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Mayor of Auckland City


Mayor of Auckland City

The Mayor of Auckland City was the directly elected head of the Auckland City Council, the municipal government of Auckland City, New Zealand. The office existed from 1871 to 2010, when Auckland City Council was abolished and replaced with the Auckland Council.


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Auckland obtained its first local government in 1851, when the Borough of Auckland was created, covering an area of 58,000 acres (230 km2). This short-lived entity, which existed for about one year, had only one mayor, Archibald Clark.[1]

When the City of Auckland was formally incorporated in 1871, it covered a much smaller area of 623 acres (2.52 km2). Its municipal council was led by a chairman, Walter Lee. Soon afterwards the office of Mayor of Auckland was created. At first, the mayor was elected by the councillors. In 1875, Benjamin Tonks was the first mayor elected at large, i.e. by the ratepayers.[1] There were 39 holders of the position. The longest-serving was Sir Dove-Myer Robinson, who held the post for 18 years, and was the first person to serve non-consecutive terms. There were two female Mayors; Catherine Tizard in 1983 and Christine Fletcher in 1998.

The city council was abolished on 31 October 2010. The area has since been governed by the Auckland Council, which also governs the rest of the Auckland Region.

List of officeholders

Auckland City (1871–2010)

Name Term
1 Philip Philips 1871–1874
2 Henry Isaacs 1874
3 Frederick Prime 1874–1875
4 Benjamin Tonks 1875–1876
5 William Hurst 1876–1877
6 Henry Brett 1877–1878
7 Thomas Peacock 1878–1880
8 James Clark 1880–1883
9 William Waddel 1883–1886
10 Albert Devore 1886–1889
11 John Upton 1889–1891
12 William Crowther 1891–1893
13 James Holland 1893–1896
14 Abraham Boardman 1896–1897
15 Peter Dignan 1897–1898
16 David Goldie 1898–1901
17 Dr. John Logan Campbell 1901
18 Alfred Kidd 1901–1903
19 Edwin Mitchelson 1903–1905
20 Arthur Myers 1905–1909
21 Charles Grey 1909–1910
22 Lemuel Bagnall 1910–1911
23 James Parr 1911–1915
24 James Gunson 1915–1925
25 George Baildon 1925–1931
26 George Hutchison 1931–1935
27 Ernest Davis 1935–1941
28 John Allum 1941–1952
29 John Luxford 1953–1956
30 Thomas Ashby 1956–1957
31 Keith Buttle 1957–1959
32 Dove-Myer Robinson 1959–1965
33 Roy McElroy 1965–1968
Dove-Myer Robinson, 2nd time 1968–1980
34 Colin Kay 1980–1983
35 Catherine Tizard 1983–1990
36 Les Mills 1990–1998
37 Christine Fletcher 1998–2001
38 John Banks 2001–2004
39 Dick Hubbard 2004–2007
John Banks, 2nd time 2007–2010


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