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National Democrats (Sweden)

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Title: National Democrats (Sweden)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Swedish general election, 2010, Euronat, Norwegian Patriots, Jobbik, Anti-fascism
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National Democrats (Sweden)

National Democrats
Leader Marc Abramsson
Founded October 2001
Headquarters Stockholm
Newspaper Nationell Idag
Ideology Ultranationalism,
Right-wing populism,
Third Position[1]
Political position Far-right[2][3][4]
International affiliation Euronat
European affiliation Alliance of European National Movements
European Parliament group None
Colours Orange
European Parliament:
Party flag
Politics of Sweden
Political parties

The National Democrats (Nationaldemokraterna, ND) was a minor political party in Sweden, formed by a radical faction of the Sweden Democrats in October 2001. The party described itself as a democratic nationalist and ethnopluralist party.[6] The party disbanded in April 2014.

In the 2002 general election the party received 9,248 votes,[7] far below the 4 percent threshold necessary for parliamentary representation. In the 2006 general election the party received 3,064 votes (0.06%), however they currently have representation in two municipalities south of Stockholm.[8][9] In the 2010 general election the party received 1,141 votes (0.02%).[10] The current chairman of the party is Marc Abramsson.

On 2 February 2008, the old party logo consisting of a blue and yellow sail was replaced with an orange cloudberry flower.[11]


ND's ideology has been described as xenophobic and/or racist.[12] The party has rejected these descriptions.[13][14]

The party is critical of United States foreign policy and of NATO.[15][16] The party also opposes what it calls the "imperialist occupations of Serbia, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan."[16]


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