List of sovereign states in Europe by Press Freedom Index

This is list and map of European countries by Press Freedom Index for year 2008.[1]

State (51) [2] press freedom
Albania 16.00
Andorra n/d
Armenia 22.75
Austria 3.50
Azerbaijan 53.63
Belarus 58.33
Belgium 3.00
Bosnia and Herzegovina 8.00
Bulgaria 12.50
Croatia 8.50
Cyprus 7.50
Czech Republic 4.00
Denmark 3.50
Estonia 2.00
Finland 2.00
France 7.67
Georgia 31.25
Germany 4.50
Greece 7.50
Hungary 5.50
Iceland 1.50
Ireland 2.00
Italy 8.42
Kazakhstan 35.33
Kosovo 12.00
Latvia 3.00
Liechtenstein n/d

Luxembourg 1.50
Macedonia 8.25
Malta n/d
Moldova 21.38
Monaco n/d
Montenegro 10.00
Netherlands 4.00
Norway 1.50
Poland 9.00
Portugal 4.00
Romania 9.00
Russia 47.50
San Marino n/d
Serbia 13.50
Slovakia 3.00
Slovenia 7.33
Spain 8.00
Sweden 3.00
Switzerland 3.00
Turkey 22.75
Ukraine 19.25
United Kingdom 5.50
Vatican City n/d

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  1. ^ * Reporters Without Borders. Worldwide press freedom index 2008.
  2. ^ Only 51 sovereign states are listed, including Kosovo and Vatican which are not UN members
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