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Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League


Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League

Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League
Sport Baseball
Founded 1956
No. of teams 4
Country Nicaragua
Most recent champion(s) Gigantes de Rivas
Official website (Spanish)

La Liga Nicaragüense de Beisbol Profesional (LNBP) was inaugurated on Saturday, March 30, 1956 in Estadio Nacional. The first game was between the teams from San Fernando and Bóer. The Nicaraguan public's excitement for baseball grew as foreign professional teams and foreign players came to play in their country. Unfortunately, due to economic difficulty, the league had to shut down in 1967. The teams from Bóer and León were the most successful teams in those years with three championships each. The professional league was re-established in 2004.


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1957-58 Leones de León
1958-59 Oriental
1959-60 Leones de León
1960-61 No champion
1961-62 Marlboro (Panamá)
1962-63 Indios del Bóer
1963-64 5 Estrellas
1964-65 Indios del Bóer
1965-66 Indios del Bóer
1966-67 5 Estrellas
2004-05 Leones de León
2005-06 Tigres de Chinandega
2006-07 Indios del Bóer
2007-08 Indios del Bóer
2008-09 Season suspended
2009-10 Leones de León
2010-11 Indios del Bóer
2011-12 Indios del Bóer
2012-13 Tigres de Chinandega
2013-14 Gigantes de Rivas

Individual Leaders

Home Runs
2004-05 Adolfo Matamoros Chinandega .378 Luis Iglesias Chinandega 4 Marlon Abea San Fernando 33
Marlon Abea San Fernando 4
2005-06 Bárbaro Cañizares Bóer .352 Michel Abreu Bóer 14 Wilson Batista Chinandega 42
2006-07 Justo Rivas León .377 Clyde Williams Bóer 16 Clyde Williams Bóer 40
2007-08 Ofilio Castro San Fernando .351 Luke Gorsett Chinandega 6 Danilo Sotelo San Fernando 32
Jimmy Hurts San Fernando 6
Marcos Sánchez San Fernando 6
2009-10 Jimmy González Granada .363 Lenín Aragón Bóer 6 Lenín Aragón Bóer 38
Edgard López León 38
2010-11 José Campusano Bóer .363 Brian Nichols León 10 Manuel Mejía Bóer 37
2011-12 Renato Morales Granada .387 Esteban Ramírez Chinandega 12 Wuillians Vásquez Bóer 51
2012-13 Yurendel de Caster Chinandega .416 Yurendel de Caster Chinandega 13 Yurendel de Caster Chinandega 56
Ramón Flores Chinandega 13
2013-14 Willian Vásquez Chinandega .351 Ronald Garth Granada 8 Esteban Ramírez Chinandega 35
2004-05 Julio Raudez San Fernando 1.46 Julio Raudez San Fernando 10-3 Miguel Pérez León 99
2005-06 Wilton López León 1.34 Julio Raudez Chinandega 10-0 Devern Hansack León 89
2006-07 José Luis Sáenz San Fernando 1.96 Wilton López León 8-2 Willy Lebrón San Fernando/León 89
2007-08 Wilton López León 1.45 Diego Sandino San Fernando 10-0 Juan Figueroa Bóer 60
2009-10 Wilfredo Amador León 1.95 Wilder Rayo León 7-2 Melvin Cuevas Granada 57
2010-11 Carlos Estrella Granada 1.19 Rodney Rodríguez Granada 8-5 Rodney Rodríguez Granada 93
2011-12 Eric Blackwell León 2.75 Wilder Rayo León 8-3 Juan Figueroa Granada 74
2012-13 Wilder Rayo León 2.06 Juan Figueroa Granada 7-1 Juan Figueroa Granada 79
2013-14 Carlos Estrella Rivas 1.62 Carlos Téller Bóer 7-0 Santos Hernandez Granada 71

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  • Liga de Beisbol Profesional Nacional official website
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