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Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (Thailand)


Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (Thailand)

Kingdom of Thailand
Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

The Seal of Varuna on Naga's Back
Ministry overview
Formed 1 April 1892

Jurisdiction Government of Thailand
Headquarters Phaya Thai Road, Ratchathevi, Bangkok 10400
Annual budget 68,822,961,300 Baht (2009)
Minister responsible Petipong Pungbun Na Ayudhya, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of the Kingdom of Thailand (Thai: กระทรวงเกษตรและสหกรณ์; RTGS: Krasuang Kaset Lae Sahakon; Abrv: MOAC) is a Cabinet ministry in the Government of Thailand. The Ministry is one of the oldest ministry in the government, tracing back its existence since the 14th century. The Ministry is responsible for the administration of agricultural policies, forestry, water resources provision, irrigation, promotion and development of farmers and cooperative system, including manufacturing process and agricultural products. As Thailand is a mostly agricultural country with a strong agrarian tradition, the ministry is one of the most important departments in the government. The Ministry is headed by a Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Petipong Pungbun Na Ayudhya (since August 2014).


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The issue of agriculture and the well-being of farmers in Thailand started out very earlier on in the History of Thailand. During the Kingdom of Ayutthaya one of the King's four Ministries was the "Kromma Na" (Thai: กรมนา) or Farm Ministry. Created in 1350 the Ministry was responsible for the for protecting and preventing the conflicts over rice, crops and livestock. Eventually the Ministry gained more powers as appropriated by the King to: the management of land reformation, irrigation and livestock, collecting broken rice grain for the royal granary, management of the king's land donation, solving conflicts over land ownership, and appointment of officers to stay in provincial towns.[1]

During the Rattanakosin era and later periods the name of the Ministry changed several times. In 1892 the name changed to the "Ministry of Kasetpanichakarn", then in 1898 to the "Ministry of Kasettrathikarn", then in 1932 to the "Ministry of Kasetpanichayakarn", then in 1933 to the "Ministry of Setthakarn", then in 1935 to the "Ministry of Kasettrathikarn", then in 1952 to the "Ministry of Agriculture", and finally to its current name in 1972 to the "Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives".[2]



  • Office of the Minister
  • Office of the Permanent Secretary for Agriculture and Cooperatives [3]
    • Kasetradhikarn Institute
    • Bureau of Royal Rainmaking & Agricultural Aviation

Dependent Department

  • Department of Agricultural Extension
  • Agricultural Land Reform Office
  • Department of Agriculture
    • Rubber Research Institute
  • National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards
  • Office of Agricultural Economics
  • Cooperative Auditing Department
  • Cooperative Promotion Department
  • Department of Fisheries
  • Land Development Department
  • Department of Livestock Development
  • The Royal Irrigation Department
  • Rice Department
  • The Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture [3]

State Enterprises

  • Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand
  • Fish Marketing Organization
  • The Marketing Organization for Farmers
  • Rubber Estate Organization
  • Office of Rubber Replanting Aid Fund

Public Organization

  • Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization)
  • Highland Research and Development Institute (Public Organization)
  • The Golden Jubilee Agricultural Museum (Public Organization) [3]

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External links

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives - Official Website in Thai
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives - Official Website in English
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