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List of countries by sovereign wealth funds

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Title: List of countries by sovereign wealth funds  
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Subject: Sovereign wealth funds, Australian Government Future Fund, List of countries by foreign-exchange reserves (excluding gold), List of countries by corporate governance, List of sovereign states by external assets
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List of countries by sovereign wealth funds

A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) is a fund owned by a state (or a political subdivision of a federal state) composed of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, property or other financial instruments. Sovereign wealth funds are entities that manage the national savings for the purposes of investment. The accumulated funds may have their origin in, or may represent, foreign currency deposits, gold, special drawing rights (SDRs) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) reserve position held by central banks and monetary authorities, along with other national assets such as pension investments, oil funds, or other industrial and financial holdings. These are assets of the sovereign nations which are typically held in domestic and different reserve currencies such as the dollar, euro and yen. The names attributed to the management entities may include central banks, official investment companies, state pension funds, sovereign oil funds, among others.

Some countries may have more than one SWF (see also the list of largest sovereign wealth funds[1]). Also, while the United States does not have a federal sovereign wealth fund, several of its constituent states have their own SWFs, and one state, Texas, has two.

Rank Country Funds Assets (US$Billion) Origin
1  China CIC / SAFE / NCSSF / CADF 1,534.7 Non-commodity
2  United Arab Emirates ADIA / ADIC / EIA / ICD /
1,214.8 Oil
3  Norway GPF 882 Oil
4  Saudi Arabia PIF / SAMA 677.1 Oil
5  Kuwait KIA 592 Oil
6  Singapore GIC / TH 537.6 Non-commodity
7  Hong Kong HKMA 400.2 Non-commodity
8  Qatar QIA 256 Oil
9  Russia RNWF / RRF / RDIF 181.8 Oil
10  Kazakhstan SKJSC / KNF / NIC 156.5 Oil
11  United States APF / NMSIC / PWMTF /
142.4** Oil & Gas / Non-commodity /
Minerals / Public Lands
12  Australia AFF / WAFF 95.3 Non-commodity
13  South Korea KIC 84.7 Non-commodity
14  Libya LIA 66 Oil
15  Iran NDFI 62 Oil
16  Algeria RRF 50 Oil
17  Malaysia KN 41.6 Non-commodity
18  Brunei BIA 40 Oil
19  Azerbaijan SOFAZ 37.3 Oil
20  Ireland NPRF 27.4 Non-commodity
21  France SIF 25.5 Non-commodity
22  Chile SESF / PRF 23.1 Copper/ Non-commodity
23  New Zealand NZSF 21.8 Non-commodity
24  Oman OIF / SGRF 19 Gas / Oil
25  Iraq DFI 18 Oil
26  Canada AHSTF 17.5 Oil
27  East Timor TLPF 16.6 Gas / Oil
28  Finland Solidium 11.5*** Non-commodity
29  Bahrain MHC 10.5 Oil
30  Peru FSF (or FEF) 9.2 Non-commodity
31  Mexico ORSFM 6 Oil
31  Italy ISF 6 Non-commodity
32  Botswana PF 5.7 Diamonds / Minerals
33  Trinidad and Tobago [1] 5.6 Oil
34  Brazil SFB 5.3 Non-commodity
35  Angola FSDEA 5 Oil
36  Nigeria NSIA / BDIC 2.9 Oil / Non-commodity
37  Panama FAP 1.2 Non-commodity
37  Bolivia FINPRO 1.2 Non-commodity
38  Senegal SSIF - FONSIS 1 Non-commodity
39  Palestine PIF 0.8 Non-commodity
39  Venezuela FEM 0.8 Oil
40  Kiribati RERF 0.6 Phosphates
41  Vietnam SCIC 0.5 Non-commodity
42  Ghana GPF 0.45 Oil
43  Gabon GSWF 0.4 Oil
44  Indonesia GIU 0.3 Non-commodity
44  Mauritania NFHR 0.3 Gas / Oil
44  Mongolia FSF 0.3 Mining
45  Equatorial Guinea FFG 0.08 Oil

** The Oregon Common School Fund (CSF} is not in the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute's list. However, it has been added here.
*** Solidium is not in the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute's list. However, it has been added here.


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