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Parliament of Jamaica

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Title: Parliament of Jamaica  
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Parliament of Jamaica

Parliament of Jamaica
Coat of arms or logo
Michael PeartPNP
since 17 January 2012
Deputy Speaker
Lloyd B. Smith, PNP
since 17 January 2012
Seats 84
Senate of Jamaica.svg
Senate political groups
Jamaican House of Representatives chart.svg
House of Representatives political groups
Senate last election
29 December 2011
Meeting place
George William Gordon House, Kingston, Jamaica
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The Parliament of Jamaica is the legislative branch of the government of Jamaica. It is a bicameral body, composed of an appointed Senate and an elected House of Representatives.

The Senate (Upper House) – the direct successor of a pre-Independence body known as the "Legislative Council" – comprises 21 senators appointed by the governor-general: thirteen on the advice of the Prime Minister and eight on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition.

The House of Representatives, the Lower House, is made up of 63 (previously 60) Members of Parliament, elected to five-year terms on a first-past-the-post basis in single-seat constituencies.

The Parliament meets at George William Gordon House at 81 Duke Street, Kingston.[1] It was built in 1960 and named in memory of Jamaican patriot

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 Summary of the 29 December 2011 Jamaican House of Representatives election results
Parties Votes % +/– Seats +/–
People's National Party 463,232 53.28 +3.7 42 +14
Jamaica Labour Party 405,234 46.61 –3.7 21 –11
Marcus Garvey People's Progressive Party 418 0.05 0 ±0
National Democratic Movement 265 0.03 0 ±0
Independents 232 0.03 0 ±0
Jamaica Alliance Movement 57 0.00 0 ±0
Invalid/blank votes
Total (turnout 52.76%) 869,438 100   63 +3
Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Current composition

  1. Senator Robert Montague
  2. Senator Kavan Gayle
  3. Senator Thomas Tavares-Finson
  4. Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte
  5. Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith
  6. Senator Alexander Williams
  7. Senator Ruel Reid
  8. Senator Dr. Nigel A. L. Clarke


  1. Senator the Hon. Floyd Morris – President
  2. Senator Angela Brown-Burke – Deputy President
  3. Senator the Hon. Arnold Joseph Nicholson, QC – Leader of Government Business
  4. Senator the Hon. Mark Golding
  5. Senator the Hon. Sandrea Falconer
  6. Senator Keith Desmond Knight, QC
  7. Senator Imani Duncan-Price
  8. Senator Lambert Brown
  9. Senator Norman Grant
  10. Senator Wensworth Skeffery
  11. Senator Noel Sloley
  12. Senator Navel Clarke
  13. Senator Sophia Fraser-Binns

The Senate is the Upper House. This is the list of senators:


Jamaica Labour Party members

People's National Party members

The House of Representatives is the Lower House. It is the group of elected members of parliament.

House of Representatives


  • House of Representatives 1
    • People's National Party members 1.1
    • Jamaica Labour Party members 1.2
  • Senate 2
  • Current composition 3
  • See also 4
  • References 5
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Inside the Parliament of Jamaica


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