krai 42,185
21 Yelizovo Kamchatka Krai 41,533
22 Tynda Amur Oblast 40,094
23 Dalnegorsk Primorsky Krai 40,069
24 Mirny Sakha Republic 39,981
25 Bolshoy Kamen Primorsky Krai 38,394
26 Kholmsk Sakhalin Oblast 35,141
27 Korsakov Sakhalin Oblast 35,079
28 Sovetskaya Gavan Khabarovsk Krai 30,480
29 Dalnerechensk Primorsky Krai 30,092
30 Nikolayevsk-on-Amur Khabarovsk Krai 28,492
31 Okha Sakhalin Oblast 27,963
32 Zeya Amur Oblast 27,795
33 Fokino Primorsky Krai 26,457
34 Aldan Sakha Republic 24,700
35 Lensk Sakha Republic 24,558
36 Raychikhinsk Amur Oblast 24,498
37 Vilyuchinsk Kamchatka Krai 24,166
38 Shimanovsk Amur Oblast 22,267
39 Bikin Khabarovsk Krai 19,641
40 Nevelsk Sakhalin Oblast 18,639
41 Poronaysk Sakhalin Oblast 17,954
42 Vyazemsky Khabarovsk Krai 15,760
43 Udachny Sakha Republic 15,698
44 Zavitinsk Amur Oblast 14,248
45 Uglegorsk Sakhalin Oblast 13,396
46 Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky Sakhalin Oblast 12,826
47 Dolinsk Sakhalin Oblast 12,555
48 Obluchye Jewish Autonomous Oblast 11,069
49 Anadyr Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 11,038
50 Shakhtyorsk Sakhalin Oblast 10,643
51 Skovorodino Amur Oblast 10,566
52 Nyurba Sakha Republic 10,309
53 Pokrovsk Sakha Republic 10,092
54 Olyokminsk Sakha Republic 10,003
55 Vilyuysk Sakha Republic 9,776
56 Tommot Sakha Republic 9,032
57 Aniva Sakhalin Oblast 8,084
58 Susuman Magadan Oblast 7,833
59 Makarov Sakhalin Oblast 7,271
60 Bilibino Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 6,181
61 Tomari Sakhalin Oblast 5,338
62 Pevek Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 5,206
63 Srednekolymsk Sakha Republic 3,587
64 Severo-Kurilsk Sakhalin Oblast 2,592
65 Kurilsk Sakhalin Oblast 2,233
66 Verkhoyansk Sakha Republic 1,434
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