Pi delta kappa

Pi Delta Kappa (ΠΔΚ) was a regional collegiate sorority operating in Ohio from 1907 to 1913. The sorority planned to become a national organization, but ultimately absorbed itself into Chi Omega.


The Alpha chapter was created with eleven members at Ohio University in 1907. Beta, from Gamma Alpha Chi at Miami University, followed in 1909. That same year, at the University of Cincinnati, Professor Howell Lindley (Phi Delta Theta) and an unnamed female professor chartered the Gamma chapter. Lindley assisted his chapter with the petition to Chi Omega.

Pi Delta Kappa was recognized by national fraternities, at least to be mentioned in their respective publications. Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Delta Delta Delta are but two of the groups that recorded the growth of Pi Delta Kappa.
An authority on fraternities in the US, Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1912 edition), covering Pi Delta Kappa, specifies the three chapters have a combined total of 75 members.[1] Pi Delta Kappa was grouped with "Women's General Fraternities," which included the contemporary members of the National Panhellenic Conference.

The sorority's eventual absorption into Chi Omega was included in noteworthy publications, including Banta's Greek Exchange (1913).


According to Baird's Manual, 1912 edition: The official magazine was The Hour Glass, the official colors were brown and yellow, and the official badge was an owl wearing a mortarboard with the sorority's letters.[1]


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