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Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010

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Title: Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010  
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Subject: Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Miss Chinese International Pageant 2012, Miss Chinese (Vancouver) Pageant, Miss China Europe Pageant, Miss Hong Kong 2009
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Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010

Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010
Date November 5, 2010
Presenters Carol Cheng, Derek Li, Jin Liu
Entertainment Raymond Lam, Leo Ku, Eliza Chan, Liu Xuan
Venue Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Hotel, Tianjin, China
Broadcaster TVB
Entrants 24
Placements 12
Winner Eliza Sam 岑麗香
Vancouver,  Canada

The 22nd Miss Chinese International Pageant, Miss Chinese International Pageant 2010 was held on November 5, 2010. Tianjin, China would host the pageant for the first time. TVB would broadcast the pageant one day later, delayed, for the first time ever. Miss Chinese International 2009 Christine Kuo of Toronto, Canada crowned her successor, Eliza Sam of Vancouver, Canada at the end of the three-hour pageant, marking Vancouver's fifth win. [1]

Pageant information

The slogan to this year's pageant is "Chinese Beautiful Posture, Beautiful Shadows of Red Dust" 「中華美態 紅塵儷影」. This year marks the first time the pageant is held in the fall since 1989. The Masters of Ceremonies are Carol Cheng and Derek Li from Hong Kong, as well as Jin Liu from Tianjin. Special performers include Raymond Lam and Leo Ku.


Kuala Lumpur representative, Belle Theng made it to the top 3 and finished as 1st runner up. She is the first contestant from her region to advance to semi-finals, since 2006 when Annabelle Kong was the 2nd runner up and won the Miss Friendship Award.[2]

Placement Contestant City Represented Country Represented
Miss Chinese International 2010 Eliza Sam 岑麗香 Vancouver  Canada
1st Runner-Up Belle Theng 陳美妤 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
2nd Runner-Up Candy Chang 張慧雯 Toronto  Canada
Top 6 Finalists Athena Zhang 張滿
Lu Bai 白鷺
Toby Chan 陳庭欣
Hong Kong
 New Zealand
 Hong Kong
Top 12 Semi-Finalists Simwayn Tran 陳心慰
May Yan Wong 王美艷
Maisie Tran 陳美詩
Cynthia Zhang 張聖女
Melanie Lu 陸曼
Cindy Liu 劉捷
New York City
 The Netherlands

Special awards

  • Miss Friendship: Lu Bai 白鷺 (Foshan)
  • Miss Home Beauty: Belle Theng 陳美妤 (Kuala Lumpur)

Contestant list

No. Contestant Name Represented City Represented Country Age Chinese Origin
1 Athena ZHANG 張滿 Auckland  New Zealand 23 Harbin
2 Simwayn TRAN 陳心慰 Amsterdam  The Netherlands 20 Chaozhou
3 Mintra SOJIPHAN 丁文冰 Bangkok  Thailand 23 Wenchang
4 Jessica LIN 林晨諭 Chicago  USA 21 Taiwan
5 Lu BAI 白鷺 Foshan  China 22 Shandong
6 Toby CHAN 陳庭欣 Hong Kong  Hong Kong 23 Shunde
7 Belle THENG 陳美妤 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia 24 Fujian
8 Laura LI 李若瀅 Macau  Macao 22 Guangdong
9 Samantha DY 李璇璇 Manila  Philippines 21 Fujian
10 May Yan WONG 王美艷 Melbourne  Australia 22 Hainan
11 Maisie TRAN 陳美詩 Montréal  Canada 21 Fujian
12 Cynthia ZHANG 張聖女 New York City  USA 20 Jilin
13 Amy CHU 周玉霞 San Francisco  USA 25 Guangxi
14 Cynthia VUONG 王佩芷 Seattle  USA 23 Foshan
15 Adeline YAP 葉佳慧 Singapore  Singapore 25 Fujian
16 Melanie LU 陸曼 Sydney  Australia 23 Beijing
17 Connie CHUNG 鍾梓尤 Tahiti  French Polynesia 21 Guangdong
18 Candy CHANG 張慧雯 Toronto  Canada 20 Beijing
19 Eliza SAM 岑麗香 Vancouver  Canada 25 Guangzhou
20 Candy FANG 方蘭 Hebei  China 21 Chaoshan
21 Man Zi LI 李曼姿 Guangzhou  China 18 Shenyang
22 Cindy LIU 劉捷 Henan  China 25 Henan
23 Jasmine LIU 劉雅婷 Jianxi  China 22 Shandong
24 Yoyo YANG 楊逸歐 Guangdong  China 23 Gansu

Contestants that received media attention

  • Sydney contestant Melanie Lu was 1 of only 2 girls with perfect proportions of 36"-24½"-36½",the other was Toronto contestant Candy Chang 35"-23"-35" and was publicly lauded by the Hong Kong media for her voluptuous figure and breasts. [3]
  • [4]
  • The top 5 favorites voted from the official TVB website were contestants #2 Simwayn Tran from Amsterdam, #6 Toby Chan from Hong Kong, #8 Laura Li from Macau, #10 May Wong from Melbourne and #18 Candy Chang from Toronto. The results were announced a night before the final during the swimsuit rehearsal.[5]


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