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National Central City

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Title: National Central City  
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Subject: Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, List of cities in China by population, Tianjin
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National Central City

National Central City
Simplified Chinese 国家中心城市
Traditional Chinese 國家中心城市

National Central City (simplified Chinese: 国家中心城市; traditional Chinese: 國家中心城市; pinyin: Guójiā Zhōngxīn Chéngshì) was a concept proposed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China in 2005 as a first step in reforming urbanization in China. The National Central Cities are described as a group of cities in charge of leading, developing, performing tasks in political, economic, and cultural aspects.[1]

In February 2010, the ministry issued the "National Urban System Plan" and designated five major cities, Beijing and Tianjin in the Bohai Economic Rim, Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, Guangzhou in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, and Chongqing in the West Triangle Economic Zone as the National Central Cities. Hong Kong was also included as a special National Central City.[2]

The National Central Cities sphere of influence have great impact around the surrounding cities on modernizing and integrating services in fields such as infrastructure, finance, public education, social welfare, sanitation, business licensing and urban planning. The ministry also makes mention of the Regional Central Cities including Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Chengdu and Xi'an.


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List of the National Central Cities

Division Hanzi (S) & Pinyin Total GDP
(2013 USD)
Per capita
(2013 USD)
Urban Population
Municipal Population
Economic Zone Region Subdivisions
Beijing 北京; Běijīng $318.10 billion $15,373 11,716,000 19,612,368 16,801.25 1,309.4 Bohai Economic Rim North List
(main city zone)
重庆; Chóngqìng
$207.18 billion $7,047 8,420,200 28,846,170 6,268.0 2,158.0 West Triangle Economic Zone Southwest List
Guangzhou 广州; Guǎngzhōu $248.61 billion $19,459 7,727,163 12,700,800 7,434.40 1,055.0 Pearl River Delta Economic Zone South Central List
Hong Kong
(special case)
香港; Xiānggǎng $302.81 billion $41,421 7,097,600 7,097,600 1,104.00 6,480.0 Pearl River Delta Economic Zone South Central List
Shanghai 上海; Shànghǎi $352.36 billion $14,862 12,030,644 23,019,148 7,037.00 3,298.3 Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone East List
Tianjin 天津; Tiānjīn $234.91 billion $16,623 6,825,105 12,938,224 11,760.00 1,044.4 Bohai Economic Rim North List


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