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Peking Union Medical College

Old building of the Peking Union Medical College in Beijing

Peking Union Medical College (Chinese: 北京协和医学院)[1] is among the most selective medical colleges in the People's Republic of China, located in Beijing. The school is widely considered to be the best medical school in China. It is a relatively independent institution affiliated with Tsinghua University which is one of the top two universities in China. Peking Union Medical College graduates receive Peking Union Medical College diploma signed by both the Peking Union Medical College and Tsinghua presidents.[2] The Hospital and College is located at No.9 Dongdan 3rd Alley, Dongcheng, Beijing, next to the Wangfujing shopping area.


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The Peking Union Medical College was founded in 1906 by the American and British missionaries and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. It remains one of the finest medical schools in China today.

The Peking Union Medical College was founded in 1906. The Cultural Revolution, Peking Union Medical College was closed. In 1979, it reopen as "Capital University of Medical Sciences" then returned to Peking Union Medical College (协和医科大学) .

Current status

Peking Union Medical College students traditionally attend Peking University biology department for their pre-meds portion of education. Since 2006, Tsinghua University has been holding a joint MD program in clinical medical science. Enrollment of the clinical medical science at PUMC is based on individual's performance in high school and the score of National Exam at the graduation. The curriculum of clinical medical science is 8 years, including 2.5 years of pre-medical education in the School of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University, the students have their pre-med studies at Tsinghua University are considered as the students of both PUMC and Tsinghua University. The college also has its independent Graduate School which recruits from other medical schools around country. The health care services at Peking Union Medical College Hospital are widely believed in mainland China to be among the most technically advanced. Many prominent political and social leaders in China have sought medical treatment at the PUMC Hospital.

Peking Union Medical College has provided generations of leaders for academic and clinical medicine and related areas all over the world. Peking Union Medical College describes itself as an official college of Tsinghua University, and advises students to state "Tsinghua University, Peking Union Medical College" on résumés.





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