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Marguerite de l'Aigle


Marguerite de l'Aigle

Marguerite de l'Aigle
Queen consort of Navarre
Tenure 1130–1141
Spouse García Ramírez of Navarre
Sancho VI of Navarre
Blanche, co-Queen of Castile
Margaret, Queen of Sicily
Henry, Count of Montescaglioso
House L'Aigle
Father Gilbert de l'Aigle
Mother Juliana du Perche
Died 25 May 1141

Marguerite de l'Aigle (died 1141) was a Queen of Navarre, the daughter of Gilbert de l'Aigle, Seigneur de l'Aigle and his wife Juliana de La Perche. She was Queen consort of Navarre, by her marriage to García Ramírez of Navarre.


Marguerite's paternal grandparents were Richer de l'Aigle, Seigneur de l'Aigle and his wife, Judith d'Avranches. Her maternal grandparents were Geoffrey II De La Perche, Count of Perche and Mortagne, and his wife, Beatrice of Montdidier.

Marguerite’s siblings included Richer de l’Aigle, successor to their father, as Baron de l'Aigle.[1]

Marguerite was a descendent of Hedwig of France, daughter of Hugh Capet. Marguerite was also a distant cousin of Felicia of Roucy, second queen of Sancho Ramírez, King of Aragon.[2]

Queen of Navarre

Marguerite was married in 1130 to García Ramírez of Navarre, shortly before his accession to the throne of Navarre. "Garsias Ranimiriz" confirmed the rights and privileges of the church of Pamplona on the advice of "uxoris mee Margarite regina" by charter dated 1135.[3]

Marguerite was to bear García Ramírez a son and heir, Sancho VI, as well as two daughters who each married kings: the elder, Blanca, born after 1133, married Sancho III of Castile, while the younger, Margaret, named after her mother, married William I of Sicily. García's relationship with Marguerite was, however, unstable. She took many lovers and showed favouritism to her French relatives. She bore a second son named Rodrigo, whom her husband refused to recognise as his own. He was never acknowledged as a son by the Navarrese king, even after Marguerite's death, and he was widely considered a bastard, though his sister, Margaret did not treat him as such. He certainly never behaved as anything other than the son of a king.[4]

Marguerite died disgraced in 25 May 1141. Her husband later remarried, to Urraca, illegitimate daughter of Alfonso VII of Castile.


Preceded by
Urraca of Leon
Queen consort of Navarre
Succeeded by
Urraca of Castile
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