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Parliament of Mongolia

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Title: Parliament of Mongolia  
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Subject: Punsalmaagiin Ochirbat, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
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Parliament of Mongolia

State Great Khural
Улсын Их Хурал
Ulsyn Ikh Khural
6th State Great Khural
Type Unicameral
Chairperson Z.Enkhbold
Vice Chairperson R.Gonchigdorj, L.Tsog, M.Enkhbold
Seats 76 (List)
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Political groups

Democratic Party (31)
Mongolian People's Party (25)
Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party and Mongolian National Democratic Party (11) (as Justice Coalition)
Civil Will-Green Party (2)
Independents (3)

Vacant (4)
Last election 28 June 2012
Meeting place
Government Palace, Ulaanbaatar
Parliament of Mongolia Website
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The State Great Khural (Mongolian: Улсын Их Хурал, Ulsyn Ikh Khural, also State Great Hural; English: State Great Assembly) is the unicameral Parliament of Mongolia.[1] It is located in the Government Palace.


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All 76 members represents 26 multi-member constituencies, and are elected by bloc vote for a term of four years. The election is only valid if 50% of the electorate vote. Mongolian citizens are allowed to vote from the age of 18 if they live in Mongolia. They may be elected to office at the age of 25.[1] The government is dissolved and new elections are called if the prime minister or half of the minsters in the Cabinet resign.[2] The Khural can also be dissolved if the President dissolves it or if two-thirds of the Khural's members vote for dissolution.[3]


The members of parliament elect a chairman from among their own numbers. The chairman executes the roles of the speaker of the legislative[1] as well as deputy of the president, and is ranked second in the hierarchy of the state after the president. The chairperson supervises the sessions of the parliament, and is responsible for its voting procedures. He automatically (ex officio) becomes a member of the National Security Council.

Powers and duties

The State Great Khural draws up new laws in conjunction with the government, and decides on their introduction. The Khural approves the yearly budget. The Khural has the power of declaring war. The parties represented in parliament nominate candidates for the direct election of the president. The Khural validates election of the president. The parliament confirms the prime minister (proposed by the president) and the other ministers. Sessions last a minimum of 75 days.[1] It can override presidential vetoes with a 2/3 majority. A 2/3 majority is also necessary for a change of the constitution.

Latest election

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  • (English) (Mongolian) Official website of The State Great Hural of Mongolia
  • Official Website of the Government Organizations of Mongolia - Parliament websites
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