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Title: Paloh  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Yong Peng, Johor Bahru, Malaysia Federal Route 50, Lenga, Johor, Ayer Bemban
Collection: Populated Places in Johor
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Paloh[1] is a small town in the Kluang district of Johor, Malaysia. It has a rather balanced population of Chinese, Malays and Indians. This town is located 35 kilometers away from Kluang and about 32 kilometers away from Yong Peng.

The town's main activity is the cultivation of oil palms and rubber trees. A KTM Intercity railway station is located in this town, and it is linked to Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Singapore via the North South Line.

During the Malayan Emergency (1948–1960) the town was considered a "black area" of communist terrorists and sympathizers.


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There are 9083 males and 7337 females living in Paloh (16,420 total). There are about 5824 houses.[2]

Education in Paloh

  1. SMK Paloh[3]
  2. SMK Seri Kota Paloh
  3. SK Bandar Paloh
  4. SK Paloh 2
  5. SK Bukit Paloh[4]
  6. SJK(C)Yu Ming
  7. SJK(C)Paloh
  8. SJK(C)Pei Chih, Bukit Paloh
  9. SJK(C)Sentral Paloh
  10. SK Kampong Chamek, Paloh
  11. Sekolah Agama Bandar Paloh
  12. Sekolah Agama Bandar Paloh 2
  13. Sekolah Agama Bukit Paloh
  14. SJK(T)Jalan Stesen Paloh
  15. Madrasatul Islamiya Jalan Station Paloh

Housing Estates

  1. Taman Sri Kota Paloh
  2. Taman Wijaya
  3. Taman Paloh
  4. Taman Melati
  5. Taman Murni
  6. Kampung Muhibbah

Town in Politics=


P153 Sembrong Jumlah Pengundi: 41,588 Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Bin Tun Hussein (BN) -22,841 Onn Bin Abu Bakar (PKR) -12,210 MAJORITI: 10,631 Jumlah undi: 35,051 | Peratus mengundi: 84.28% | Undi rosak: 809 Penyandang: Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein - Maj: 11,570

N30 Paloh Jumlah Pengundi: 8,222 Teoh Yap Kun (MCA)- 7,531 Shanker A/L Rengganathan (DAP) -7,428 MAJORITI: 103 Jumlah undi: 15,362 | Peratus mengundi: 84.30% | Undi rosak: 403 Penyandang: Hoo Seong Chang - Maj: 2,794


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  • Profile of Paloh

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