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List of mayors of Stavanger

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Title: List of mayors of Stavanger  
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List of mayors of Stavanger

This is a list of mayors of Stavanger.

Term Mayor
1837–1838 Jonas Schanche Kielland
1839 Ole Helliesen
1840 Mathias Wilhelm Eckhoff
1841–1842 Jonas Schanche Kielland
1843–1844 Magnus Andreas Gjør
1845 Jens Jensen
1846 Bernt Hamre
1847–1850 Hans Julius Hammer
1851 Jens Jensen
1852–1859 Nils Fredrik Severin Thambs
1859–1860 Jacob Jørgen Kastrup Sømme
1861–1862 Henrik Andreas Zetlitz Lassen
1863 Andreas Høy
1864–1865 Henrik Andreas Zetlitz Lassen
1866 Lauritz Wilhelm Hansen
1867–1868 Henrik Andreas Zetlitz Lassen
1869 Jacob Jørgen Kastrup Sømme
1870–1871 Jacob Kielland
1872 Johannes Steen
1873 Henrik Oluf Andreas Magnus Løwold Zetlitz
1874–1877 Johannes Steen
1878 Christian Becker Svendsen
1879–1883 Johannes Steen
1884 Lars Berentsen
1885 Johannes Steen
1886–1888 Lars Berentsen
1889–1890 Wilhelm Olsen
1890–1891 Johannes Steen
1892 Søren Tobias Aarstad
1893–1894 Andreas Meling
1895 Henrik Finne
1896 Andreas Meling
1897–1898 Hans Lindahl Falck
1899–1901 Arne Haabeth
1902–1907 Hans Lindahl Falck
1908–1909 Jonas Schancke Kielland
1910 Kristoffer Bertram Louis Berg
1911–1912 Johan Gjøstein
1913–1914 Oddmund Vik
1914–1915 L.T.K. Geertsen
1916–1919 Adam Egede Nissen
1920–1922 Bertram Charles Middelthon
1922–1924 John Norem
1925–1928 Torjer Meling
1929–1931 Andreas Mikal Smedsrud
1932–1934 Johan Marnburg
1935 Birger Pedersen
1936–1937 M.M. Michaelsen
1938–1940 Lauritz Wilhelm Hansen
German occupation of Norway
1945 Lauritz Wilhelm Hansen
1945 Ole Bergesen
1946 Johannes Johnsen
1947–1953 Magnus Karlson
1954 Finn Brodahl
1955 Ragvald Ribsskog
1956–1960 Tjalve Gjøstein
1961–1964 Jan Johnsen
1965–1967 Arne Rettedal
1968–1971 Leif Larsen
1972–1981 Arne Rettedal
1982–1987 Kari Thu
1988–1989 Leif Måsvær
1990–1993 Brit Egaas Røen
1993 Kari Thu
1994–1995 Leif Måsvær
1995–present Leif Johan Sevland


  • Former mayors - Stavanger municipality
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