Launched 1993 (as GEMS Television)
Owned by NBCUniversal
(Comcast Corporation)
Slogan You're On
Headquarters Universal City, California, USA
Formerly called GEMS Television (1993-2001)
Sister channel(s) Telemundo
Telemundo Puerto Rico
Syfy Latin America
Syfy Spain
Website DirecTV Channel 410 (SD only)
Dish Network Channel 838 (SD/HD)
Available on most cable systems Get mun2

Mun2 (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈmundos]) is a national cable television broadcast network in the United States owned by NBCUniversal. The network is a companion cable channel to NBC's Telemundo network, airing a lineup of programming aimed towards a young Latino audience. Its main studios are located at Universal CityWalk in Universal City, California, while its master control is housed at the CNBC Global Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, which also serves as master control for most of NBCUniversal's cable networks. Mun2 is the first cable network for young Latinos with shows and music videos in Spanish and English.

The majority of Mun2's programming consists of music and sports programming, along with programs from other NBC cable networks, sometimes with Spanish language subtitles. To reflect its audience, Mun2 does not exclusively air programming in Spanish, but also airs programming in English, or programming using both languages interchangeably.

The network was originally launched in 1993 by Columbia Pictures Television as GEMS Television, which aired a programming lineup aimed towards Latino women. The channel was bought by Telemundo in 2001 and re-vamped into a channel aimed towards younger viewers, renaming it Mun2 (a pun on Telemundo and "dos", the Spanish word for the number 2). Its initial lineup included programs from its former owners, including Spanish language versions of Charlie's Angels and The Dating Game. From midnight to 2 pm, the channel would air programs from Home Shopping Network's Spanish language network HSE (Home Shopping Español).

As of August 2013, approximately 39,888,000 American households (34.93% of households with television) receive Mun2.[1]


Some shows broadcast on mun2:

  • El cartel (serie de televisión)
  • I Love Jenni
  • Fugitivos De La Ley: Los Angeles
  • RPM Miami
  • Beauties & The Boss
  • From Beyond
  • Operación Repo (re-runs)
  • 18 & Over
  • Reventón
  • Dame Tinta
  • 2RSLVJ (Tú Eres El VJ or "You are the VJ")
  • 12 Corazones
  • Las Aparicio
  • Pasion de Gavilanes
  • The Arena
  • The Look
  • Have You Cine?
  • Decisiones Extremas
  • Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C
  • Music Blocks: Party Mix, L'Creme, La Barbacoa
  • Day in Day Out (Discontinued)
  • The Chicas Project (Discontinued)
  • El Show (Discontinued)
  • The mun2 Shift (Discontinued)
  • Mun2 Shuffle (Discontinued)
  • One Nation (Discontinued)
  • Se Habla Rock! (Discontinued)
  • Vivo (Discontinued)

In early April 2009, Mun2 introduced two new music video-oriented shows called Indie y Nuevo (discontinued) and The Urban Tip.

In late December 2009 the 3 am to 6 am block of infomercials was dropped for more music video programming either in the form of Reventon Mix or Morning Breath.

In addition to the added music video programming the network also began broadcasting movies every Friday night in January 2010. Movies shown include Talento de Barrio, The Motorcycle Diaries, Mi Vida Loca and Original Sin.

The network has also aired original series from sister networks Syfy and USA Network, which feature the original audio with Spanish language subtitles.

Music programming

Music programming on the network usually consists of a mix of English and Spanish-language songs in a variety of genres.

Sports coverage

Mun2 was the English broadcast home of a 2010 World Cup qualifier between the United States and Mexico. The normal home of American qualifiers, ESPN, was not able to show the game, as Telemundo owns the U.S. rights to show all Mexican qualifiers from Azteca Stadium.

Mun2 was made available to almost all cable and satellite subscribers as a "free preview" on the day of the game (12 August 2009).[2]

In January 2010 it was announced that Mun2 will continue to broadcast Mexican Soccer games (Fútbol Mexicano), most of the games shown so far usually were English language simulcasts of Telemundo's Fútbol Estelar. A show dedicated to sports news also Premiered in February 2010 titled Mun2 Sports Arena, which airs every Sunday night at 7:30pm EST. Mun2 also offers Spanish simulcasts of some English Premier League matches airing on sister network NBCSN.

On July 23, 2013, it was announced through a new contract with NBC Sports, Telemundo and Mun2 would be able to broadcast NASCAR events in Spanish.[3][4]


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