List of wars involving Bulgaria

This article lists the wars, campaigns and battles fought by Bulgaria since its creation in 681.

7th century

8th century

  • 700: Khan Asparuhk perishes in battle against the Khazars.
  • 705: Khan Tervel sends 15,000 men to help Justinian II regain his crown.
  • 708: War with Byzantium, victory at Anchialus.
  • 717–718: Second Arab Siege of Constantinople. The Bulgarians slaughter between 22,000 and 30,000 Arabs in the decisive battle.
  • 756–775: Campaigns of Constantine V against Bulgaria. Despite several Byzantine victories they fail to subjugate Bulgaria.
  • 791-792: Byzantine invasions fail after the battle of Provat and Marcelae.

9th century

  • 804-806: Bulgaria under Khan Krum destroys the Avar Khaganate.
  • 807: Raid on the Struma valley against the Byzantines.
  • 809: The Bulgarians capture Sofia.
  • 811: Campaign of Nicephorus I against Bulgaria ends in disaster in the battle of Pliska, the emperor is killed.
  • 811-813: Campaigns of Krum of Bulgaria in Eastern Thrace; major Bulgarian victory at Versinikia; the Bulgarians besiege Constantinople and temporarily seize Adrianople.
  • 814: The Byzantines repulse a Bulgarian invasion.
  • 824 Successful campaign against the Khazars.
  • 826-828: War against the Franks, Bulgarian success.
  • 836: War against Byzantium, the Bulgarians gain Philippopolis (Plovdiv).
  • 837: The Bulgarians conquer Philippi.
  • 839-842: War against the Serbs.
  • 853: Defeat against East Francia.
  • 894–896: War against the Byzantines and the Magyars. Decisive victories over the Byzantines in the battle of Bulgarophygon and over the Magyars st Southern Buh.

10th century

11th century

  • 1003: War against Hungary
  • 1014: Battle of Kleidion decisive Byzantine victory over the Bulgarians under Samuel.
  • 1018: The Byzantines conquer Bulgaria, end of the First Empire.

12th century

13th century

  • 1202: War against the Hungarians and the Serbs, the Bulgarians retake Nish, Belgrade and Branichevo.
  • 1205-1211: War against the Latin Empire. Decisive victory in the battle of Adrianople (1205).
  • 1230: Decisive victory over the Epyrotes in the battle of Klokotnitsa.
  • 1235: Campaign against the Latins.
  • 1237: Campaign against the Nicaean Empire.
  • 1241: The Bulgarians defeat a Mongol raid.
  • 1242-1243: Mongol raids against Bulgaria.
  • 1253: Campaign against Serbia.
  • 1254-1256: Unsuccessful war against the Nicaean Empire.
  • 1259-1261: War against Hungary.
  • 1274: Major Mongol raid.
  • 1277-1280: Uprising of Ivaylo, wars against the Byzantines and the Mongols.
  • 1280-1298: Mongol raids.

14th century

  • 1304-1307: Successful war against the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1322-1324: War against the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1330: War against the Serbs, defeat in the battle of Velbazhd
  • 1330-1332: Successful war against the Byzantines, victory at Rusokastro.
  • 1341-1344: Successful war against the Byzantines.
  • 1352-1354: First Ottoman raids.
  • 1354-1364: The Ottomans conquer Thrace.
  • 1365-1369: Hungarian occupation of Vidin, the Hungarians are eventually repulsed.
  • 1366: Campaign of Count Amadeo of Savoy against the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
  • 1371-1373: War against the Ottomans.
  • 1384-1396: War against Wallachia.
  • 1385: The Ottomans conquer Sofia.
  • 1388: Ottoman campaign in north-eastern Bulgaria.
  • 1393: Fall of Tarnovo.
  • 1396: Fall of Vidin, end of the Second Empire.

19th century

20th century

21st century

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