List of songs recorded by Aaliyah

This is a chronological list of officially released songs by the late R&B singer Aaliyah (1979–2001).













  • "Girlfriends" (Yaushameen Michael featuring Aaliyah)



  • "Enough Said" (featuring Drake)


  • "Quit Hatin'"
    • Remix mashup of Aaliyah's unreleased songs, "Don't Be Jealous" and "He Keeps Me Shakin'"[1]
  • "Don't Think They Know" Chris Brown featuring Aaliyah

Miscellaneous songs


1993 on R. Kelly's 12 Play

  • "Summer Bunnies" (Remix) (R. Kelly featuring Aaliyah)
  • "Your Body's Callin'" (Remix) (R. Kelly featuring Aaliyah)

1995 on Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s Conspiracy

  • "I Need You Tonight" (Junior M.A.F.I.A. featuring Aaliyah)

1996 on Kris Kross' Young, Rich & Dangerous

  • "Live and Die for Hip Hop" (Kris Kross featuring Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri, Mr. Black & Aaliyah)

1997 on Boot Camp Clik's For The People

  • "Night Riders" (Remix) (Boot Camp Clik featuring Aaliyah)

1997 on Missy Elliott's Supa Dupa Fly

  • "Best Friends" (Missy Elliott featuring Aaliyah)

1997 on Timbaland & Magoo's Welcome to Our World

  • "Up Jumps da Boogie" (Timbaland & Magoo featuring Missy Elliott & Aaliyah)
  • "Man Undercover" (featuring Timbaland & Missy Elliott)

1998 on Playa's Cheers 2 U

  • "One Man Woman" (Playa featuring Aaliyah)

1998 on Timbaland's Tim's Bio: Life from da Bassment

  • "John Blaze" (Aaliyah and Missy Elliott)

1999 on Missy Elliott's Da Real World

  • "Stickin' Chickens" (Missy Elliott featuring Aaliyah & Da Brat)

1999 on Ginuwine's 100% Ginuwine

  • "Final Warning" (Ginuwine featuring Aaliyah)

1999 on Nas' I Am...

  • "You Won't See Me Tonight" (Nas featuring Aaliyah)

2000 on Outsiderz 4 Life's Outsiderz 4 Life

  • "Ain't Never" Outsiderz 4 Life featuring Aaliyah

2001 on Timbaland & Magoo's Indecent Proposal

  • "I Am Music" (Timbaland & Magoo featuring Aaliyah & Static)

2005 on Digital Black's Memoirs of a R&B Thug

  • "Don't Think They Know" (Digital Black featuring Aaliyah)

Soundtrack Songs

1994: A Low Down Dirty Shame soundtrack

  • "The Thing I Like"

1995: Panther soundtrack

  • "Freedom" (various artists)

1996: Sunset Park soundtrack

  • "Are You Ready?"

1997: Sprung soundtrack

  • "One in a Million" (remix featuring Ginuwine)

1997: Anastasia soundtrack

  • "Journey to the Past"

1998: Dr. Dolittle soundtrack

  • "Are You That Somebody?" (featuring Timbaland)

1999: Music of the Heart soundtrack

  • "Turn the Page"

1999: Next Friday soundtrack

  • "I Don't Wanna"

2000: Romeo Must Die soundtrack

  • "Try Again"
  • "Come Back in One Piece" (featuring DMX)
  • "Are You Feelin' Me?"
  • "I Don't Wanna"

2006: ATL soundtrack


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