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Title: Pecola  
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Genre CGI anime series
Created by Naomi Iwata
Directed by Mike Fallows
Dan Wakabayashi
Voices of (See article)
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Michael Hirsh
Naomi Iwata
Patrick Loubert
Clive A. Smith
Makoto Toriyama
Producer(s) Kim Cleary
Running time 30 min.
Production company(s) Teletoon Original Production
Yomiko Advertising
Milky Cartoon
Original channel Teletoon
Original release April 21, 2003 – May 27, 2003 (2003-05-27)
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Pecola (Japanese: ペコラ) is a 3D Japanese-Canadian anime children's television series which stars cube-shaped anthropomorphic animals in a place called Cube Town. It is based on a series of children's picture books by Naomi Iwata.[1] The series aired on Teletoon in 2001 in Canada and on Cartoon Network in 2002 in the United States for 26 episodes. It was produced by Nelvana and Milky Cartoon. This show uses the same graphics as Gregory Horror Show, which was also created by Iwata.

The series has also been shown on TV Tokyo in Japan, YoYo TV in Taiwan, Nick Jr. in Australia, TF1 in France, and was reruned on Qubo in the United States until 2014.

The show stars Pecola, a curious and hyperactive penguin who tries to help the people of Cube Town but often wreaks havoc instead. Pecola is an orphaned penguin who lives with Pecolias, his grandfather. Cube Town is a small, isolated coastal village which contains an art museum, a beach, a lighthouse and a canal. It is located adjacent to Crescent Bay surrounded by the Rookery Mountains coastal range and serviced by regular ships (including a weekly freighter) which deliver mail, food and other supplies, as well as occasional tourists from a nearby metropolis named Cubic City. The heights above it lead into Glacier Valley which is snowbound even during summer.


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Voice cast

English Cast

Spanish Cast

Japanese Cast


  • Pecola — A penguin who brings excitement to the otherwise dull and boring town. Unlike his fellow penguins, Pecola cannot swim. His catchphrases include "Flapping Flippers!" and "Let's Get Hopping!" Pecola has a special love of pudding and a reputation for pulling pranks.
  • Little Chu/Chewy — A mouse who is the grandson of the great inventor Dr. Chu, and a budding inventor in his own right. He is Pecola's best friend and often reluctant ally in various escapades. He often complains of having a funny feeling in his stomach just before things get out of hand.
  • Dr. Chu — A mouse who is Little Chu's grandfather. He is Cube Town's greatest inventor and he often invents gadgets that help others on the island. His inventions are often used by Pecola and Chewy in their adventures. He is also friends with Pecola's grandfather, Pecolias. He owns two vehicles one is a submarine and also an airplane called the Mad Mouse which sits on top his laboratory.Likes to collect comics
  • Coco — Another penguin. She is more down to earth than Pecola, and is sometimes frustrated by his antics. She loves to sing; unfortunately, she is terrible at it.
  • Mr. Saruyama — A monkey who runs a fruit stand in town. He is often the target of Pecola's pranks, often leading to his melons falling over, which is a running gag in the show. He also runs the town's newspaper, the "Town Crier" . He also cries a lot.
  • Gao/Roary — A lion who is Cube Town's postman. He is determined and dedicated to his job, he has never missed a day of work which won him the postman of the year award in , though he did get sick in during this episode it was revealed when he was younger he wasn't as good at delivering the mail, but learned from his mistakes and created rules to help him with his job.
  • Pug/Mr. Puggalski — A pug who owns a grocery store. He is a descendant of the personal chef of the former king of Cube Town. He is also said to be the worlds greatest hide and seek player ( hide and go sleep) though when nobody could find him he was sick at home and still won.
  • Dr. Hornbender — An old goat astrologist who lives and works at the observatory. His greatest dream is the discovery of new planets, constelatons, and aliens.Along with getting a shooting star named after him
  • Rabi/Robbie — A nervous Rabbit who likes video games.
  • Mayor Papazoni — An elephant. The mayor who makes long and boring speeches. Papazoni travels in a helicopter that he pilots himself. He hides in secret tunnels under the city and at a Mayoral Retreat to work on his speeches, undisturbed by residents and their questions. Constantly refers to the citizens of Cube Town as "voters". His voice is an imitation of veteran newsman Walter Cronkite.
  • Steam / Stim / Steamer — A cat train mechanic and engineer. Chewy, Pecola, and Rudy are smitten with her, which is the cause of tensions and arguments among the three. Her train, The Cactus, is intended eventually to provide a direct link with Cubic City via a tunnel being constructed under the Rookery Mountains . She often stops her work on the engine to play soccer with Pecola and his friends.
  • Aunty Yorkshire — A pig who does the laundry for the town and is often one of the few adults tolerant of Pecola's shenanigans. Whenever Pecolius is away she's the one to often babysit Pecola. She also has a son who lives in Cubic City and often says Pecola reminds her of him.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Banard/Bernard — Two beagles. They run the town's bakery, though Mr. Bernard often falls asleep on the job and is credited by others for his wife's work.
  • Jabatt and Bashatt — Two tortoises. They are Cube Town's firemen, although there are never fires in Cube Town. Despite this, they often help out around town, and they often provide comic relief when they bump into each other.
  • Officer Kumada — A bear. He helps keep the Cube Town safe with his various rules and observations.
  • Mr. Lonely - A wolf. He is a poet who is usually found writing and reciting sad poetry. He also once rapped. In Coco's concert but is unable to write poetry when in a happy mood.
  • Gazelle — A vain gazelle; Hillary's boyfriend. He dreams of being a modern artist. He owns a convertible that he lovingly maintains and often drives about in Cube Town. He also owns a jet ski. In addition to art he loves to collect belt buckles.
  • Srally/Hillary - A giraffe; Gazelle's girlfriend. She owns Cube Town Art Museum and is very fashionable. She is also picky about her weight, which is a running gag in the show.
  • Miss Lucky — A blue cat who reports for Cube Town News. She also helped Pecola make a movie.
  • Golagola/Gola Gola — A friendly sea creature who saved Pecola from drowning. At first, the town feared him, but they came to accept him. He has helped with various beach activities and is often seen playing with Pecola and his friends at the beach.
  • Tsunekichi/Rudy — Pecola's fox friend whose catchphrases are "I knew that" and "I was going to say/ask that". He is prone to bragging and showing off his latest toys, not sharing and declaring he is the best at whatever activity he is engaged in.
  • Bongo — A very strong and athletic gorilla who is kind, but is often clumsy as either bumps into something or breaks something though apologizes for it with a trademark"Sorry". In it was revealed he collects model cars.
  • Pecolius — A penguin. Pecola's grandfather who bears a resemblance to Indiana Jones because of his adventures in the name of science and archeology. He appreciates Pecola's unique personality, but at times reminds him to stay out of trouble.
  • Robo-Pecola — A robot version of Pecola who was built by Dr. Chu to teach Pecola better manners as revealed in his debut in . Though his various glitches lead him to cause more trouble than the real Pecola.
  • Alligetao/Al Agator — A mysterious alligator. He is seen sneaking around Cube Town, taking pictures.
  • Rock the Brock — A badger who is a reporter in Cubic City who hosts and interviewed the show "Big City Life" where he interviews successful people in Cubic City.
  • Power Pal — A gorilla superhero on TV that is Pecola's favorite. He looks like Bongo except wearing red superhero tights, cape, and mask. He can fly and has super strength. He inspired Pecola become Power Pecola.

Episode guide

No. Segment 1 Segment 2 Airdate Prod.
1 Double Troubles (Pilot) Detective Pecola 21 April 2003 101
2 Constellation Pecola Good Deeds 22 April 2003 102
3 Fire Drill Frenzy Hurricane Pecola 23 April 2003 103
4 Robo-Rocket Mayor Muddle 24 April 2003 104
5 Your Wish is my Command Robbie to the Rescue 25 April 2003 105
6 One Lonely Night Miss Lucky's Bloopers 28 April 2003 106
7 Spring Cleaning Monster Moth 29 April 2003 107
8 The Cube Town Tri-Brag-a-Thon The Wild Ride 30 April 2003 108
9 Half Baked Hide 'N' Go Sleep 1 May 2003 109
10 Not Seeing is Disbelieving Melancholy Pecola 2 May 2003 110
11 Pecola's Penguin Special Bot and Switch 5 May 2003 111
12 Golagola Operation Papazoni 6 May 2003 112
13 High and Dry Two Brilliant Inventors 7 May 2003 113
14 Ode to Pecola Laundry Quandary 8 May 2003 114
15 Cool It! Yeti or Not 9 May 2003 115
16 The Curse of Cube Town Postman Pecola 12 May 2003 116
17 Runway Pecola Pecola's Island 13 May 2003 117
18 The Town Crier Pecola Grows Horns 14 May 2003 118
19 Coco's Concert Spaceman Pecola 15 May 2003 119
20 Robo-Rudy Lights, Camera, Pecola! 16 May 2003 120
21 A Career Day Power Pecola 19 May 2003 121
22 Prince Puggalski Painting Pecola 20 May 2003 122
23 Pecola and the Pirates Mysterious Pecola 21 May 2003 123
24 Gazelle's Goof Pecola in a Yacht of Trouble 22 May 2003 124
25 Yorkshire's Puddin Pecola's Tunnel Trouble 23 May 2003 125
26 Yo! Pecola Great Cubes of Fire! (Series Finale) 27 May 2003 126

Video game

In Japan, an educational game based on the show was released for the Sega Pico entitled Pecola no Daibouken Maboroshi no Aisukurīmu wo Sagase! (ペコラのだいぼうけん まぼろしのアイスクリームをさがせ!)

Home video releases

The show was released to DVD in Japan, Australia, France, and Taiwan. A DVD release of the show in the US has yet to be announced; however, it is available on Amazon Video in the country.[2]


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