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This article is about British media personality, author and former lawyer. For the American writer & comedian, see Paul Chaplin.

Paul Baxendale-Walker, also known under the pseudonym Paul Chaplin,[1] is a talk show host, former lawyer and an author of legal text books. He is, together with Andrew Thornhill Q.C., the author of The Law and Taxation of Remuneration Trusts[2] (Key Haven, 1997) and also the Purpose Trusts[3] (1999, 2009 [2nd ed.]).

Paul Baxendale-Walker was born of Anglo-Brazilian parents, but he was orphaned and grew up in a variety of Children's Homes. He got a degree in law at Hertford College of Oxford University and went on to qualify as a barrister and later a solicitor. He worked in taxation law at the Bar in Lincoln's Inn and then in various City law firms and Arthur Andersen, before establishing his "Baxendale Walker" practice in Mayfair in 1994.

In 1994, Baxendale-Walker advised the trustees on the taking of loans from a pension fund established for the benefit of employees. Unknown to him, the borrowers were fraudsters and £2,135,000 went missing. In subsequent civil proceedings, Mr. Justice Etherton found Baxendale-Walker was not guilty of dishonesty.[4][5] In the course of the civil trial, it came to light that he had given a reference for an associate of the fraudsters without any proper basis for the factual assertions in the reference. As a consequence, in 2005, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal suspended him as a solicitor for three years. The Court of Appeal upheld the decision in 2007.[6][7]

Baxendale-Walker was struck off the roll of solicitors by the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal on 11 January 2007, on the grounds that he had a conflict of interest in advising his clients on his own tax schemes.[8] He subsequently claimed that the Law Society and others had conspired to put him out of business. On 18 April 2011, his claim was struck out by the High Court on the basis that it had no real prospect of success.[9] He is currently suing the Law Society in California Federal Court for millions of dollars, arising out of what he claims to have been unlawful interference by the Law Society in his U.S. legal business.

Baxendale-Walker is the author of the Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) tax strategy implemented by Glasgow Rangers FC, which was (in April 2011) challenged by HMRC in a first tier tax tribunal.[10] In November 2012, the Tribunal upheld the legality and tax effectiveness of the EBT strategy. Rangers got to keep an estimated £50 million saved by Baxendale-Walker's advice.[11]

Paul still owns Baxendale Walker LLP,[12] which has offices in London and Glasgow, and he regularly features on TV as an expert commentator on tax matters.

Red Zone

He was the host of the TV discussion show Ray Santilli, and others.

Bluebird Films

From 2005 to 2012, he owned the adult film company Bluebird Productions, and he has produced, directed and acted in a number of adult films, including the Batman spoof Katwoman.[13] He sold Bluebird in 2012, making an estimated $20 millionUSD.

Print interests

In May 2012, he purchased Loaded and SuperBike magazines,[1] and, in September 2012, he purchased the Paul Raymond Publications stable of magazines, including the iconic men's magazines Mayfair, Men Only and Club International.

Baxendale-Walker writes a monthly Agony column for Loaded magazine. He also writes a monthly editorial and shoots a special photoset for Mayfair magazine. He also ran a short lived, weekly spin-off magazine from Loaded called Zip Magazine.

Loaded TV

On 26 November 2012, Loaded TV launched with an 8-hour programming schedule on Controversial TV. Loaded TV provides general entertainment programmes, aimed at both young male and female audiences and a wider audience.

Scriptwriting and show formats

Baxendale-Walker wrote the script for the sitcom Sexxx.

He wrote the show formats for:

Babe IQ
Dial M
Drunk Skunk Review[14]
Fight Night Re-Loaded
Loaded Chick Lit[15]
Loaded Circus[16]
Loaded Fight Night
Loaded Lads Lit[17]
Loaded Top Five
Looser Women Live[18]
Keep it Raw[17]
Tell Me About It
The Superbike Show


Baxendale-Walker also presents several Loaded TV shows, including:

Babe IQ
Come Again
Loaded Lads Lit
Looser Women Live
Tell Me About It


Baxendale-Walker plays the lead role of ‘Pauly’ in Sexxx,[19] and he plays various comedy character parts in PC World (broadcast on Loaded TV as part of Loaded Circus).[16]


Baxendale-Walker writes, sings and plays lead guitar with his Brit rock band Candyrock.

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