Pickles Oblong

Pickles Oblong is a female character in The Oblongs. She is a chain-smoking alcoholic who was originally a Hill resident but moved to the valley after marrying Bob Oblong. All her hair has since fallen out due to the hazardous atmosphere of The Valley, and she is now regarded as an outcast by her former Hill friends. While not bitter about losing her privileged life, she often expresses disdain towards her self-centered former neighbors in the Hills. She is the mother of Biff, Chip, Milo, and Beth. She is voiced by Jean Smart.


Pickles is generous, happy, caring, and intellegent. She will often teach Milo life lessons such as love of popularity. She is not shown bitter about leaving the hills and is shown as street tough. She is shown in an episode to have short term memory loss.


She usually has a red dress and heels along with tall blonde wig that covers her head due to losing her hair. She has long legs and arms and is very tall. Here is a list of all the oufits she wears in the series:

  • Regular- She wears a tall blonde wig and wears a red dress that covers her arms and legs with strapped heels. Milo stated that he saw her wearing his underwear in Heroine Addict.
  • Bathing Suit- She wears a blue and light-blue horizontal stripped one-piece bathing suit. She wears it in My Name Is Robbie.
  • Hula Dancer- She is shown with a brown coconut bra and a green grass skirt that covers her legs. She wears it in Narcoleptic Scottie.
  • Boxer 1- She has her wig off and wears a pink bikini showing her body. She wears it in Heroine Addict.
  • Boxer 2- She has a black tanktop and red shorts with black boxing gloves. She wears it in Heroine Addict.
  • Marge Simpson- She has a tall blue wig resembling the hair of Marge simpson and wears a red pearls nacklage with her regular dress and shoes in green. She wears it in Heroine Addict.
  • Spy/Performer- She has a black body suit with her regular shoes in black and has a regular brunett wig. She wears it in Narcoleptic Scottie.
  • Funeral- She has a maroon shirt with a black skirt and a black hat with a veil. She wears it in Disfigured Debbie.
  • Sexy Nightgown- She has a dark green tanktop like night gown when she was seen wearing it wanting to have sex with Bob. She wears it in Please Be Genital.
  • Pajamas- She has a long light blue nightgown. Pickle's Little Amazons and My Name Is Robbie.
  • Young 1/Beach- She wore a pink t-shirt and light blue shorts. She had real hair when wearing it. Her real hair was tall with a bow and had sunglasses. She wears it in Please Be Genital.
  • Young 2- She had light blue skirt with a pink long-sleeved polo shirt and she had her real hair. She wears it in Please Be Genital.
  • Spa- She has a head towel wrap with a white robe with a mud facial. She wears it in Please Be Genital.


  • She is an achoholic.
  • It is shown that Pickles is not her real name.
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