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Live Phish Series

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Title: Live Phish Series  
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Subject: Live Phish Volume 16, Live Phish Volume 2, Phish discography, Paul Languedoc, Phish tours
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Live Phish Series

A photo of the series of albums. Included is the "ShowCase" binder.

LivePhish (also Live Phish) is an ongoing series of complete Phish concert recordings. The original twenty-volume series was released by Elektra Records and launched while Phish was on hiatus from recording and touring (October 2000 to December 2002).

Numbered 01 through 20, each multi-disc set was made available individually and featured innovative packaging: a cardboard slipcase containing the compact discs housed in a foldable plastic page that could be stored in a ShowCase binder that was sold separately or with select copies of Volume 06. The first five volumes were simultaneously released on September 18, 2001. The rest of the series was then released in sporadic batches throughout May 2003. Among the initial twenty volumes, there are four two-disc sets, twelve three-disc sets and four quadruple-disc sets totaling over forty-seven and a half hours of live recordings ranging from 1989 to 2000.

In late 2002, to coincide with Phish's return to the stage, LivePhish Downloads was launched. This innovative website allows fans to purchase MP3s or FLACs of the official soundboard recording of each subsequent Phish concert within hours of the show's final note. The website has been expanded to include the original twenty-volume LivePhish series, new archival concert releases, studio albums and band members' side projects. LivePhish Downloads is regularly updated with concerts new and old. In addition, beginning in 2003, select shows have also been released as CD sets directly through the band's own label imprint, although the numerical volume concept has not been used for these newer releases.

The original plastic fold-out CD pages eventually began leaching a strange chemically reactive liquid goo that often ruined the CDs within the original foil CD covers. Elektra Records thus began re-issuing several LIVE PHISH Volumes 1 through 20 in clamshell CD cases in the mid-2000s. Unfortunately for many fans, replacing their damaged discs became quite difficult (and expensive) as Elektra lost the rights to Phish's catalog in the late 2000s and the CD versions of LIVE PHISH Volumes 1 through 20 went out of print.

Beginning with Phish's 2010 Summer Tour, all shows are being made available on CD, AFLAC and FLAC-HD in addition to MP3 and FLAC, with all downloads sold exclusively through Additionally, select shows from 2010 were re-released as remastered MP3 downloads and CD Sets in early 2011, and are available through more widespread distribution.

In 2010 LivePhish Downloads began a new series of download-only live compilations called Live Bait, each available as a free MP3 download. Ten volumes of Live Bait have been released as of 2014, each selected by Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro.

Separate from the LivePhish series, Phish consistently releases live music as traditional live albums, multiple-concert box sets, full-concert DVD's, and DVD/CD sets.


  • The Original Series 1
  • Additional Live Phish CDs 2
    • 2003 Shows 2.1
    • Island Tour 2.2
    • Archival Releases 2.3
    • 2009 Reunion Shows 2.4
    • 2010 Shows 2.5
    • Live Phish Promo Sampler CD's 2.6
  • External links 3

The Original Series

  1. Live Phish 01: 12/14/95, Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York
  2. Live Phish 02: 7/16/94, Sugarbush Summerstage, N. Fayston, Vermont
  3. Live Phish 03: 9/14/00, Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Center, New York
  4. Live Phish 04: 6/14/00, Drum Logos, Fukuoka, Japan
  5. Live Phish 05: 7/8/00, Alpine Valley, Music Theater, East Troy, Wisconsin
  6. Live Phish 06: 11/27/98, The Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts
  7. Live Phish 07: 8/14/93, World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, Illinois
  8. Live Phish 08: 7/10/99, E Centre, Camden, New Jersey
  9. Live Phish 09: 8/26/89, Townshend Family Park, Townshend, Vermont
  10. Live Phish 10: 6/22/94, Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio
  11. Live Phish 11: 11/17/97, McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, Colorado
  12. Live Phish 12: 8/13/96, Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
  13. Live Phish 13: 10/31/94, Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, New York
  14. Live Phish 14: 10/31/95, Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Illinois
  15. Live Phish 15: 10/31/96, The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia
  16. Live Phish 16: 10/31/98, Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
  17. Live Phish 17: 7/15/98, Portland Meadows, Portland, Oregon
  18. Live Phish 18: 5/7/94, The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas
  19. Live Phish 19: 7/12/91, Colonial Theatre, Keene, New Hampshire
  20. Live Phish 20: 12/29/94, Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island

Additional Live Phish CDs

2003 Shows

Released 2003 in 3CD slimline jewel cases

  1. Live Phish 02.28.03: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
  2. Live Phish 07.15.03: USANA Amphitheater, West Valley, UT
  3. Live Phish 07.29.03: Starlake Amphitheater, Burgettstown, PA

Island Tour

Released 2005 in 3CD slimline jewel cases

  1. Live Phish 04.02.98: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
  2. Live Phish 04.03.98: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
  3. Live Phish 04.04.98: Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island
  4. Live Phish 04.05.98: Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island

Archival Releases

Released 2007-2008 in fully recycled folding softcase digi-pak

  1. Live Phish 11.14.95: University of Central Florida Arena, Orlando, FL
  2. Live Phish 12.01.95: Hersheypark Arena, Hershey, PA
  3. Live Phish 12.29.97: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
  4. Live Phish 08.13.93: Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN
  5. Live Phish 12.07.97: Ervin J. Nutter Center, Dayton, OH
  6. Live Phish 05.08.93: UNH Fieldhouse, Durham, NH
  7. Live Phish 07.06.98: Lucerna Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
  8. Live Phish 12.30.97: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
  9. Live Phish 10.21.95: Pershing Auditorium, Lincoln, NE

Released 2010 in digipak

  1. Live Phish 11.02.96: Coral Sky Amphitheater, West Palm Beach, FL

Released 2011

  1. Live Japan Relief: 7/31/99 Field Of Heaven, Fuji Rock Festival, Niigata, Japan
  2. Live Phish 12.31.91: Worcester Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, MA

Released 2012

  1. Live Phish 12.06.97: The Palace Of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI
  2. Live Phish 08.11.98: Starlake Amphitheater, Burgettstown, PA

2009 Reunion Shows

Released 2009 in digi-pak

  1. Live Phish 03.06.09: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
  2. Live Phish 03.07.09: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
  3. Live Phish 03.08.09: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

2010 Shows

Released January 2011 in digi-pak

  1. Live Phish 06.27.10: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
  2. Live Phish 07.03.10: Verizon Wireless Arena at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA
  3. Live Phish 07.04.10: Verizon Wireless Arena at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA

Released February 2011 in digi-pak

  1. Live Phish 08.06.10: Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
  2. Live Phish 08.07.10: Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
  3. Live Phish 08.13.10: Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Released April 2011 in fully redesigned packaging

  1. Live Phish 10.26.10: VZW Arena, Manchester, NH
  2. Live Phish 10.30.10: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Live Phish Promo Sampler CD's

  • Selections from Live Phish Volumes 01-06
  • Selections from Live Phish Volumes 07-12
  • Selections from Live Phish Volumes 13-16
  • 2003 Sampler
  • What I Did On My Summer Vacation: 2004 Sampler
  • Island Tour CD Sampler
  • 2009 Summer Sampler

External links

  • Live Phish Series website
  • Text-only Track Listing
  • Live Phish Downloads Complete Catalog
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