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Long March 4C

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Title: Long March 4C  
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Subject: Spaceflight/On This Day/Index, Long March (rocket family), Yaogan, Long March 4B, Taiyuan Launch Complex 1
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Long March 4C

Long March 4C

Long March 4C
Function Carrier rocket
Manufacturer SAST
Country of origin  People's Republic of China
Stages 3
Payload to
4,200 kilograms (9,300 lb)[1]
Payload to
2,800 kilograms (6,200 lb)[1]
Payload to
1,500 kilograms (3,300 lb)[1]
Associated rockets
Family Long March
Launch history
Status Active
Launch sites LA-7 & LA-9, TSLC
Total launches 17
Successes 17
First flight 26 April 2006
First Stage
Length 27.91 m
Diameter 3.35 m
Propellant mass 182,000 kg (401,000 lb)
Engines 4 YF-21C
Thrust 2,961.6 kN (665,800 lbf)
Specific impulse 2,550 m/s (260 s)
Fuel N2O4/UDMH
Second Stage
Length 10.9 m
Diameter 3.35 m
Propellant mass 52,700 kg (116,200 lb)
Engines 1 YF-24C
(1 x YF-22C (Main))
(4 x YF-23C (Vernier))
Thrust 742.04 kN (166,820 lbf) (Main)
47.1 kN (10,600 lbf) (Vernier)
Specific impulse 2,942 m/s (300.0 s) (Main)
2,834 m/s (289.0 s) (Vernier)
Fuel N2O4/UDMH
Third Stage
Length 14.79 m
Diameter 2.9 m
Propellant mass 14,000 kg (31,000 lb)
Engines 2 YF-40A
Thrust 100.85 kN (22,670 lbf)
Specific impulse 2,971 m/s (303.0 s)
Fuel N2O4/UDMH

The Long March 4C, also known as the Chang Zheng 4C, CZ-4C and LM-4C, previously designated Long March 4B-II, is a Chinese orbital carrier rocket. It is launched from the Jiuquan and Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centres, and consists of 3 stages. Long March 4C vehicles have been used to launch the Yaogan-1, Yaogan-3 SAR satellites and the Fengyun-3A polar orbiting meteorological satellite. On December 15, 2009 a Long March 4C was used to launch Yaogan 8.[2]

Because it was still designated as Long March 4B-II at the time of its maiden flight, the first launch is often mistaken for a Long March 4B. The Long March 4C is derived from the Long March 4B, but features a restartable upper stage, and a larger payload fairing.

List of launches

Flight number Date (UTC) Launch site Payload Orbit Result
1 April 26, 2006
LA-7, TSLC Yaogan 1 SSO Success
2 November 11, 2007
LA-7, TSLC Yaogan 3 SSO Success
3 May 27, 2008
LA-7, TSLC Fengyun 3A SSO Success
4 December 15, 2009
LA-9, TSLC Yaogan 8
Xiwang 1
SSO Success
5 March 5, 2010
LA-4/SLS-2, JSLC Yaogan 9A
Yaogan 9B
Yaogan 9C
LEO Success
6 August 9, 2010
LA-9, TSLC Yaogan 10 SSO Success
7 November 4, 2010
LA-9, TSLC Fengyun 3B SSO Success
8 May 29, 2012
LA-9, TSLC Yaogan 15 SSO Success
9 November 25, 2012
LA-4/SLS-2, JSLC Yaogan 16A
Yaogan 16B
Yaogan 16C
LEO Success
10 July 19, 2013
LA-9, TSLC Shijian 15
SSO Success
11 September 1, 2013
LA-4/SLS-2, JSLC Yaogan 17A
Yaogan 17B
Yaogan 17C
LEO Success
12 September 23, 2013
LA-9, TSLC Fengyun 3C SSO Success
13 November 20, 2013
LA-9, TSLC Yaogan 19 SSO Success
14 August 9, 2014
LA-4/SLS-2, JSLC Yaogan 20A
Yaogan 20B
Yaogan 20C
LEO Success
15 October 20, 2014
LA-9, TSLC Yaogan 22 SSO Success
16 December 10, 2014
LA-4/SLS-2, JSLC Yaogan 25A
Yaogan 25B
Yaogan 25C
LEO Success
17 August 27, 2015
LA-9, TSLC Yaogan 27 SSO Success


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