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Luftflotte 3

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Title: Luftflotte 3  
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Subject: Battle of Britain, Kampfgeschwader 2, Operation Paula, The Hardest Day, Luftwaffe Order of Battle August 1940
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Luftflotte 3

Luftflotte 3[1] (Air Fleet 3) was one of the primary divisions of the German Luftwaffe in World War II. It was formed on February 1, 1939 from Luftwaffengruppenkommando 3 in Munich and redesignated Luftwaffenkommando West on September 26, 1944. This Luftwaffe detachment was based in German-occupied areas of Northern France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Vichy France, to support the Axis power's forces in area. Its command offices were in Paris, France (on June 26, 1944).


Strategic Reconnaissance

II.Fliegerkorps (II.Air Corps) Chartres

Fliegerfuhrer West (Flight Director in West Area/Land Air Attack)

Tactical Reconnaissance

Land Air Attack

IX. Fliegerkorps (IX.Air Corps) Beauvais-Lille

Strategic Reconnaissance


JABO (Fighter-Bombers/Incursion strike groups)

X.Fliegerkorps (X.Air Corps) Angers

Special duties/long-distance operations

Strategic/Maritime Reconnaissance (Ultra Long Range)

Bombers (Heavy) Submarine Support/Merchant Strike (Long Range)

2.Fliegerdivision (2.Air Division) Montfrin

Strategic/Tactical/Maritime Reconnaissance (Medium-Short Range)

Bombers (Medium)

II.Jagdkorps (II.Fighter Corps) Chantilly

4.Jagddivision (4°Fighter Division) Metz

Jagdabschnittführer 4 (Fighter Direction 4°) St Pol-Brias


Night Fighters

5.Jagddivision (5° Fighter Division) Jouy-en-Josas

Jagdabschnittführer 5 (Fighter Director 5) Bernay


Night Fighters

Jagdabschnittführer Bretagne (Fighter Direction in Britain) Brest


Jagdabschnittführer Südfrankreich (Souther France Fighter Direction) Aix


Jagdlehrer-Gr Bordeaux (Instruction Wing in Bordeaux sector)

Jagdabschnittführer Bordeaux (Fighter Direction in Bordeaux) Bordeaux-Merignac

Zerstorer (Heavy Fighters)

Luftwaffe Special Strike Units

This was the Luftwaffe section charged with managing the advanced equipment:

  • Fieseler Fi 103 (V-1)
  • Messerschmitt Me 262 A
  • Arado Ar 234 B;

they also used the Special Attack aircraft Junkers "Mistel 1".

Mentioned section poses your bases in France and Dutch areas.

Jet Bombers/Jet Fighter-Bombers

Mistel Special Section

Bombers with V-1 Launchers

Luftwaffe V-1 fixed/mobile ramps units

These units operated near Calais (France), and in Belgium and Holland.

  • Untergruppenbezeichnung FZG (Flakzielgerät) 76 (also known as 5.Flak Division (W), later as Armeekorps zur Vergeltung)
  • I./155 Artillerie Abt (W)
  • II./155 Artillerie-Abt (W)
  • III./155 Artillerie-Abt (W)

Luftwaffe special transport units(1944-45)

These units were based in Muhldorf, Bavaria, and composed of Helicopters:

  • Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 Drachen
  • Flettner Fl 265
  • Flettner 282B Kolibri

for operations in western and eastern front areas, with airfields in France (West) and East Prussia (East) for realizing some special liaisons, personal transport, rescue of wounded personnel, watching/air patrol, and other similar missions in the last days of the war.

  • Transportstaffeln 40 (West area)

Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe V-2 mobile ramps sections

Division zur Vergeltung(Div.z.V.)

This special unit was led by Wehrmacht and SS Commanders, working along with Luftwaffe personnel and facilities. They operated in France, Belgium and Holland.

"Div.z.V." Nordgruppe

  • 444° Artillerie-Abt
  • 485° Artillerie- Abt (also known as Artillerie Regiment z. V. 902)
  • 2°./485° Artillerie-Abt

"Div.z.V." Südgruppe

  • 500° Waffen SS Artillerie-Abt (also known as 500° SS Werfer Abt.)
  • 836° Artillerie-Abt (also known as Artillerie Regiment zur Vergeltung 901)

Wehrmacht V-4 "Rheinbote" Mobile ramps units

  • I./709 Artillerie Abt

Wehrmacht V-3 Artillery group

  • 705° Artillerie Abt.


Commanding officers

Flag for the Chief of a Luftflotte
  • Generalfeldmarschall Hugo Sperrle, 1 February 1939 – 23 August 1944
  • Generaloberst Otto Deßloch, 23 August 1944 – 22 September 1944
  • Generalleutnant Alexander Holle, 22 September 1944 – 26 September 1944

Chief of staff

Subordinated units


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