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List of golfers with most Japan Golf Tour wins

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Title: List of golfers with most Japan Golf Tour wins  
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List of golfers with most Japan Golf Tour wins

This is a list of golfers who have won 10 or more events on the Japan Golf Tour since it was established in 1973. The official Japan Golf Tour website lists winners beginning with the 1985 season. Individual player pages, however, list the total number of career wins under "Lifetime Record".

Many of the players on the list have won events on other tours and unofficial events.

This list is up to date as of 30 November 2014.

Rank Player Lifespan Country Wins Winning span
1 Masashi "Jumbo" Ozaki 1947–  Japan 94 1973–2002
2 Isao Aoki 1942–  Japan 51 1973–1992
3 Tsuneyuki "Tommy" Nakajima 1954–  Japan 48 1976–2006
4 Naomichi "Joe" Ozaki 1956–  Japan 32 1984–2005
5 Masahiro "Massy" Kuramoto 1955–  Japan 30 1980–2003
T6 Shingo Katayama 1973–  Japan 28 1998–2014
Teruo Sugihara 1937–  Japan 28 1973–1990
T8 Graham Marsh 1944–  Australia 20 1973–1990
Tōru Nakamura 1950–  Japan 20 1973–1992
10 Toru Taniguchi 1968–  Japan 19 1998–2012
11 Hiroyuki Fujita 1969–  Japan 18 1997–2014
T12 Norio Suzuki 1951–  Japan 16 1974–1982
Toshimitsu Izawa 1968–  Japan 16 1995–2007
14 Tateo "Jet" Ozaki 1954–  Japan 15 1984–2000
T15 Saburo Fujiki 1955–  Japan 14 1981–1993
David Ishii 1955–  United States 14 1985–1994
T17 Brendan Jones 1975–  Australia 13 2002–2013
Yoshitaka Yamamoto 1951–  Japan 13 1973–1993
T19 Yuta Ikeda 1985–  Japan 12 2009–2014
Brian Watts 1966–  Canada
 United States
12 1994–1998
T21 Todd Hamilton 1965–  United States 11 1992–2003
Hsieh Min-Nan 1940–  Taiwan 11 1974–1985
Ryo Ishikawa 1991–  Japan 11 2007–2014
Brian Jones 1951–  Australia 11 1977–1993
Seiichi Kanai 1940–  Japan 11 1976–1990
Hajime Meshiai 1954–  Japan 11 1985–1999
Takashi Murakami 1944–  Japan 11 1973–1977
T28 Shigeki Maruyama 1969–  Japan 10 1993–2009
Katsunari Takahashi 1950–  Japan 10 1982–1991
Hidemichi Tanaka 1971–  Japan 10 1995–2001
Hideto Tanihara 1978–  Japan 10 2003–2013

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