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Mid-Indiana Conference (MIC)

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Title: Mid-Indiana Conference (MIC)  
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Subject: Walton, Indiana, Arcadia, Indiana, Greentown, Indiana, Kokomo, Indiana, Russiaville, Indiana, Bunker Hill, Indiana, Western School Corporation, Center, Indiana, Maconaquah High School, Northwestern High School (Indiana)
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Mid-Indiana Conference (MIC)

The Mid-Indiana Conference, or MIC, is a high school athletic conference which is located in northcentral Indiana, USA. This conference serves many high schools located in Cass, Hamilton, Howard, and Miami Counties.


The Mid-Indiana Conference can trace its roots back to the late 1940s, when school consolidation reduced the Howard County Conference from nine schools to three in the matter of three years. These three remaining schools joined three nearby schools from Miami County and began the new Howard-Miami Conference. The conference renamed itself the Tri-County Conference in 1955, as two schools from Grant County joined. Further school consolidation reduced membership to four schools by 1965, forcing the conference to reach out of its footprint to find similar-sized schools. This expansion also brought with it the change to its current name.

Though only one member has consolidated since the MIC name has taken hold, geography, size differences, and competitiveness have all caused various roster changes through the years, with membership as many as nine schools and as few as six. However, membership has stabilized since 2000, when Hamilton Heights joined from the folding Rangeline Conference.

High school listing

School Location Mascot Colors Enrollment IHSAA Class # / County Year Joined Previous Conference
Cass Walton Kings           543 AA 09
1968 none (new school)
Greentown Comets           428 A 34
1987 Three Rivers
Arcadia Huskies           751 AAA 29
2000 Rangeline
Maconaquah Bunker Hill Braves           693 AAA 52
1965 Tri-County
Northwestern Kokomo Tigers           612 AAA 34
1965 Tri-County
Peru Peru Tigers           760 AAA 52
1998 Central Indiana
Taylor Center Titans           465 AA 34
1974 Rangeline
Western Russiaville Panthers           812 AAA 34
1965 Hoosier

Former Members

School Location Mascot Colors # / County Year Joined Previous Conference Year Left Conference joined
Eastbrook Marion Panthers                27
1977 Mississinewa Valley 1998 Central Indiana
Greentown Comets           34
1965 Tri-County 1980 Three Rivers
Oak Hill Converse Golden Eagles                27
1965 Tri-County 1980 Three Rivers
Southwood Wabash Knights                85
1965 Independent 1976 Three Rivers
Denver Warriors                52
1965 Independent 1972 Three Rivers
Fairmount Fairmount Quakers                27
1965 Mississinewa Valley 1970 none (consolidated into Madison-Grant)

Membership timeline

DateFormat = yyyy ImageSize = width:750 height:auto barincrement:20 Period = from:1965 till:2014 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal PlotArea = right:30 left:0 bottom:50 top:5

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 width:15 textcolor:black shift:(5,-5) anchor:from fontsize:s
 bar:1  color:skyblue from:1965 till:end  text:Maconaquah (1965-present)
 bar:2  color:skyblue from:1965 till:end  text:Northwestern (1965-present)
 bar:3  color:skyblue from:1965 till:end  text:Western (1965-present)
 bar:4  color:skyblue from:1965 till:1980 text:Eastern (1965-1980)
 bar:4  color:skyblue from:1987 till:end  text:Eastern (1987-present)
 bar:5  color:skyblue from:1965 till:1980 text:Oak Hill (1965-1980)
 bar:6  color:skyblue from:1965 till:1976 text:Southwood (1965-1976)
 bar:7  color:skyblue from:1965 till:1972 text:North Miami (1965-1972)
 bar:8  color:skyblue from:1965 till:1969 text:Fairmount (1965-1969)
 bar:9  color:skyblue from:1969 till:1970 text:Madison-Grant (1969-70)
 bar:10  color:skyblue from:1968 till:end  text:Lewis Cass (1968-present)
 bar:11 color:skyblue from:1974 till:end  text:Taylor (1974-present)
 bar:12 color:skyblue from:1977 till:1998 text:Eastbrook (1977-1998)
 bar:13 color:skyblue from:1998 till:end  text:Peru (1998-present)
 bar:14 color:skyblue from:2000 till:end  text:Hamilton Heights (2000-present)

ScaleMajor = gridcolor:line unit:year increment:3 start:1965

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  pos:(175,30) # tabs:(0-center)
  text:"Mid-Indiana Conference Membership History"

2006-2007 Boys' Basketball

  • Western, Frankfort Sectional 3A Champions
  • Lewis Cass, Manchester Sectional 2A Champions
  • Northwestern, Taylor Sectional 2A Champions, Blackford Regional 2A Champions, Warsaw Semi-State 2A Champions, 2A State Champions

State titles

Eastern Comets

  • Softball- 1A (2003)
  • Softball- 2A (2005)
  • Boys Golf (2001)
  • Jeremy Ashcraft - Pole Vault (1994)

Lewis Cass Kings

  • Basketball- 2A (2003)
  • Softball- 2A (2006)
  • Softball- 2A (2008)

Northwestern Tigers

  • Basketball- 2A (2007)

Peru Tigers

  • Tennis (1971)

Taylor Titans

  • Baseball- 2A (2000)

Western Panthers

  • Michelle Faulkner, 800 Meters (1988)
  • Girl's Golf (2001)
  • Brandon Youngdale, High Jump (2006)
  • Baseball (2012)

State Runner-Ups

Eastern Comets

  • Tennis (Jorge Burmicky) (2004)

Northwestern Tigers

  • Baseball (2005)
  • Football (1992)
  • Girls' Golf (1996)

Western Panthers

  • Softball (1993)
  • Softball (1994)
  • Girls' Golf (2002)
  • Kyle Walsh, 1600 meters (2004)
  • Girls' Golf (2004)

Lewis Cass

  • Football (2008)
  • Baseball (2008)

Neighboring conferences

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External links

  • Mid-Indiana Conference Website
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