Morfa bychan

Morfa Bychan is a village located in Gwynedd, North Wales.

The Village

Situated on the Llŷn Peninsula just west of Borth-y-Gest and Porthmadog Morfa Bychan can be reached from Porthmadog via the Borth-y-Gest/Morfa Bychan road or a country lane off the A497.

Morfa Bychan has a Spar shop (very small supermarket), a fish-and-chips shop, a gift shop and a children's playground.

The village also contains Porthmadog Golf Club [1] and is near to the Glan Morfa Trout fishery.[2]

Black Rock Sands

Morfa Bychan has a beach known as Black Rock Sands (Welsh: Traeth Morfa Bychan) which stretches for two miles from the eastern end of the National Trust's Ynys Cyngar on the Afon Glaslyn [River Glaslyn] estuary along Tremadog Bay to Criccieth beach which is accessible at low tide. It is unusual as cars are allowed onto it, although this means that there can be problems with irresponsible drivers.[3] The sea along Black Rock Sands is shallow, with a gentle gradient making it ideal for swimming and bathing; however, water bikes pose a threat to swimmers and each other.[4] Dogs are allowed on the eastern and western sections of the beach but are banned from the central section. It also has designated bathing and boat-launching areas.[5]

The sand dunes of Black Rock Sands are a Site of Special Scientific Interest.[6]

Part of the 1971 film Macbeth was filmed at Black Rock Sands.[7]

The cover picture from the Manic Street Preachers album This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours was taken at Black Rock Sands.

Ynys Gyngar

There is also a small beach below the National Trust's Ynys Cyngar, the original point where Madocks was going to site a port before moving it to Porthmadog.

Caravan Parks

There are a number of Caravan parks at Morfa Bychan including Greenacres, Garreg Goch, Cardigan and Glan Morfa Mawr. View the largest of which is Greenacres. There is also a Touring and Camping Site just outside the village by Black Rock Sands.

Notable People

Barri Griffiths - Wrestler in World Wrestling Entertainment as Mason Ryan.

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