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Mayor of Watford

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Title: Mayor of Watford  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Directly elected mayors in the United Kingdom, Watford Borough Council, Mayor of Leicester, Mayor of Salford, Directly elected mayor of Newham
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Mayor of Watford

Mayor of Watford
Coat of arms of the Borough of Watford
Dorothy Thornhill

since May 2002
Style No courtesy title or style
Appointer Electorate of Watford
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder Dorothy Thornhill (May 2002)
Succession May 2014

The Mayor of Watford is the head of the borough council of Watford, Hertfordshire, England. The holder of the position is a directly elected mayor elected using the supplementary vote, every four years. The Current Mayor of Watford is Dorothy Thornhill who is Watford's first directly elected mayor, and was also the first female directly elected mayor in the United Kingdom and the Liberal Democrats' first directly elected mayor. She has been Mayor of Watford since May 2002, being re-elected in May 2006, and in May 2010 she became the second mayor to be re-elected for a third term in the United Kingdom.


  • Referendum 1
  • Election results 2
    • 2002 2.1
    • 2006 2.2
    • 2010 2.3
    • 2014 2.4
  • References 3


Mayor of Watford referendum
12 June 2001
Choice Votes %
Referendum passed Elected Mayor 7,636 51.7
Cabinet System 7,140 48.3
Required majority 50
Total votes 0
Source: House of Commons Library[1]

Election results

The position was established after a referendum in 2001 and the first election was held in 2002.


Watford Mayoral Election 2 May 2002 [2]
Party Candidate 1st Round % 2nd Round Total  First Round Votes  Transfer Votes 
Liberal Democrat Dorothy Thornhill 10,954 49.4% 2,519 13,473
Labour Vince Muspratt 4,899 22.1% 370 5,269
Conservative Gary Ling 4,746 21.4%
Green Stephen Rackett 851 3.8%
Socialist Alliance Paul Woodward 390 1.8%
Fat Cat Tristram Cooke 330 1.5%
Liberal Democrat win


Watford Mayoral Election 4 May 2006 [3]
Party Candidate 1st Round % 2nd Round Total  First Round Votes  Transfer Votes 
Liberal Democrat Dorothy Thornhill 11,963 51.2%
Conservative Stephen O'Brien 4,838 20.7%
Labour Ruth Ellis 4,062 17.4%
Green Stephen Rackett 2,522 10.8%
Liberal Democrat hold


Watford Mayoral Election 6 May 2010 [4]
Party Candidate 1st Round % 2nd Round Total  First Round Votes  Transfer Votes 
Liberal Democrat Dorothy Thornhill 19,153 45.9% 4,276 23,429
Conservative Stephen Johnson 10,403 24.9% 1,105 11,508
Labour Nigel Bell 10,029 24.0%
Green Alex MacGregor-Mason 2,173 5.2%
Liberal Democrat hold


Watford Mayoral Election 22 May 2014 [5]
Party Candidate 1st Round % 2nd Round Total  First Round Votes  Transfer Votes 

Liberal Democrat Dorothy Thornhill 11,741 45.90% 2,452 14,193
Labour Jagtar Dhindsa 6,577 25.71% 927 7,504
UKIP Philip Cox 3,789 14.81%
Conservative Linda Topping 3,470 13.57%
Liberal Democrat hold


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