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Marlowe Academy

Marlowe Academy
Type Academy
Headteacher Emma Newman
Location Stirling Way
CT12 6NB
United Kingdom
Local authority Kent
DfE URN 128340 Tables
Students 822[1]
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–19

Marlowe Academy is a state-funded academy school close to Ramsgate in England, on the Isle of Thanet, in a custom-built set of buildings intended to replace the previous Ramsgate School.


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  • Academic performance 2
  • Curriculum 3
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History and organisation

The school was founded in 2005 as an academy, with thirty million pounds spent on the new school buildings. It was intended to replace the existing Ramsgate School, which had been marked as "failing" after inspections by the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted).[2]

Academic performance

The school uses a custom set of buildings that cost thirty million pounds

In January 2011, the school leadership said they were disappointed in its standings in the performance tables, showing it third from last, but said that "this academy was set up to solve the problems in a particular area and we are doing that", with the 67% proportion of pupils achieving five A-to-C grades at GCSE being better than previous years.[3] A particular problem faced by the school is described as the "low academic standards of pupils coming into the Academy from local primary schools".[4]

The school was considered amongst "the worst schools in England" following an Ofsted inspection later in 2011, which found that "many Year 10 and 11 pupils had a reading age that was at least two years below their actual age", and placed the school in special measures. However, a subsequent inspection in March 2012 found that the school had made satisfactory progress in all areas inspected.[5] "The number of children gaining five good GCSEs had improved", but was still below expected standards, at only twenty per cent.[6]

Some credit for the improvements was given to temporary principal Carl Wakefield, who was described as having "changed the Marlowe Academy in just nine months".[7] As well as continued improvements in exam results, with an expectation of 84% of students achieving grades between A and C at GCSE in 2012, as against 64% in 2011 and only 4% in 2005,[8] in May 2012 it was claimed that a greater proportion of students were planning to stay on at the Marlowe Academy for their A-levels, instead of moving to other colleges in the area.[9]

A book has been written about the Marlowe Academy; Schooling the Estate Kids (2012) by Carl Parsons. It also covers its previous existence as the Ramsgate School (from 1996) and The Conyngham School (from its inception in 1964). The book presents about the effects of poverty on attainment and the purposeful lack of sustained action to reduce family poverty which stands at levels worse than most of the UK's European neighbours.


As well as teaching the subjects of the National Curriculum, the school uses the facilities of the community radio station and registered charity[10] Academy FM, based on the same site, to teach pupils about local radio and the technology involved in running it. Marlowe Academy pupils as young as thirteen have "taken control" of running a show on the radio station.[11] Although the radio station is based at the Academy, it is still "open to all pupils in Thanet", as it has been for its first two years of operation.[10]

In September 2012, it was announced that the academy's new principal, Cassie Ellins, would co-host Academy FM's breakfast show on Friday mornings.[12]

The school also runs educational events such as, in 2012, a two-week event focusing on "science, technology and mathematics".[13]


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  • Presenter: Ian McBride (8 May 2012). "A failing school fights back". Meridian Tonight. ITV Meridian.

External links

  • Official school website
  • Emotional Literacy at Marlowe Academy
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