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Mars family

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Title: Mars family  
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Subject: Mars, Incorporated, Stephen M. Badger, Victoria B. Mars, Franklin Clarence Mars, Seeds of Change
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Mars family

The Mars family is a family that owns the confectionery company Mars, Inc., bearing their name. The family was called the richest family in America by Fortune magazine in 1988, since surpassed by the Walton family.

White stone mausoleum with iron doors and
Private mausoleum in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis

Upon the death of Forrest Mars, Sr., he and his two sons were ranked No. 29, 30, and 31 by Forbes magazine's list of richest Americans, and they each had a worth of approximately $4 billion. As of March 2010, the three children of Forrest Mars were tied for 52nd place amongst the world's richest people according to Forbes, with a net worth of US$11 billion each.[1][2][3]

The family is fiercely protective of their privacy, refusing to give press interviews or, with the exception of Jacqueline Mars, be photographed in public.[4]

The Mars family was among 18 billionaire families who lobbied Congress to eliminate the estate tax.[5] According to Public Citizen, since 1994 the families have spent approximately $500 million on lobbying efforts.

Family members

  • Franklin Clarence Mars (September 24, 1883 – April 8, 1934) – founder of Mars, Inc. Invented the Milky Way bar.
    • Ethel G. Kissack (September 29, 1882 – April 11, 1980)[6] – first wife of Frank C. Mars (married 1902, divorced)
      • Forrest Edward Mars, Sr. (March 21, 1904 – July 1, 1999) – son of Frank C. Mars and Ethel G. Mars. Invented M&M's.
        • Audrey Ruth Meyer (May 25, 1910 – June 15, 1989) – wife of Forrest E. Mars Sr.
          • Forrest E. Mars, Jr. (born August 16, 1931) – son of Forrest E. Mars, Sr.[7]
            • Virginia Cretella (born 1929/1930)[8] – first wife of Forrest E. Mars Jr. (divorced 1990)[9]
              • Victoria B. Mars – daughter of Forrest E. Mars Jr. and Virginia C. Mars[7][10]
              • Valerie Anne Mars – daughter of Forrest E. Mars Jr. and Virginia C. Mars,[7][11] member of the Board of Directors of Conservation International.[12]
                • Philip Michael White – husband of Valerie Anne Mars (married 1984)[11]
              • Pamela D. Mars-Wright (born Pamela Diane Mars, 1960/1961) daughter of Forrest E. Mars Jr. and Virginia C. Mars[7][13]
                • Lonnie Jay Wright (born 1960/1961) – husband of Pamela Diane Mars (married 1992)[13]
              • Marijke Elizabeth Mars (born 1964/1965) – daughter of Forrest E. Mars Jr. and Virginia C. Mars[14]
                • Stephen J Doyle - husband of Marijke Elizabeth Mars (married 1991)[14] (divorced 2000)
            • Deborah Adair Clarke – second wife of Forrest E. Mars Jr.[9] (divorced 2010)
          • John Franklyn Mars (born October 15, 1935) – son of Forrest E. Mars, Sr.[7]
            • Adrienne Bevis – wife of John Mars (married June 1958)[15]
              • Linda Anne Mars (born May 23, 1960) – daughter of John and Adrienne Mars[10][15]
              • Frank Edward Mars (born March 13, 1963) – son of John and Adrienne Mars[7][10][15]
                • Susan Alleman Mars – wife of Frank E. Mars[16]
              • Michael John Mars (born November 22, 1967) – son of John and Adrienne Mars[7][15][17]
                • Sarah Ann Robbins (born April 19, 1968) – wife of Michael John Mars (married 1993)[15][17]
          • Jacqueline Mars (born October 10, 1940) – daughter of Forrest E. Mars, Sr.[10]
            • David H. Badger – first husband of Jacqueline Mars (married 1961, divorced 1984)[10]
              • Alexandra B. Airth (born Alexandra Badger, 1966/1967) – daughter of Jacqueline Mars and David Badger[7][18]
                • Andrew Towne Carey (born 1966/1967) – husband of Alexandra Mars Badger (married 1991)[18] (divorced 1995)
                • Alan Airth – husband of Alexandra Badger[19]
              • Stephen M. Badger (born c.1969) – son of Jacqueline Mars and David Badger
              • Christa M. Badger (born c.1975) – daughter of Jacqueline Mars and David Badger[7]
            • Hank Vogel – second husband of Jacqueline Mars (married 1986, divorced)[10]
    • Ethel Veronica Healy (1884 – December 20, 1945) – second wife of Frank C. Mars (married 1910, widowed 1934), president of Mars Candy Company, Chicago, after death of husband[20]
      • Patricia Mars – daughter of Frank C. Mars and Ethel V. Healy[20]


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