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Plön (district)

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Title: Plön (district)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Ostholstein, Schleswig-Holstein, Rendsburg-Eckernförde, Plön (district), Pinneberg (district)
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Plön (district)

Plön (German pronunciation: ) is a district in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is bounded by (from the east and clockwise) the districts of Ostholstein and Segeberg, the city of Neumünster, the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde, the city of Kiel and the Baltic Sea.


The district was established by the Prussian administration in 1867. In 1932 it was enlarged with parts of the dissolved district of Bordesholm. During the 20th century some municipalities left the district due to incorporation into the city of Kiel.


The inland part of this small district is covered with lakes. The Großer Plöner See ("Great Plön Lake", 29 km²) and the Selenter See ("Lake Selent", 22 km²) are the largest lakes in Schleswig-Holstein. The lakeland and the adjoining parts of the neighbouring district Ostholstein constitute the region called Holstein Switzerland, since this is a very hilly countryside. However, the highest hill (Bungsberg) has only 168 m. North of the lakeland there is the Probstei, a region on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms
The coat of arms displays:
  • the nettle leaf from the arms of Holstein
  • an oak leaf, symbolising the forests
  • a grain ear, symbolising agriculture
  • a wavy line and a fish, symbolising the lakelands and the Baltic Sea

Towns and municipalities

Independent towns and municipalities
  1. Plön
  2. Preetz
  3. Schwentinental
  1. Ascheberg
  2. Bösdorf
  1. Belau
  2. Bönebüttel
  3. Großharrie
  4. Rendswühren
  5. Ruhwinkel
  6. Schillsdorf
  7. Stolpe
  8. Tasdorf
  9. Wankendorf1
  1. Bosau (Ostholstein district)
  2. Dersau
  3. Dörnick
  4. Grebin
  5. Kalübbe
  6. Lebrade
  7. Nehmten
  8. Rantzau
  9. Rathjensdorf
  10. Wittmoldt
  1. Behrensdorf
  2. Blekendorf
  3. Dannau
  4. Giekau
  5. Helmstorf
  6. Högsdorf
  7. Hohenfelde
  8. Hohwacht
  9. Kirchnüchel
  10. Klamp
  11. Kletkamp
  12. Lütjenburg1, 2
  13. Panker
  14. Schwartbuck
  15. Tröndel
  1. Barmissen
  2. Boksee
  3. Bothkamp
  4. Großbarkau
  5. Honigsee
  6. Kirchbarkau
  7. Klein Barkau
  8. Kühren
  9. Lehmkuhlen
  10. Löptin
  11. Nettelsee
  12. Pohnsdorf
  13. Postfeld
  14. Rastorf
  15. Schellhorn1
  16. Wahlstorf
  17. Warnau
  1. Barsbek
  2. Bendfeld
  3. Brodersdorf
  4. Fahren
  5. Fiefbergen
  6. Höhndorf
  7. Köhn
  8. Krokau
  9. Krummbek
  10. Laboe
  11. Lutterbek
  12. Passade
  13. Prasdorf
  14. Probsteierhagen
  15. Schönberg1
  16. Stakendorf
  17. Stein
  18. Stoltenberg
  19. Wendtorf
  20. Wisch
  1. Heikendorf1
  2. Mönkeberg
  3. Schönkirchen
  1. Dobersdorf
  2. Fargau-Pratjau
  3. Lammershagen
  4. Martensrade
  5. Mucheln
  6. Schlesen
  7. Selent1
1seat of the Amt; 2town

Map of municipalities and Ämter



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