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Majalgaon Dam

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Title: Majalgaon Dam  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Jayakwadi Dam, Upper Dudhana Dam, Khaparkheda Thermal Power Station, Parli Thermal Power Station, Devadula lift irrigation scheme
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Majalgaon Dam

Majalgaon Dam
Majalgaon Dam is located in Maharashtra
Majalgaon Dam
Location of Majalgaon Dam
Official name Majalgaon Dam D02996
Location Majalgaon
Opening date 1987[1]
Demolition date N/A
Construction cost Rs 54300 Lakhs
Owner(s) Government of Maharashtra, India
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Earthfill
Impounds Sindphana River
Height 31.19 m (102.3 ft)
Length 6,488 m (21,286 ft)
Dam volume 5.759 million cubic meters
Spillway type Gated Ogee
Spillway capacity 14500 Cumecs
Total capacity 0.311300 km3 (0.074685 cu mi)
Catchment area 3840
Surface area 78.130 km2 (30.166 sq mi)
Power station
Turbines 3
Installed capacity 750kw each

Majalgaon Dam is an earthfill dam on the Sindphana River near Majalgaon, Beed district in the state of Maharashtra, India.


Majalgaon Dam and Majalgaon Right Bank Canal are components of the Jaikwadi Project Stage II. A dam has been constructed across the Sindhaphana river, which is a major tributary of the Godawari river, also known as Dakshin Ganga. The project was approved by the government of Maharashtra in 1976 for an estimated cost of Rs 5433 lakhs.

Majalgon Dam is to be built from earth berms on either side of a gated concrete spillway. The spillway will be approximately 2 kilometers upstream from the town of Majalgaon. The dam will have three hydroelectric generators, each capable of generating 750 kilowatts. In addition, a canal 165 kilometers long was constructed to irrigate 93885 hectacres (ICA) of land in Beed, Parbhani & Nanded districts.

Land acquisition and Rehabilitation

34 Villages were affected by construction of the dam. Out of these 34, 18 are submerged and two are partly under water. The total area of land covered by water is 7813 ha. No forest land was flooded, and affected villages are relocated in 26 new gawthans.

The height of the dam from its foundation is 31.19 m (102.3 ft) while the length is 6,488 m (21,286 ft). The volume content of dam is 5.759 million cubic meters and gross water storage capacity behind the dam is 0.453640 km3 (0.108834 cu mi).[2]



  • River : Sindhfana river, feeding from Nathsagar through P.R.B. Canal
  • Location of Dam: 2 km upstream of Majalgaon
  • Taluka : Majalgaon
  • District: Beed

Yield and Utilization

  • catchment area : 3840 km2
  • average annual yield : 3888.42 m.cum
  • 75% dependable yield:2833.83 m.cum
  • gross average annual Utilization : 1185.75 m.cum
  • % of annual utilization : 72.8%

Dam and reservoir

  • gross storage: 453.64 m.cum
  • dead storage: 142.30 m.cum
  • live storage: 311.34 m.cum
  • minimum draw down level (MDDL) : 426.11 m. for irrigation 428.35 m.for hydro
  • M.W.L: 434.8 m
  • F.R.L: 431.8 m
  • T.B.L : 435.6 m
  • River Bed : 405.4 m
  • Crest (क्रेस्ट) Level : 423.8 m
  • Canal Sill Level : 424.7 m

Outlet details

Irrigation outlet: 4950 m on right flank Power outlet: 4975.25 m on right flank

type Conduct Conduct F.S Discharge 83.8 Cumecs 20 Cumeecs

  • M.R.B.C

Full supply 83.6 Cumecs dicharge at head Length 165 km type Lined

  • Command Area

Grass Command area 131520 ha Cultivable Command Area 119400 ha Net irrigation Area 93885 ha Annual Cropped Area 96225 ha

Crops in irrigation area

  • suger cane 3%
  • Other perennials 1.5%
  • Rice 10%
  • L.S.Cotton 25%
  • Two Seasonal 3%
  • Rabi Seasonal Jawar 15%
  • Wheat 25%
  • Hot weather 3%
  • Kharif Jawar 12%
  • gram 5%

Total 100%

District wise Benefited area ( I.C.A. in ha ) beed 28300 Parbhani 58385 Nanded 7200 Total 93885

Power generation

  • F.R.L:431.80 m
  • M.W.L. (PRESENT): 434.80 m
  • T.B.L. :435.60 m
  • area of submergence: 7813 ha.
  • no.of.village affected due to submergence.: 20



  • above river bed :31.0 m
  • above the foundation: 35.60 m
  • RIVER BED : 405.4 m
  • Canal sill level : 424.70 m
  • Crest level :423.80 m
  • free board (present): 00.80 m


  • earthwork: 5600 T.cum
  • masonry: 116 T.cum
  • concrete : 43 T.cum
  • total length :6488 m
  • earth dam : 6143.5 m
  • masonry dam : 344.5 m


  • type : gated ogee spillway
  • inflow: 19718 cumecs
  • outflow: 14500 cumecs
  • length of spillway : 239 m
  • size of gate : 12 x 8 m
  • no.of gates : 16

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