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List of ministries of Sri Lanka

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Title: List of ministries of Sri Lanka  
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Subject: Government of Sri Lanka, Ministries of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Technology and Research, LGBT history in Sri Lanka, Extreme points of Sri Lanka
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List of ministries of Sri Lanka

This is a list of ministries of Sri Lanka.[1]


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List of ministries

Ordered by order of precedence.[2]
Ministry Creation Role[N 1] Minister Annual budget in Billions of Rs[N 2] Employees (2013) Website
Buddhasasana and Religious Affairs 1988 "To uplift the effort to create a society filled with virtuous values and a sound living pattern by producing and implementing polices and programmes centering all religious institutions and based on the teachings of all religions with emphasis to Buddhism." D. M. Jayaratne List 1.850,725 1,085 .lk.govmbra
Finance and Planning 1947 "Design, propose, execute and evaluate, with efficiency and transparency, economic and fiscal policies of the country toward promoting investment and economic development to ensure quality living for the people." Mahinda Rajapaksa List 1,119.891,780 8,474 .lk.govtreasury
Defence and Urban Development 1948 "Formulation and execution of strategies with regard to defence and safeguarding territorial integrity and sovereignty of Sri Lanka." Mahinda Rajapaksa List 256.032,641 57,848 .lkdefence
Economic Development "Formulation and implementation of policies, programmes and projects in respect of poverty alleviation, tourism, rural and regional economic development" Basil Rajapaksa List 120.825,250 13,727 .lk.govmed
Disaster Management 2006 "To facilitate harmony and the prosperity and dignity of human life through effective prevention and mitigation of natural and man-made disasters in Sri Lanka." Mahinda Amaraweera List 2.730,090 440 .lk.govdisastermin
Postal Services 2010 "Provision of trustworthy and high quality postal service to the people at an affordable price" Jeewan Kumaranatunga List 9.362,000 20,141 .lk.govminpost
Justice 1947 "Formulation and implementation of policies, plans and programmes aimed at the efficient and meaningful administration of Justice." Rauff Hakeem List 6.135,000 8,659 .lk.govjusticeministry
Health 1931 "To contribute to social and economic development of Sri Lanka by achieving the highest attainable health status through promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services of high quality made available and accessible to people of Sri Lanka." Maithripala Sirisena List 133.227,000 1 60,811 .lk.govhealth
External Affairs 1948 "Formulation and Implementation of Policies, Plans and Programmes in Respect of External Affairs" G. L. Peiris List 9.300,000 1,578 .lk.govmea
Highways, Ports & Shipping 1960 "Composing suitable policies and preparing efficient mechanism for the effective utilisation of limited resources and modern technology to maintain the road network and marine activities in optimum level for the socio economic development of the nation." Mahinda Rajapaksa List 144.998,376 333 .lk.govmohsl
Transport 1931 "Our ambition based on the Mahinda Chintanaya, is to use modern technology, continuous improvement of human resources and infrastructure facilities, so as to improve Road and Rail Transport System in the country for faster economic development." Kumara Welgama List 59.364,500 17,000 .lk.govtransport
Petroleum Industries 2005 "Directing and facilitating the implementation of Down Stream Petroleum Industry activities through adopting appropriate policies and deploying innovative management techniques to become the most efficient Petroleum Energy Hub in the region." Anura Priyadharshana Yapa List .141,350 95 .lk.govpetroleummin
Co-operatives and Internal Trade "Promotion of competitive and fair trade in the market while securing the interests of local manufacturer and consumer, promotion of co-operative services and contribution to the development of human resources in order to create a knowledge based economy." Johnston Fernando List 1.726,930 1,030 .lk.govtrade
Agriculture “To achieve globally competitive production, processing and marketing enterprises through socially acceptable, innovative and commercially-oriented agriculture, through sustainable management of natural resources of the country” Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena List 44.611,000 8,503 .lk.govagrimin
Power and Energy "To provide electricity for all and to meet the demand for energy services with affordable, reliable, diverse, safe and environmentally acceptable choices for the people of Sri lanka. Such services are to be provided in the most economically and socially efficient manner, thereby promoting sustainable economic development and social well being of the country." Pavithra Devi Wanniarachchi List 23.741,000 113 .lk.govpowermin
Child Development and Women's Affairs 2010 "Formulating, executing and regulating provisions and policies aligned to practices of good governance to ensure the rights of children and women by empowering socio- economic conditions, instilling values and ensuring participation through strategic integration with all stakeholders leading to a dignified nation." Tissa Karalliyadde List 1.949,595 1,273 .lk.govchildwomenmin
Public Administration and Home Affairs "To ensure an Excellent Public Service through Sound National and Regional Administrative System with Competent Human Resources." John Seneviratne List 170.533,600 29,488 .lk.govpubad
Mass Media and Information "Achieving excellence in the total practice of media by facilitating to usher in a people-friendly, development oriented, free and responsible media culture." Keheliya Rambukwella List 2.682,650 1,646 .lk.govmedia
Construction, Engineering Services, Housing, and Common Amenities "Creation of a planned, environmentally friendly and high quality construction industry by strengthening Sri Lankan entrepreneurs, professionals and labour force with skills and resources and contributing to economic development by generating settlements with basic facilities through community participation." Wimal Weerawansa List 5.329,778 1,410
Social Services "To make the disadvantaged, partners in national development by providing conducive environment and opportunities through policy initiatives in Social Welfare & Social Development." Felix Perera List 4.400,790 1,371 .lk.govsocialwelfare
Education 1947 "Develop competent citizens keeping with the global trends through innovative and modern approaches to education leading to efficiency, equity and high quality performance ensuring stakeholder satisfaction" Bandula Gunawardane List 40.047,907 52,659 .lk.govmoe
Labour Relations and Productivity Improvement "Contribute towards the Socio-Economic Development through the Promotion of Industrial Peace and Harmony, Social Protection, Rights at Work and Productivity." Gamini Lokuge List 1.698,260 2,376 .lk.govlabourmin
Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development 2010 "To provide policy guidance and facilitation to Traditional Industries, SMEs and Handicraft Sector to produce world class products that can compete locally and internationally and generate employment and income to the rural poor and contribute to strengthen the home based backyard economy, poverty reduction, equitable regional development, balanced and inclusive growth and social development." Douglas Devananda List 1.122,710 145 .lk.govtisedmin
Local Government and Provincial Councils "To ensure efficient and effective Provincial and Local Administrative system responsive to the aspirations of the people and facilitate the achievement of Sustainable and equitable human development in Sri Lanka by advocating and strengthening the systems of Decentralized Governance." A. L. M. Athaullah List 153.443,697 328,964
Technology and Research "To formulate and implement policies pertaining to the popularization and advancement of science and technology, including scientific research and development and transfer of technologies, to ensure improved quality and productivity so as to upgrade economic activities, which are essential for the economic and social development of Sri Lanka." Champika Ranawaka List 3.768,000 1,041
National Languages and Social Integration "Policy formulation, guidance and facilitation to create a developed and socially integrated trilingual society that assures rights of one and all and respects each other." Vasudeva Nanayakkara List .524,000 355 .lk.govlanintegmin
Plantation Industries "To enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the plantation industry through economically, socially and environmentally established plantation sector." Mahinda Samarasinghe List 4.260,100 515 .lk.govplantationindustries
Sports 1972 "To be a proved nation through the Sports for a healthy, disciplined, united & prosperous society." Mahindananda Aluthgamage List 3.481,000 426 .lk.govsportsmin
Indigenous Medicine 1980 "Offering a high living condition by contributing to the economic, social, physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the Sri Lankan people by utilizing the professional excellence of the indigenous medical systems." Salinda Dissanayake List 1.765,000 1,542 .lk.govindigenousmedimini
Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development "Managing the utilization of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources for the benefit of the present and future generation." Rajitha Senaratne List 5.436,872 752 .lk.govfisheries
Livestock and Rural Community Development "Initiate appropriate measures to ensure sustainable development among rural community and in the livestock sector through efficient management of resources." Arumugam Thondaman List 3.565,046 897 .lk.govlivestock
National Heritage "Identifying and preserving national heritages in Sri Lanka towards the prosperity of our nation and thereby promoting such heritages." Jagath Balasuriya List 1.368,569 2,778 .lk.govheritagemin
Parliamentary Affairs 1990 "Provision of reinforcements to optimize the expected public service from the Hon. Members of Parliament." Sumedha G. Jayasena List .445,000 1,210 .lk.govminparliament
Resettlement "To ensure secured and honourable life for persons internally displaced and returnee refugees by providing facilities to resettle them and implementing appropriate post settlement shelter, sanitation, livelihood and other assistance effectively to improve their standard of living." Gunaratna Weerakoon List .357,905 114 .lk.govresettlementmin
Industry and Commerce "Creation of a conducive environment for sustainable, commercially competitive, manufacturing entities, producing high value-added products and a vibrant commercial regime capable of contributing to the enhancement of living standards of the people" Risad Badhiutheen List 2.097,117 1,686 .lk.govindustry
Irrigation and Water Resources Management "Providing well being of community while fulfilling all water needs through Water Resources Management" Nimal Siripala de Silva List 55.246,560 4,889 .lk.govirrigationmin
Land and Land Development "Effective and Efficient Management of the Land Resource while contributing to the Socio – Economic Development of the Country, at the Maximum Level" Janaka Bandara Tennakoon List 6.091,150 6,688 .lk.govlandmin
Youth Affairs and Skills Development "To build up a young generation capable of actively participating in national development endowed with skills and personality" Dullas Alahapperuma List 11.220,108 2,882 .lk.govyouthskillsmin
Environment and Renewable Energy "Provide leadership to manage the environment and natural resources in order to ensure national commitment for sustainable development for the benefit of the present and future generations" Susil Premajayanth List 4.264,820 3,256 .lk.govenvironmentmin
Water Supply and Drainage 2007 "To facilitate stakeholders to serve the nation by providing safe drinking water and adequate sanitation facilities, ensuring protection of water sources and environmental equality" Dinesh Gunawardena List 35.402,210 113 .lk.govmwsd
Higher Education "To delight students, the industry, staff and other stakeholders of the higher education system of Sri Lanka by formulating and implementing results oriented policies & strategies and to deliver results in an effective and efficient manner through a participatory process to produce the best intellectuals, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs to deliver innovative solutions to make Sri Lanka “the wonder of Asia" S. B. Dissanayake List 32.806,940 17,661 .lk.govmohe
Public Management Reforms 2010 "To ensure application of modern technologies and practices for results based Public Management through people’s friendly reform initiatives" Navin Dissanayake List .223,450 138 .lk.govreformsmin
Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms 2010 "Rehabilitation of detainees and integration into the society and rehabilitation of victims of violence and effected properties and enterprises by following methodologies of good governance, utilising financial and human resources efficiently and productively and by proper supervision and co-ordination of the departments and other institutions under the ministry" Chandrasiri Gajadeera List 5.718,415 5,236 .lk.govreprimin
State Resources and Enterprise Development 2010 "To make efficient, effective and well managed organisations through best management practices that make profits and contribute positively towards national economic development" Dayasritha Thissera List .260,630 125 .lk.govsredmin
Civil Aviation 2010 "Formulation of a more appropriate policy framework and efficient mechanism which lead to offer Competitive & Qualitative Aviation Services in order to fulfill the local and International requirements in the field of Aviation Sector" Piyankara Jayaratne List 13.678,780 121 .lk.govaviationmin
Culture & the Arts 1956 "To assist in building Sri Lanka as a proud nation with a unique Sri Lankan identity by facilitating the emergency of a culture that would develop all communities of the country while in the process protecting and preserving Sri Lankan national heritage." T. B. Ekanayake List 2.987,190 1,394 .lk.govcultural
Coconut Development and Janatha Estate Development A. P. Jagath Pushpakumara List 1.791,700 93
Agrarian Services & Wildlife List 1.536,000 1,292
Minor Export Crop Promotion Reginald Cooray List .940,970 890
Productivity Promotion Basheer Segu Dawood List .637,600 625
Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Dilan Perera List .561,650 55
Public Relations and Public Affairs Mervyn Silva List .249,480 37
Private Transport Services C. B. Rathnayake List .744,725 37
Telecommunication and Information Technology Ranjith Siyambalapitiya List 1.958,390 61
Sugar Industry Development Lakshman Senewiratne List .091,000 40
Investment Promotion Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena List .110,270 65
Botanical Gardens and Public Recreation Jayarathna Herath List 1.398,715 1,122
Education Services Duminda Dissanayake List 7.684,650 72 (2014 est.)
Law and Order 2013 "Formulate, implement and monitor projects and programs towards a crime and violence free community." Mahinda Rajapaksa List 54.313,569 87,002 .lklawandorder
Coat of arms of Sri Lanka, showing a lion holding a sword in its right forepaw surrounded by a ring made from blue lotus petals which is placed on top of a grain vase sprouting rice grains to encircle it. A Dharmacakra is on the top while a sun and moon are at the bottom on each side of the vase.
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