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List of radio stations in Kosovo

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Title: List of radio stations in Kosovo  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Outline of Kosovo, Radio Television of Kosovo, List of radio stations in Ukraine, List of radio stations in Albania, Table Tennis Federation of Kosovo
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List of radio stations in Kosovo

The following is a list of radio stations in Kosovo.

National coverage

Name Website Webcast
Radio 21 yes
Radio Blue Sky yes yes
Radio Dukagjini yes yes
Radio K4 (Shqip) yes yes
Radio K4 (Srpski) yes yes
Radio Kosova yes yes

Regional coverage

Name Website Webcast
Radio BESA
Radio Drenasi 92.1 yes yes
Radio PULS (Serbian)

Local coverage

Place (Alb.) Place (Serb.) Name Frequency (MHz) Website Webcast
Babimoc Babin Most Radio M BM 104,0
Brezovicë Brezovica Radio Borzani 106,6
Brezovicë Brezovica Radio Spektar 94,3
Çagllavicë Čaglavica Radio Antenna 89,0
Çagllavicë Čaglavica Radio KIM 93,9 yes
Deçan Dečani Top Iliria Radio 90,8 yes yes
Bërnicë e Poshtme Donja Brnjica Radio AS DB 104,5
Dragash Dragaš Radio SHARRI 96,4 yes yes
Dragash Dragaš Radio Gora Dragaš 106,3 yes yes
Ferizaj Uroševac Radio Ferizaj 92,6
Ferizaj Uroševac Radio Festina 102,0
Ferizaj Uroševac Radio Furtuna 101,2
Ferizaj Uroševac Radio Tema 94,9 yes
Fushë Kosovë Kosovo Polje Radio K 106,0
Gllogovc Glogovac Radio Dodona 88,2
Gllogovc Glogovac Radio Drenasi 92,1 yes yes
Gorazhdevc Goraždevac Radio Goraždevac 102,5 yes
Graçanicë Gračanica Radio Gračanica 90,7 yes
Gjakova Đakovica Radio Amadeus 97,5
Gjakova Đakovica Radio Gjakova 100,0
Gjakova Đakovica Radio Pandora 102,1
Gjakova Đakovica Top Radio 103,3 yes
Gjilan Gnjilane Radio Energji 103,3 yes yes
Gjilan Gnjilane Radio Mega Vox 100,9
Gjilan Gnjilane Radio Rinia 98,4 yes yes
Gjilan Gnjilane Radio Star 96,4 yes yes
Gjilan Gnjilane Radio Victoria 97,9 yes yes
Istog Istok Radio Fontana 98,8 yes yes
Kaçanik Kačanik Radio Kaçaniku 95,4 yes
Kamenica Kosovska Kamenica Radio 24 94,0 yes yes
Kamenica Kosovska Kamenica Radio Index 96,8
Kamenica Kosovska Kamenica Radio Kamenica 98,8
Kamenica Kosovska Kamenica Radio Premiera 101,1 yes yes
Kastrioti Obilić Radio Evropa 107,4
Klinë Klina Radio Alba 91,2 yes yes
Kllokot Klokot Radio Klokot 101,6 yes
Leposaviq Leposavić Radio Bubamara 103,0
Leposaviq Leposavić Radio Impuls 100,3 yes yes
Leposaviq Leposavić Radio Mir 92,9
Leshak Lešak Radio Lešak 100,9
Lubinjë e Epërme Gornje Ljubinje Radio Astra 89,4
Malisheva Mališevo Radio Malisheva 90,5
Mitrovicë Kosovska Mitrovica Radio Globi 104,6
Mitrovicë Kosovska Mitrovica Radio Kiss 92,2 yes yes
Mitrovicë Kosovska Mitrovica Radio Kontakt Plus 101,9 yes yes
Mitrovicë Kosovska Mitrovica Radio Mitrovica 99,0
Mitrovicë Kosovska Mitrovica Radio Ylberi 94,9
Novobërdë Novo Brdo Radio Youth Voice 91,9
Pasjan Pasjane Radio Hit Laser 104,8 yes yes
Pasjan Pasjane Radio Kompas 100,4
Pejë Peć Radio Peja 93,0 yes
Plemetin Plemetina Radio Elit 91,6
Podujevë Podujevo Radio Llapi 103,2 yes yes
Podujevë Podujevo Radio Vizioni 88,1 yes yes
Pozharan Pozorane Radio Zëri i Pozheranit 105,9 yes
Preoqe Preoce Radio Vitez 104,9 yes
Prilluzhë Prilužje Radio Bum yes yes
Prishtinë Priština Radio Kent FM 95,2 yes yes
Prishtinë Priština Radio Kosova e lirë 94,2 yes yes
Prishtinë Priština Radio Plus 102,2 yes yes
Prishtinë Priština Radio Urban FM 103,5 yes yes
Prishtinë Priština Radio Vala Rinore 94,7 yes yes
Prishtinë Priština Top Kosova Radio 91,1
Prizren Prizren Radio Balkan 95,1
Prizren Prizren Radio Besa 102,3 yes
Prizren Prizren Radio Dardania 97,1
Prizren Prizren Radio Helix 104,4 yes
Prizren Prizren Radio Omega 3 91,7
Prizren Prizren Radio Prizreni 88,4 yes
Prizren Prizren Radio Romano Avazo 107,3
Rahovec Orahovac Radio Start 102,6 yes
Restelicë Restelica Radio Bambus 100,0
Skenderaj Srbica Radio Drenica 107,6 yes yes
Suhareka Suva Reka Radio Theranda 105,2
Suhareka Suva Reka Radio Vala 2000 98,3 yes yes
Suhogërl Suvo Grlo Radio 3 srca 87,7
Shillovë Šilovo Radio Max 102,4
Shtërpcë Štrpce Radio Herc 98,9
Shtime Štimlje Radio Zëri i Shtimes 89,6 yes yes
Viti Vitina Radio Iliria 104,1 yes yes
Vitomiricë Vitomirica Radio Hayat 95,4 yes
Vushtrri Vučitrn Radio Vicianum 105,7 yes yes
Zubin Potok Zubin Potok Radio Kolašin 89,1 yes yes
Zubin Potok Zubin Potok Radio M 102,5
Zveçani Zvečan Radio AS 101,4 yes yes
Zveçani Zvečan Radio Kosovska Mitrovica 103,3


Name Website Webcast Founder Year
Radio Manastirica yes yes Asmer Kuljici 2003
Radio Besa yes yes
Radio Gora yes yes
Radio Ilahi Shqip yes yes

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