Mookie Blaylock 1991 United States Tour

Mookie Blaylock 1991 United States Tour
Tour by Pearl Jam
Associated album Ten
Start date February 7, 1991
End date February 22, 1991
Legs 1
Shows 9 in United States
9 in total
Pearl Jam concert chronology
Mookie Blaylock 1991 United States Tour
1991 United States Tour

The Mookie Blaylock 1991 United States Tour was a concert tour by the American rock band Pearl Jam when the band was still known as Mookie Blaylock. It was the band's first tour after having played its first few shows in late 1990.


The short tour of the United States focused on the West Coast. The majority of the shows found Pearl Jam serving as the opening act for Alice in Chains on the band's Facelift tour. Bassist Jeff Ament said, "We were then in the mode of 'Well, we’ve got to write a bunch of songs.' It wasn’t long after that we got a tour with Alice in Chains. It was kind of how we wanted it to be, we didn’t want to fuck around. I think Stone and I both knew the potential that he and I had together—but we needed to get out and play, and get better."[1] Following the tour, the band soon signed to Epic Records. However, concerns about trademark issues with the name "Mookie Blaylock" necessitated a name change; the band's name became "Pearl Jam". This was Pearl Jam's only tour with original drummer Dave Krusen. Krusen left the band in May 1991 following the completion of the recording sessions for the band's debut album, Ten.[2] Footage from the February 10, 1991 concert at The Bacchanal in San Diego, California can be found on Alice in Chains' Music Bank: The Videos DVD.

Tour dates

Information taken from various sources.[3][4][5]

Date City Venue Supporting
Warm-up show
February 1, 1991 Seattle Off Ramp Café Alice in Chains
United States Tour
February 7, 1991 Los Angeles Florentine Gardens Alice in Chains
February 8, 1991 California God Save the Queen Green Jellÿ
February 10, 1991 San Diego The Bacchanal Alice in Chains
February 11, 1991 Los Angeles Club With No Name (Cathouse on Highland Av.)
February 13, 1991 San Diego Winter's
February 15, 1991 San Francisco I-Beam Alice in Chains
February 16, 1991 Sacramento Cattle Club
February 20, 1991 Portland Melody Ballroom
February 22, 1991 Seattle Off Ramp Café

Band members

Songs performed



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