List of football stadiums in switzerland

The following is a list of football stadiums in Switzerland, ordered by capacity. Capacity is maximum capacity, not just seating capacity. Currently all stadiums with a capacity of 4,000 or more are included.

# Stadium Capacity City Home team
1 St. Jakob-Park 38,512 Basel FC Basel
2 Stade de Suisse 31,783 Bern BSC Young Boys
3 Stade de Genève 30,084 Geneva Servette FC
4 Letzigrund 25,000 Zürich FC Zürich, Grasshopper-Club Zürich[1]
5 AFG Arena 19,694 St. Gallen FC St. Gallen
6 Swissporarena 16,800 Lucerne FC Luzern
7 Stade Tourbillon 16,263 Sion FC Sion
8 Stade Olympique de la Pontaise 15,786 Lausanne FC Lausanne-Sport
9 Stadion Brühl 15,100 Grenchen FC Grenchen
10 Stadion Schützenwiese 14,987 Winterthur FC Winterthur
11 Cornaredo Stadium 14,873 Lugano AC Lugano
12 Stade de la Charrière 12,700 La Chaux-de-Fonds FC La Chaux-de-Fonds
13 Stade de la Maladière 12,500 Neuchâtel Neuchâtel Xamax
14 Stadion Neufeld 12,000 Bern FC Bern
15 Espenmoos 11,300 St. Gallen FC St. Gallen
16 Stadio Comunale 11,168 Chiasso FC Chiasso
17 Stadio Lido 11,000 Locarno FC Locarno
18 Arena Thun 10,000 Thun FC Thun
19 Stadion Lachen 9,550 Thun FC Thun
20 Stadion Brügglifeld 9,249 Aarau FC Aarau
21 Stade Universitaire 9,000 Fribourg FC Fribourg
22 Stadion Gersag 8,700 Luzern FC Emmenbrücke
23 Stadion Schützenmatte 8,000 Basel BSC Old Boys Basel
24 Stadion Gurzelen 7,820 Biel/Bienne FC Biel-Bienne
25 Stadion Breite 7,300 Schaffhausen FC Schaffhausen
26 Centre sportif de Colovray 7,200 Nyon Stade Nyonnais
27 Stade de la Fontenette 7,200 Carouge Étoile Carouge FC
28 Stadion Rankhof 7,000 Basel FC Concordia Basel, FC Nordstern Basel
29 Esp Stadium 7,000 Fislisbach FC Baden
30 Stadion Bergholz 6,958 Wil FC Wil
31 Stadion FC Solothurn 6,750 Solothurn FC Solothurn
32 Stade Municipal 6,600 Yverdon-les-Bains Yverdon-Sport FC
33 Stadio Comunale 6,000 Bellinzona AC Bellinzona
34 Stadion Kleinfeld 5,360 Kriens SC Kriens
35 La Blancherie 5,263 Delémont SR Delémont
36 Stade de Bouleyres 5,000 Bulle FC Bulle
37 Herti Allmend Stadion 4,900 Zug Zug 94, SC Cham
38 Stadion Niedermatten 4,450 Wohlen FC Wohlen
39 Paul-Grüninger-Stadion 4,200 St. Gallen SC Brühl
40 Stade de Copet 4,000 Vevey FC Vevey-Sports 05



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