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List of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy


List of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy

Evarts DE-5

This is a list of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy, listed both by hull number and by name. It includes the hull classification symbols DE (both Destroyer Escort and Ocean Escort), DEG, and DER.

The Lend-lease Act was passed into law in the USA in March 1941 enabling the United Kingdom to procure merchant ships, warships and munitions etc. from the USA, in order to help with the war effort. This enabled the UK to commission the USA to design, build and supply an escort vessel that was suitable for anti submarine warfare in deep open ocean situations, which they did in June 1941. Captain E.L. Cochrane of the American Bureau of Shipping came up with a design which was known as the British Destroyer Escort (BDE). The BDE designation was retained by the first six Destroyer Escorts transferred to the United Kingdom (BDE 1, 2, 3, 4, 12 and 46); of the initial order of 50 these were the only ones the Royal Navy received, the rest being reclassified as Destroyer Escort (DE) on 25 January 1943 and taken over by the United States Navy.[1]

Ships that were classified DE or DEG were reclassified in 1975 as FF or FFG (frigates). This affected hull numbers DE-1037 and higher as well as all DEGs.


Class Design type [2] Lead Ship Commissioned # Ships ordered [3] # Ships Completed as US DEs
Evarts GMT USS Evarts (DE-5) 15 April 1943 105   65
Buckley TE USS Buckley (DE-51) 30 April 1943 154   65
Cannon DET USS Cannon (DE-99) 26 September 1943 116   58
Edsall FMR USS Edsall (DE-129) 10 April 1943   85   85
Rudderow TEV USS Rudderow (DE-224) 15 May 1944 252   21
John C. Butler WGT USS John C. Butler (DE-339) 31 March 1944 293   83
Dealey SCB 72 USS Dealey (DE-1006) 3 June 1954   13   13
Claud Jones SCB 131 USS Claud Jones (DE-1033) 10 February 1959     4     4

Destroyer Escorts

By hull number

By name

Name Hull number
Abercrombie DE-343
Acree DE-167
Ahrens DE-575
Ainsworth DE-1090
Albert David DE-1050
Albert T. Harris DE-447
Alexander J. Luke DE-577
Alfred Wolf DE-544
Alger DE-101

Guided Missile Destroyer Escort

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